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  1. SSII and fast hack

    On the SS2 I just twisted the lens and common wires together and inserted in the common connection. Isn't a fast hack anymore but is useable. I was using it with a reg. hack S600 but the S600 wasn't doing the hummingbird pics. quite the way I wanted so put the fast hacked S40 in doing this and works good. Figured you knew this but....
  2. Birds Again

    Been doing alot of bird pics. from back yard. These are from Sun., 1,270 from 7 am. to 2 pm.
  3. More Birds 2

    another batch
  4. Yea! We're Back

    You were gone? Really just posting this as can't find one I just posted. Just trying to see if it works, Ralph hasn't been able to get on, his says Domain is down. Oh but welcome back or whatever!
  5. 2017 Pa Camfest

    Okay boys and girls. This years Camfest is going to be June 23-25 at Johns (hydiseka) camp. It is on Eagleton Rd. Outside of Blanchard. Contact John for directions.
  6. Befus In For Hip Surgery

    Will keep you in prayer. Same as others have said about the procedure, mother had it and was up and walking (with some help) next day and with walker day after.
  7. New Build - Finally Finished

    Too clean. lol Nice job.
  8. P32 Setup Batteries Dead After About 70 Pics

    I'm never able to get a P32 not in a set up to even turn on with alkalines so agree with the rechargables/lithiums
  9. Ben (bobopool)

    Prayers for comfort sent too.
  10. Happy Turkey Day

    Don't eat too much everyone.
  11. W230 Sticking Lens Cover

    My bad Bob. Knew too much oil would be bad but knew Randall was from the south so might not have as much problem. Just meant to use a drop on a q-tip and work the lens doors and then a dry q-tip to remove any of it. Knew this wasn't the best way.
  12. W230 Sticking Lens Cover

    Not sure on the W230 but on the W30/50 I've popped the silver front "cap" off and then there was a cover removed by 2 screws and the lens doors could be lifted out. (think this was way it was after removing the front cap, wolvenkinde had posted about this a couple years ago on DIY) Know have a picture of the removed stuff somewhere but can't find it. Well maybe he did it on a Panasonic but I did basically the same on the W30 and W50. Did you try using fine oil maybe on a q-tip and wiping along the door edges to see if can work it a few times and lubricate/remove any crud from them?
  13. Help With Old Slave Flashes & Boards

    Try looking here. You'll have to scroll thru the hacks to find the right one. A lot of the slave hacks are here. The 2000 does have like 4-5 different versions so make sure to match it first. Believe it is the 31057-13 board. or . The large yellow 3.3 ufd capacitor isn't needed. No idea on the control board.
  14. Looking To Buy Lens For S 40 Soney Camera

    PM me your address Ben. Have one here I put blurry on, may just have been a swap out I did on one of mine so may or may not work for you. Night seems to be only time it was blurry if I remember right.
  15. Forgot The Sd Card

    Nope, never...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  16. Bass Pro Shops Is Buying Cabela's

    Can you tell me how you got this info. or a link? Not doubting you but....I'm a doubting Thomas...or Jon as the case may be. Ummmm, never mind maybe. Found these on trapperman:
  17. Bob (dgrad)

    Just read this. Sorry for your loss Bob. Will remember you and the family in prayer.
  18. Ssi Board Issue

    Probably nothing to do with it but know Gary (or someone but think Gary has it on his site) had posted needed to do this to use an external on/off. Possibly reflow here if haven't (is it possible that this might be a problem??)?? Also know you said quick look and no corrosion but still scrub it lightly with denatured alcohol?
  19. Modeclan(58),

    Happy Birthday young un
  20. Happy Birthday Bigbassmann

    Awww, beat me to it. Have a Happy Birthday ol' man...catching up to me I see.
  21. P32 Hack

    That's how I did it, no SA here so...
  22. Sony H70 Build

    Good looking. Camera too by the way.
  23. Wife Lung Cancer

    Remembering both of you and the doctors to know the proper treatment in my prayers.
  24. Iroquoisarcher(57)

    Bob shhhhhhh. Paul, where's my t-shirts? This time make them a good team...STEELAHS!!
  25. Sony s40 Questions

    Personally I like the S40. Slave flash wise is personal but never using a 3700 yet I would think it would be too much flash for it. I use the 2000 and they seem enough watching a field edge, I've found mine to be in the 15'-20' area for decent night cropping (camera flash only). Like Ralph mentioned you don't always have to use the slave, just have an on/off switch with its power supply and use when needed. If you're setting with vegetation around I wouldn't use a slave as too much reflection/bounce back. Since I frequent DIY ( ) forum more I know where things are a bit better so here are some links to maybe browse. Slave section: It will list the hacks by the slave number and will help with the hacks. Power supply for it depends on the slave, 3v, 6v, etc. Most are 6v that are used and depending on the control board will also determine certain ways to do it, power wise. There are several good control boards and one I know more about (not the only one remember) is Ralphs (bigbassmann) board. It has stack on sections so you can use it for basically any configuration you want. Here is his homepage that will help: . He also has a chatroom where guys can be of help too: . Good luck and keep asking questions.