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  1. Crandallhunter

    Wtb P41 Back Screen

    If you still need a ribbon, PM me your address and I will send you one. I have a couple of back halfs that have issues but the ribbon cables are good.
  2. I need two P41 back halfs -- PM me if you have any you can spare.
  3. Crandallhunter

    Dawson's Creek Tv Show Question

    wikipedia In the two-part series finale, set in 2008, the gang learns of Jen's fatal heart condition, pulmonary congestion, after she faints during Gail Leery's third wedding. Jen, now the single mother of a one-year-old daughter, Amy, ends up hospitalized and reveals to Jack, her best friend, that there is nothing to be done to save her. Leaving Amy in Jack's care, and Jen dies with Grams at her side on May 14, 2008
  4. Crandallhunter

    Back Home

    Do not wait until you are 55. Get a yearly physical and a PSA test if you are over 40. I had a physical and colonoscopy when I was 43. The first real physical I had in 20 years. My PSA was 2.5 which is not real high. The Dr. told me that it could be nothing but he wanted to give me some antibiotics because it could be just an infection. Went back a month later and it had increased another .2. He said then that I could wait or do a biopsy but I really needed to watch this. 6 months later, when I went back, my PSA was over 4 and he suggested a visit to a urologist. I went and had the biposy done on a Wednesday. So I am sitting in my chair on Saturday morning when the phone rings. I looked at the caller ID and thought to myself -this can't be good news! Doctors do not normally call on a Saturday morning. Positive on 7 of 10 samples. I took the surgery option but with another Dr. that I felt was more experienced. I was in the hospital for three days. The Dr. told me that my cancer was actually worse than the biopsies showed, but they thought they had gotten it all. He also said that I was very fortunate that I had a general practice Dr. that was concerned enough about the moderately elevated PSA test to follow up with me about it. He said that if it had not been caught as soon as it was, my prognosis would have been very bad. He said they graded the cancer on a scale of 1-10 and most of mine was a 7. Just short of being real bad. I had a really tough 2-3 months after my surgery. The good news is that was 8 years ago and I am still cancer free. Another thing I learned was that if you are a man and you live long enough YOU will likely experience prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is not that common for men under 50 but it is a simple test and I know that it is the reason that I am here today. Do not wait until it is too late. I am glad to hear you are doing well Cliff. The key to fighting any kind of cancer is early detection.
  5. Crandallhunter

    Kodak Zx3

    Pretty quick. less than 2 seconds.
  6. Crandallhunter

    Kodak Zx3

    I haven't looked at it as a cam yet, but I purchased one for the grandkids to play with. It is waterproof to 10' and they have had a blast with it over the past several weeks. It has spent 4-6 hours a day in the swimming pool, each weekend, with really good video. I was surprised at how good the video is. The only thing I told them was to not drop it or open the side panels. They jump in with it, do flips with it, and sit it down in the deep part of the pool - 8.5 feet and let it record.
  7. Find a piece of X Ray film, cut it to fit and slide it in on top of the cable. This works perfect and holds it as tight as the clamp. I have two cameras that are this way and they have worked perfect since I did it. If you can't find some, PM me and I'll send you a small strip. Link To post
  8. Crandallhunter

    Shipping Firearms

  9. Crandallhunter

    Shipping Firearms

    My son is in the Coast Guard and is getting transferred to a base that charges $100.00 apiece for a firearm permit. We need to get his rifles and shotguns back home and reading up on it, it does not look simple. Has anyone had any experiences or suggestions as to what would be the best way to accomplish this? He said they would allow him to keep them in the "armory" but one of the shotguns is an old Browning that his late grandfather gave him a few years ago and we don't want to take a chance on something happening to it.
  10. Crandallhunter

    Youth Sports Association Fundraising Ideas

    When I was involved in girls FP softball, we sold discount cards for $10.00. We would go around to area businesses, explain to them who we were and what we were doing. We would then ask them if they would be willing to offer a discount at their business for card holders. An example of things we could get were: - a free oil change, tire rotation etc. Most wouldn't hesitate to give a 10% discount. Subway would always do a buy one, get one free. We would raise around 7,000 dollars every year on this. We had to pay to print and laminate the cards but all of the money received was money we could use for the girls, equipment and fields etc. We still did the normal car washes and other fund raisers but these two things were what kept us going. We turned our two very poor softball fields in to two of the best in our area of play. We even got Coke to supply new scoreboards for the fields. I am not sure how one of our coaches pulled that one off. We would also sell advertising banners that would be hung on the outfield fence during all of our games we played at home. Those went for $100.00 a year. The first year profit wasn't much because of the initial cost for the banner. We did this when these girls were 11-12 years old and kept on with it until the whole group graduated about 2 years ago.
  11. Crandallhunter

    Priceline.com Flights

    My ex son in law purchases tickets from priceline to fly my grandchildren to see him. We have been doing this twice a year for the past two years and I haven't seen any extra fees on his side. We fly from JAX to SFO. I always fly with them but when I purchase my ticket, I have always found approximately the same price purchasing from the airline. So, I always purchase straight from the airline. We have been traveling American Airlines, both years.
  12. Crandallhunter

    W55 At $73!?!

    There is one on Craigslist close to me for $150.00! Without the battery charger.
  13. Crandallhunter

    Post Turtle

    We have a lot of "Post Turtles" in our government!
  14. Crandallhunter

    Weigh In Week 6