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  1. Bfoutdoors 8 Led Arrays

    I'll take 4.
  2. Aio Board Order

    Please see this topic. Link
  3. Wire For Sale/trade

    Mine came yesterday, thanks!
  4. Timelapse Camera With Picaxe

    I think any picaxe with the i2c interface will work.
  5. Timelapse Camera With Picaxe

    Here is a link to the picaxe I2C tutorial pdf Link The clock uses this interface. Look at the info for the DS1307 which works identical to the chip on the chronodot.
  6. Timelapse Camera With Picaxe

    I recently purchased one of these ChronoDot for a different project I'm working on. It's an accurate real time clock that interfaces with the 20x2 using 2 pins. It might be a little overkill, but would allow you to take pics at a specific time rather than relying on the picaxe timer or a day/night sensing circuit.
  7. Cheap Pirs!

    These look to be the same as the ones electronics123 sells for 1.76. This is also the PIR used on the AIO board.
  8. Sony M1

    Great job Ron!!
  9. Mouser Part Vs Sparkfun 20x2

    That part from mouser is for a straight PIC. The part from sparkfun the 20x2 is the same PIC with the picaxe bootloader on it. Without the bootloader you can't run picaxe programs.
  10. Slave Control

    Ron, try adding the sertxd code line listed below to the cds_chk function: CdsChk: High CDS_Out 'Turn on pin to supply voltage to cds voltage divider readadc 4 , CDS_Value ' Read light value sertxd ("CDS Value ",#CDS_Value,13,10) Then run your code and press F8 to open the serial communication window. Every time the cds_chk function runs it will post the value in the window...kinda like debug but without having to stop everything. This should show you whats going on after the flash and hopefully why it's changing back to daytime.
  11. Slave Control

    Try turning on your led when you put the chip to sleep and off after, that way you can see if it is sleeping when it shouldn't be. If Night_Flag = 0 Then High 1 let pins = %00000000 sleep 130 low 1 Endif
  12. Slave Control

    Ron, I don't think that the 14m will allow you to wake the chip from sleep. I think only the X2 will allow that using the hardware interrupt.
  13. Slave Control

    Nice Job Ron! Do you have the problem with the first flash trigger in a dark room? I ran into this problem when I was testing the code for the AIO a503 code. What happens is that when the detection circuit is powered up, the flash flag gets incremented because the light in the room causes the pin to go high.
  14. Simulation

    In the simulator you can click on the line number and that will set a break point (turn red). You can then use the top button } to step through the code.
  15. Simulation

    Did you try using breakpoints and then stepping through line by line?