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  1. Birdog

    Can't Beleive This Is Still Going!

    I can stop by Ken's for a while if he's having his CamFest again. I have a pile of cameras and boxes and boards and servos and stuff I can get rid of and a bunch of old cams I made that I never use. Don't worry 212, I would never sell the ones you made for me, those are collector items!! Real works of art!! Anybody ever hear from Hags anymore??
  2. I haven't been here in a long time. I can't beleive you guys are still building trail cams. I just don't have the time for it anymore and with the price and technology of the store bought ones, who can afford to build one?? Just stopped to say hi to the old guys and gals I used to chat with. Have fun building. Birdog
  3. I can't make it after all, I have to leave town for the weekend. I'll have to inventory my stuff and post it for sale on here or ebay or whatever. Have Fun building!!
  4. I have to look, but I think I have some P41's and P32's and some BG2 boards and some Snapshot sniper boards and Camo 1040 boxes and a whole bunch of old assembled cameras in boxes with boards. I'll do an inventory.
  5. Hey Ken, I have a whole bunch of cameras and boards and boxes and all kinds of parts to build cameras, but I don't build my own anymore. If I bring that stuff over there will anybody be interested in buying some of this stuff?? or is it out dated?? Birdog
  6. I didn't bring a camera, so no pics from me. I just showed up with a cooler full of beer and met everyone. It was TroutFest in Kewaunee so I couldn't stay too long but it was nice meeting everyone. It was a lot quieter than the last get together I went to in Antigo and no swamp water was there. Sorry I screwed up your Old Fashioned at the bar treetop, but I was missing the key ingredient. I'll try harder next time!! Now I know where Ken lives, if I ever need some parts or camera help I can just drive down the road 6 miles and get it.
  7. Post from the first Hagshouse winter party held at Helds Bar. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...7273&st=150
  8. OK, What time do you plan to be up here?? It's TroutFest in Kewaunee this weekend!! Live bands with wild women!! Maybe we can take a ride after the cam fest is over?
  9. Dave, Is John picking you up at the airport?
  10. I hope you can make it! The one you had arranged was the second one, the first one was at a bar down the road from Hags cabin, which wasn't built yet. I set that one up too!! We didn't have any workshop at the first 2. We drank and told stories and drank shots and ate big juicey steaks and got Brian drunk on swampwater and took pictures of headnurse pole dancing!! What time does this start?? What time do we start drinking beer??
  11. Hi, who's all going to this?? I just found out about this. This is only 10 miles from my house. I was the one who organized the first campfest up in Antigo at Hags cabin. Is Hags really coming?? I'll see if I can make the long trip over there to Luxemburg and meet some of the new guys and some of the old friends!!
  12. Birdog

    Spring Archery Gobbler

    Nice Bird!! What type broadhead did you use??
  13. How ya been? Been laying low here. Working way too much and hunting and enjoying life no where near enough.
  14. Been a long time since I posted. I see some of the old fellas are still around. Had some nice toms in the back this morning.
  15. Birdog

    Whitetail Supply

    Not sure what's going on over ther, but I ordered 4 Python Locks on July 30th and have not received anything yet. I guess he is busy??