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  1. novascotiahunter

    Project Box For Slave Flash

    I have always used these project boxes from radio shack for vivitar slave builds, but I can't find them anywhere now, does anyone have a place to get these or something like it. project box
  2. novascotiahunter

    Speed2spare (45)

    Happy Birthday🎂
  3. novascotiahunter

    Project Box For Slave Flash

    That is perfect, I looked on ebay and never saw that one, you are da man.... thank you :hags house:
  4. novascotiahunter

    Happy Birthday Tcscout & Fasterem

    Happy birthday Guys
  5. novascotiahunter

    Dxg567/led Array/bigfoot Video Board

    Ok just checked and either when I was cleaning up the wiring in that build I forgot to reattach the common wire or someone broke into my garage and stole the common wire, I'm going with scenario #2.... :D :D
  6. So i have a dxg567 with exchanger and kit98 with led array For some reason the camera won't come on, I sent the bf board to Gary to have it reprogrammed in case that was the issue. When I turn the board on the green light comes on, but the camera doesn't come on at start up. After I close the case up and wait to see if it will trigger a video I walk in front of thie camera and the led array comes on so I think the video is working but when I open the case the camera isnt on, I checked the camera out of the build and it works fine when I jump the wires to power on and to take a video. Now this build has always worked so I'm stumped now, any ideas??
  7. novascotiahunter

    Project Box For Slave Flash

    I found a few boxes on there that would work but they want $30.99 USD for shipping
  8. novascotiahunter

    Dxg567/led Array/bigfoot Video Board

    Thanks for the reply's guys, this build has always worked perfectly, but I think when I put it away last I started to clean up some of the wiring, I went over the wiring again and again from the same picture you posted, and everything looks good........................................except I don't think the common wire is there now................ :D :D :D that was a good clean up.... :lol: I will checl when I get home but I think that's it, that's why I post pictures someone will something I'm missing... will keep you posted
  9. novascotiahunter

    Dxg567/led Array/bigfoot Video Board

    ok so I've done some limited testing on this board ,limited because I don't know what I'm doing.. So the dxg567 won't power on when the board first comes on, I have 2 of these builds and besides the exchangers in them they are identical, I tried both cameras with this board and neither will come on. But both cameras work fine in the other build,I sent this to Gary and he reprogrammed the board but still no go. In the picture where the yellow circles are is where the board power is, I have 4.7v here with 3 new AAA batteries. where the arrow is that is the power wire for the dxg567, I have 2.5v there, now I'm not sure what that should beso I'll post here to see if anyone has any other ideas for the bigfoot video board.
  10. novascotiahunter

    Dxg-567 With The Screw In Lens Type Exchanger

    Got this working with some help from tcscout
  11. What are people using for IR exchangers for the DXG 567 video builds. I have a bullet exchanger like the one in the link but it doesn't seem to switch so looking at maybe getting another if someone knows where they can get them. Bullet exchanger
  12. novascotiahunter

    Panasonic Sz7 Video Build

    Very nice Build
  13. Bill the links aren't working for me is this the one your talking about? AA-AAA BATTERY CHARGING HOLDER
  14. novascotiahunter

    Free Snow

    I have lots of free snow if anyone one us ls looking for any. storm won't stop high winds and lots of the white stuff just bring a bucket.....lol
  15. novascotiahunter

    Turn Off And On Again

    What camera? fast hack?
  16. novascotiahunter

    Help With Old Slave Flashes & Boards

    the board looks like Jon board here is a link jons slave board
  17. novascotiahunter

    New P41 And S600 Builds

    great builds and pics It's hard to beat the s600 and p41 still two of my favorite cams out there
  18. novascotiahunter

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    I haven't done a p41 for years, i always thought that tha glass had to be changed and that you couldn't scrape off the film, I actually tried years ago with no luck, well today I was doing a p41 and decided to try to scrape the glass and the red film came off, put the glass back in the camera and put a piece of ir material over the flash and went in the furnace room where it was dark and here are the pictures, maybe im losing it and we did this before . darn old memory needs help today....
  19. novascotiahunter

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    well I have another p41 that I just tried and that one can't be scraped so put a piece of cut glass that I got from someone a few years ago and tried that, i did shim with a piece of scotch tape for my first try and here are the pictures Its pretty close I will try some tonight outside to see what they look like before I do anything else
  20. novascotiahunter

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    thanks i didnt even change much for settings will do that now
  21. novascotiahunter

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    I never had one that i could do that to, i have another p41 that i will try also. here are a couple more photos i plan to use this with a slave but here are some pics with just the camera flash with some ir material over the flash, not much light but still pretty good.
  22. novascotiahunter

    A Buck I Nicknamed "skyscraper"

    Congrats Jim great buck and story
  23. novascotiahunter

    Young Buck Scrape

    Young buck scrape Buck scrape I put this in the wrong forum, should have been pictures and video forum, I tried to move this but don't think I can
  24. novascotiahunter

    Bullet Exhanger Board Wiring

    So I'm doing a dxg567 video build and I have the bullet exchanger just want to see wg hat terminals people used on the board, I can't remember as I did this a year agi or more now i'm trying to get the exchanger to switch, here is a picture of the board. I had used the 3 terminals on the bottom plug, I also posted the diagram of the wiring for the build, I 'm using A 12v sla for power for the array/bullet exchanger and kit98 board.
  25. novascotiahunter

    30 Gauge Wire

    Where do guys buy the 30 gauge wire for the camera hacks?