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    Hag's House Ownership

    Best of luck John..glad to see it's still going strong..... best to all....hags
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    Prayers For Flintlocker

    Prayers to you Todd....May God provide you strength...... hags
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    Bat,212,nurse And All The Other Old Timers

    Did someone ring the "old timers".....I'm glad my name wasn't on that list... Happy Holidays to all.... hags
  4. Welcome to Hag's House Forums, I wanted to add a small mission statement for each forum to hopefully keep them on track. This forum is the Member's Store Front & Bargain Corner forum and pertains to anything and everything you wish to buy or sell..... If you have a website or links to what you have to offer, throw it in a post and add here in the "Store". Please keep your post updated with what's for sale and how to get a hold of you. Also add your preferred payment method and any warranty of products offered. I wish to keep this for wanted or sale items only and ask that tech. questions be posted on the main board. The items listed for sale are not verified, guaranteed, or warrantied by Hags House and / or myself, administrators, or moderators....buyer beware!!! This is a listing of items you wish to sell and this is just another place to advertise to potential buyers.... All negotiations are between potential buyers and seller only..... Please contact the seller if your interested in buying a listed item..... Your welcome to post questions about the items listed within the posted topics.... Sellers please monitor your posted items to inform members if the item is still for sale. thanks......hags
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    Stock Picking

    Perplexed by your comments Coondog....How can you not believe in FA and/or TA? What system do you believe in? How did Ernie do in 08'?....he avoided the market all most all together...He was in cash most of the year.... hags
  6. hags

    Stock Picking

    Ernie knows his stuff....he does some of the best fundamental analysis I've ever read....he doesn't use technical analysis and it cost him some better entries at times, but he also gets in on some runners when the market is moving.....and his selections do move at a healthy beta compared to the market's performance.... His 4 to 6 week time frame is a light caveat at best....he holds all positions without a stop loss and takes his lumps when the market dumps....He maintains 8 to 10 positions most often.....and diversifies by entering at periodical randomness and partial position sizes.....he's never "all in" and rides the bull very well.... Bat's testimony is half the story....Ernie had a great 09' and awesome 2010' results....but so did the market....he's currently holding more then the three positions Bat mentions and he's doing pretty good so far in 2011' hags
  7. hags

    Rose Bowl 2010

    Shoulda....coulda......missed field goal, poor play calling & terrible clock management...equals a close game that never should have been....TCU wins by default... The Big 10 has egg on it's face after their bowl game results..... hags
  8. hags

    Your Analysis For The Post Season?

    Packers play the Falcons if they beat the Eagles....the Bears would be in the NFC title game if they win.... hags
  9. Prayers sent Sbishop....... sure is sad when it's a child having to go through stuff like this.... keepin' your chin up in her presence is huge..... God bless you all.......hags
  10. hags

    1st Alligator

    OK...if we have too....you can include your 600# gator in the Big Game forum.....j/k.......congrats...... hags
  11. Seems every hobby comes with it's own lingo and I've been asked thru email "what does this word actually mean?" So I threw some definitions together of how I interpret the "slang terms" we read here and hopefully this helps some of the new guys to catch on faster..... Hopefully the great definer (Archilochus) will read this and critique my translations. The guy just has a way of explaining things..... Camera Related Terms: Shutter or Camera Sequencing? – This refers to the actual sequence the chosen camera goes thru after a signal has been received to take a picture. This timing sequence for a chosen camera is needed when programming the PIC chips to the correct settings so the camera operates properly. Sequencing items can include: shutter’s hold timing, on-off timing, record timing (digital cameras), refresh timing, etc. Shutter Assembly? – This refers to a pcb board and ribbon cable assembly created for the Sony digital cameras that’s inserted next to the control ribbon cable of the camera. Using the shutter assembly aids and eases the conversion of the Sony cameras into a usable digital trail camera. Flash Bleed? – The “washed out” effect of pictures overexposed to the flash of the camera when the flash is redirected in front of the shutter during a picture. Flash bleed often occurs if a common medium (single piece of glass) is placed over the flash and shutter holes of the trail camera enclosure. The flash will use the medium to redirect the light in front of the shutter during a picture. Flash bleed can also occur from the light trapped within the trail camera enclosure and an insufficient seal between the flash and shutter openings of the camera. Always On? – This refers to the state of the camera itself while operating as a trail camera. The camera itself is always on and controlled by the programming of the PIC chip. On-Off? – This refers to the state of the camera itself while operating as a trail camera. The camera is off and controlled by the programming of the PIC chip. When the sensor is triggered the PIC chip turns the camera on and shutters a picture. The camera remains on for a specified time interval to record the picture and then is powered off by the PIC chip. Slave Flash? – This refers to an additional flash unit added to a homemade trail camera to aid in nighttime photo quality. Power Slave Controller? – This refers to a slave flash controller produced by Jon5ja that connects to the slave flash and integrates with the flash of the camera to fire the slave flash at the correct time. The power slave controller also meters the daylight and dark to disable or enable the slave flash when needed. PIC Chip Related Terms: PIC Chip? - Programmable Integrated Circuit Chip (the IC Chip itself) used to control the functions of the camera along with various features listed below. Initial Delay? – This is the time interval at startup from when the power is initially turned on to the sensor, until the PIC chip automatically switches to standby mode or normal operating mode. The sensor itself is inactive during initial delay. The initial delay allows the sensor to stabilize and prevents false triggers at startup. Standby Mode? – This is the time interval after initial delay in which only the push button switches are active, Once a push button is pressed, the standby mode is cancelled and the PIC chip is in either walk test mode or normal operating mode depending on which push button was selected. This time interval will time out and the PIC chip returns the sensor to normal operating mode. Standby mode is only accessible by going thru initial delay. Walk Test Mode? – This is when the PIC chip signals all the sensor’s activity by lighting an LED. The walk test mode will time out after a set time of inactivity and the PIC chip returns the sensor back to normal operating mode. Walk test mode in only accessible after initial delay times out. Delay Mode? – This is the time delay configured by changing the delay settings of the PIC chip itself. It is the time measured from when the relay for taking a picture turns off to when you can take another picture. Delay mode is only accessible after initial delay times out. Double Picture Mode? – This is the timed, automatic signal from the PIC Chip to take a second picture after an initial sensor triggered picture was taken. Adjustable Refresh Mode? – This is a 500millisecond pulse generated at a set time by the PIC chip to help the camera remain in a “ready” mode. In appropriate digital cameras the refresh keeps the digital camera awake, and does not allow auto shut down to occur. The digitals are able to reach the camera’s sleep mode setting with the 2.5-hour refresh, which in turn uses less power and still refreshes soon enough so the digital does not automatically shut off. The digitals do not reach sleep mode with the 2.5-minute refresh, which in turn uses more power, but faster shutter speeds are realized to capture faster moving animals. Adjustable refresh mode is only accessible after initial delay times out. Normal Operating Mode? – This is when nothing is happening except the refresh countdown of the set refresh time. The PIC chip is ready to be triggered by the sensor so it can take a picture. It is also ready to receive any commands from the test button or the delay button. Normal operating mode is only accessible after initial delay times out and time expires in either standby mode or walk test mode. Normal operating mode is the default mode of the PIC chip and the chip will return to normal operating mode when all time outs expire. Normal operating mode is only accessible after initial delay times out. Sleep Mode? – This is when the PIC chip is shutdown except for a low power internal oscillator, which keeps up with the timing or interrupts generated for the PIC chip. By shutting down the main oscillator the PIC chip draws less current. (4 to 5uA in sleep mode.) Sleep mode is inaccessible and automatically switched to by the PIC chip itself. “Motion Sensor”, “Complete Board” or “Controller Board” Related Terms: IR Sensor? – The actual infrared sensor component located on the motion sensor or controller pcb board used within the homemade trail camera. The actual sensor is the ¼” round component with the rectangle glass window. The complete board is often referred to as the IR sensor or the PIR. Both terms refer back to the actual sensor itself. Fresnel Lens? – The IR transmittable poly plastic material with a stamped fresnel lens pattern designed to be installed at a set focal distance and center point from the IR sensor. The fresnel lens focuses the IR signal to the IR sensor itself. PIR Sequencing? – The approximate time delay after a sensor is triggered and before it can be triggered again. This delay is the time needed for the sensor to reset itself and may vary slightly. hags
  12. hags

    Shooting sticks

    Two years and look what the dog dragged in....ahoy Welby.....you're around here about as much as I am.... welcome back hags
  13. Anyone that had interest in his previously listed Yeti boards for trade in the Member Storefront may want to visit this topic and make sure you're dealing with all information available.... Yeti Problem, Need Help! See how well that 50 posts minimum works...... hags
  14. ....on second thought.... You disregard the rules by spamming the forums with dribble posts so you can use the free resources to sell your excess, the same resources we all work so hard to protect by following and understanding the 50 posts minimum.... .....banned..... hags
  15. When I start laughing I'll let you know....... You don't know how close you came to being shown the exit....permanently.... Best you hold your breath because if others try the same method to reach 50 posts they'll be banned..........along with you.... I could care less if you joined the first day I opened the forums, or just yesterday.....the issue is it takes time to post and reach 50 and with that most spammers won't bother.....and henceforth we haven't had a spammer try to sell something here for a good long time....so the policy works.... Appreciate the free effort put forth to save your hard earned dollars and get over the fact that the internet isn't just for you.... hags Can you tell I'm not having a good day.....
  16. Please tell me it ain't so.....Coondog comin' to Wisconsin....ouch..... Best time--- 2nd week of November Went to college in Eau Claire back in the 80s and we hunted the area back then...been awhile since I've been up there....Hunting was great...large wood lots with agriculture mixed in.... Hunt the field edges and funnel areas between the thick stuff and food plots....Sit all day and be ready...they'll be movin' all day if you come during the rut... Oh yeah...bring all the clothes you own...even borrow some if you can.....this ain't Texas and you may even step in some snow..... good luck....hags
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    Welcome to Hag's House Forums, I wanted to add a small mission statement for each forum to hopefully keep them on track. This forum is the Homemade Trail Camera forum and pertains to anything and everything to do with creating or building homemade trail cameras. All questions and concerns are welcome and open for comment. Please post video pics. & links in the new Trail Camera Pics. & Videos Forum. I'd like to use this forum for tech. stuff and the new one for just pics. thanks for looking and enjoy.....hags
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    Banned....Sorry for the hassle.... hags
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    Ground Hog Predictions & Winter Weather

    You better enjoy the cold.....where you're headed you won't get any there... Oh yeah....we're snow free and probably done for the year......aaaaahhhh, 12" of heavy wet March snow....enjoy the shoveling.........you should move north to avoid that stuff..... Could you send pictures?
  20. hags

    Anything Fun About Snow Anymore?

    Our local ma and pa breakfast nook...regular stop for the plow drivers after a long night of plowing....written on the bathroom wall... "Snow is like marriage....when you're young it's a lot of fun....when you're older it's just another cold shoulder...."
  21. hags

    Curling Question

    We get very little exposure to curling....and it was cool to watch the Olympic coverage of the sport....every night on CNBC they covered the matches and explained the strategy involved in each shot..... So I have to ask....why wouldn't Canada (women's team) throw the double guard instead of the peel on that final high guard set by Sweden in the 11 end? Canada had the hammer and could of responded to the outside chance that Sweden got around the double guard and ended up with shot rock.... Anyone wonder the same???......Congrats Canada ! hags
  22. hags

    Go Vikes

    Ha ha......that's funny right there....."cut the drama".....
  23. hags

    Merry Christmas Everybody

    Merry Christmas to all.... hags
  24. hags

    Apple Trees

    I've read that if you lay the wire fencing on the ground around the trees the deer will leave the trees alone as well... They don't like to walk on the wire as long as the fence isn't buried in the weeds... Periodically pulling the fence up to the top of the weeds or grass should keep them away from your trees. I plan to try it with some trees on our property that always get hammered by the deer. hags
  25. hags

    My Introduction

    More digging and research reveals you created 6 accounts using the same IP address... Sorry Matt or James or whoever you are...all 6 of you are banned.... hags PS.....you all can thank tbass for pointing this scum bag out and catching him or her early.... thanks tbass.....well done and very observant.....