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  1. dog-eze


    How about using one of those wireless security alerts. They make enough noise to drive anything away.
  2. Good luck Gary. I had both done, one in 2000 the other in 2001. both working great. Some pain initially but it was all well worth it in the end. Prayers sent and again good luck
  3. dog-eze

    Anybody Ever Fix Ribbon Holder?

    I have had several fall off. How did you finally fix it?
  4. dog-eze

    W55 Viv 2800 Rcdavic Board,

    That resistor leg isn't shorting on the case of the flash cap is it?
  5. dog-eze

    W200 Fuses

    I inadvertently shorted out the terminals . I tried a different battery that was working fine in another camera. I wanted to test the fuses but don't know where they are.
  6. dog-eze

    W200 Fuses

    Anyone have a fuse diagram for a Sony W200.I'm pretty certain I blew a fuse and am unable to locate them without a diagram
  7. dog-eze

    W-100 Lens Issue

    I haven't cleaned the lens on this particular camera, so I can't help you there. I do have a spare W100 lens I can send you if you would like
  8. dog-eze

    Getting Pics Off Internal Mem On S600?

    I believe you can just push the menu button with a card in the camera and go selections until you reach the copy selection ,select and copy
  9. dog-eze


    PM sent
  10. dog-eze


    PM sent on scope
  11. dog-eze

    Memory Stick Error Question

    I had a card yesterday that gave me this error code, and I looked at it with magnification. It had a very light coat of crud on some of the metal contacts and on the sides.( I couldn't see it without the magnifier) I lightly scraped it off with an exacto knife and blew it off after with the air compressor and worked great.