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  1. LFM

    Yeti Boards

    For some they don't like the battery attached directly to the board and the battery is not common as others have used with their boards. I think that is why some are still looking for a board similar or the same as the Yeti Board. I had to make the change from Pix and Yeti was the closest one that would work for my cases already having a board that was similar to the Pix Controller board was... But again I sure am glad I did not go with WTS. And since I only use AA Batteries going with Snapshot Sniper is not feasible with modifying and that would probably void any kind of warranty if you could use 4 AA's with Gary's board or even the BF Board that Gary now has. And changing from Pix to Yeti was just aligning the new board with the hold already in the case and drilling holes to mount the bracket quick and easy for me in a 1060 case but again many want it small and squeeze everything in makes it a tight fit. I think the OP was hoping that someone did what Gary did with the BF Board and picked it up just to have other control boards some of us have been using and are familiar with. But it is just a sign of the times costs associated with making the board and then dealing with filling orders is a lot for someone to take on and if you have day job that is a lot these days with the demands of a day job... I have three spares I never needed one but now that they are no more I thought I would pick up some just in case... Guess I have been lucky the Pix failed after about three years one after another and that was after they would not repair them any longer. If I do run out I will be done with my 6 Homebrews... cannot afford to invest in new boards again... So far just buying e Lith Batteries for my 6 and they are still working... LFM
  2. I saw this RTF Quadcopter Drone and it has a camera and it looks to be very small in size. I am wondering if anyone has looked at this camera to use in a game camera being it has picture or video capability? Not sure if you can buy it separately but it looks interesting being so small might make a very small game camera with video feature. Just wondering if anyone has seen or looed into using this type of camera? LFM
  3. Well I have 2 Commercial now and my reason is that the 2 board makers are no more Pix and Yeti. And once you have to spend $ switching over to a new control board brand it is hard to when you have a failure once they are gone even the XLP is just no longer used as it was if at all. I tried Covert but seems to have too many issues for the price. It is not all seems to be batches that some have issues with and then too many pictures with nothing in them just limbs moving and tripping the camera's pir. I no longer have a Covert just 2 Moultries for the video feature one is a black flash I recent picked up and so far it does not seem to push off the mature bucks like my 5 homebrews seem to do but that is just what I have experienced the other is a IR and they seem to notice the IR Red LED's lighting up. But I have got some great videos of all kinds of bucks at a mock scrape from rubbing their head in the branch to licking the branch to pawing the ground to peeing in the scrape as well as does checking it. My only drawback is that I wished I could email the videos and not have to post them to a site for others to watch them. I now just put the good ones on a flash drive and mail that to a friend that hunts next to me. For the cost I like them but they are as reliable as homebrews and I cannot afford a homebrew black flash video camera so I use the one I have once hunting is going... But again I still use my homebrews spring and summer the mature bucks don't seem to avoid them till mid September... But most commercial cameras have an issue or two you just have to deal with it if you get one some don't but others do... And I would not call just getting a replacement customer service. They never explain what they found with the ones you return... And I don't a company or two even refurbish the ones they get back... just tossed... LFM
  4. I was just at HD and was locking for something other things and came across the Mater Lock Camo Python Locks 5/16 for 14.88 they normally don't stock them but they had a many in the front their bargain area. They had several with the same key I picked up 2 more you could get 4 maybe 6 if you are looking for the ones with the same keys. The last ones I bought were 15.77 plus S&H... Just thought I would pass this along... If anyone is looking for some... LFM
  5. Well when I have used a P41 with a Yeti Board and a 2 GB I tested it with the standard P41 chip in it and had it 30 second delay and it would miss every other picture and the P41 had new lithium batteries I contact yeti at the time as well as came here and everyone stated then that I need to use the slower chip that was needed for the P-32 because it would slow it down enough to get every picture and I got several Chips from Yeti at the time and have not had any issues since. I have only 1 P32 that I tried with a yeti Board and a 1 GB and it never took a second or even a third picture and that was not acceptable and again I came here and was told back then was that the P-32 reads the media memory stick each time and as pictures add up the slower it will be and that getting a large memory stick to work. I guess that has all changed but I cannot test any of my cameras because they are all out in the field. I like to get every picture as to not miss any but I guess STS has got it working but I have yet to please explain how you did I am interested since I have another P32 I have yet to use because I leave some cameras out all winter and having a 1 or 2 GB memory stick in them to get few to any pictures again is not worth if what board and chip is working for you to get every picture? I only have Yeti boards now no more of my Pix work otherwise I would try one of them but so far missing pictures is not what I want to use if I cannot get every picture the camera can take. But I guess things have changed... LFM
  6. The P-32 does not like large memory Sticks because it has to read the media card every time which slows it down too much for the camera to get and save all the pictures. That was what I have found so I only use a 512 MB or even a 256 when I have tried the 1 GB & 2 GB I get maybe 1 out of 5 pictures and learned here the above that it has to read the memory every time before it can process the new one and it is too slow to get every picture. Unless someone has figured a way around this using large GB cards won't work that well with the P-32. LFM
  7. LFM

    Can Someone Check The Yeti Website For Me ?

    Just got a reply from Mark he received my letter and contacted me via my email looking to buy another control board. He is shutting down. He does have a few boards but no sticker to go along with the boards. Not good news for those that only use Yeti Boards. Hope to get 2 boards just in case I need them down the road one for a build I have started and a spare to let me continue in case I do have a failure in the future. As I said I was going to pass along what I learn the email came today. Just passing this on. Sad News for sure... LFM
  8. LFM

    Can Someone Check The Yeti Website For Me ?

    When I was buying these Mark had always got back to me in a timely manner unless he was on vacation. He even checked out a couple of boards I had and started having issues with. He did respond but these days the lower costs of commercial game cameras that have more features seem to be tough to stay in business when the "demand" is not as big as Homebrews once were others have moved on from selling the supplies we need for many different reasons. I went with Yeti because I had Pix Controller Boards and it was a simple change in the cameras I had and all the one I still have are in 1060 but I stay with what works for me. Never used another board but the Pix and Yeti and Like to stay with what I am familiar with which is Yeti. Will advise if I get a reply... Each have different experiences with Suppliers use what works best for you. Just hope I can get a couple more if he is getting out of supplying his boards. Mike / LFM
  9. LFM

    Can Someone Check The Yeti Website For Me ?

    Mailed one out on Thursday hoping I get a reply. Will post when and if I do was looking to buy another board for another homebrew for a trail set up. But like others when I tried it only allowed a chip in my cart. So I came here and learn the same but Mark has always got back to me with a week or so but never heard back so I came here to see if there was anything about Yeti good or bad as to still selling his Control Boards... LFM
  10. Thanks I will give them a TRY but there is not much activity here in Computer that is why I posted it in Trail Cameras because it has to deal with resizing Pictures we get with our Homebrews trail cameras but I guess it will get lost here! But I guess that is how it works now because I raely post here when I have rarely get any post to my to my threads,,, LFM
  11. LFM

    Can Someone Check The Yeti Website For Me ?

    Anyone have a Mailing Address For Yeti I had it but it is on my crashed Laptop and I cannot access it need to take it in and see if a place can recover the data off the drive & replace it. If you do PM me I will write a letter and see if I can get a response from Mark. I looked around my house for an old shipping box but so far no such luck... If anyone does??? LFM
  12. Well my W7 laptop is starting to have failure issues and so I picked up a new one but it has W8 OS and starting to use it for uploading my game camera pictures on but now I need to resize them to email some but wondering if there is something similar to the Microsoft Power Toys Image Resizing Tool that one can get/use for Windows 8? Not much with picture software and seems the Power Toys Image Resizer is easiest one I have found and can use. LFM
  13. LFM

    Can Someone Check The Yeti Website For Me ?

    I don't think the demand is as high as it once was for boards and with lower need for them not sure it is worth the time he needs to continue. Homebrew game cameras is not as big as it use to be. I also like the Yeti Board because it was easy to swap from Pix Boards. As I have done and then added 2 more homebrews to my needs. But have not needed any new ones and got a commercial game camera last year for xmas and so far it is decent video camera. I have got many videos as of late yesterday with deer behavior I would have never realized before but I still like the pictures just to see if trainls are being used and what is using them as a scouting tool. Might need to contact mark and get a couple spares just for future needs. Thanks for the heads up... LFM
  14. PM Sent looking for a P41 or 2... LFM
  15. Had an issue with a bear I made up a metal loc box and now each time I check it, it is full with bugs. I am wondering if they are attracted to the warm metal and just move in? Is there anything I can use to stop them from moving in I have to empty it each time I check it and the next time they have returned never had this when I did not have a metal exterior security loc box. Any one have this and is there a way to stop them from moving in? Thanks, LFM