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  1. gecl

    External Jazz Mic

    TCSCOUT, my bad, you're absolutely right. You got me concerned that maybe now it wouldn't adjust for lighting. It still does. Guess I'll be leaving it out unless I run into some need for it. Seems to be working just fine w/o. Thought for sure it must be the sensor for the motion detection option, but no, that still works also. Hmmm.....? Apparently some DV150's don't even have it. Maybe for some type of remote control??
  2. gecl

    External Jazz Mic

    Thanks guys. Sounds like it would be best to install a switch. Cracked it open to take a peek (don't have parts yet) and removed the record indcator led. Works fine without it. This leaves plenty of room for a micro slide switch to the internal mic.
  3. gecl

    External Jazz Mic

    Thanks OBH, but actually what I'm wondering is if I could leave the internal mic attached WITH another external mic (servo attached) and therefore have a normal operating cam when used outside the box for non-trailcam use. Yes??? No????
  4. When installing an external mic to a Jazz, is it necessary to disconnect the internal mic?
  5. gecl

    Stereo plug mod for Sony W35

    vtreloader, What you're talking about is in yetinme's mod document. Could it be great minds think alike??
  6. gecl

    sony w55 & w35

    I like Yetime's AV mod so much that I wouldn't even consider the W55 over the W35. I don't think it can be overemphasized that to get the most out of the flash, it takes a very precision build. The face of the cam needs to be close to the case necessitating a snorkel. The snorkel needs to be as small as possible necessitating very precise and repeatable cam placement. With some quirks, it can be run off AA's. With that said, you can end up with a VERY nice unit, not to mention a great little multi-pupose pocket cam. 1020 vertical pipe-thru, W35 ext. AA's, SSS,
  7. gecl

    W35 external power

    Well,well......maybe I'm NOT quite done. Good thinking elk_crazy!
  8. gecl

    P41 memory card error

    LOL! That was fun 212, but I can't possibly accept the card. You made it much too easy. I was saving your orig. pic when I noticed you had named it none other than.....you guessed it.... "SOLDER BLOB" I got quite a chuckle outta that!
  9. gecl

    W35 external power

    Well, at this point I guess I'm going to say "IT'S DONE"! Thanks for the help! George Sony W35, 1020 vertical pipe-thru, Snapshot Sniper, "so-so" ext. power.
  10. gecl

    W35 external power

    Ghoot... Ahhhh.....you're on to something there. The cam turns on with normal screen showing, then switches to not compatible, then powers down on its own. BUT.... while its doing this, there is indeed plenty of time to snap a pic. I didn't realize that. Cannot view pics though (powers down). Although not the ideal situation, you're right, it should work and would at least allow me to swap batteries in the field without the need to buy another lithium. Curious.....when you discovered this, were you, like me, connected to the internal battery contacts? I'm still wondering if it would work normally if connected to the "DC IN" contacts (which I don't know the location of).
  11. gecl

    W35 external power

    treetop, Thanks for the response. Boy, I here you when you say externals may not be needed. That thing is downright STINGY when it comes to power consumption! I really wanted to avoid getting a spare battery, as you know they're a bit pricey and I have an ample supply of AA's. I want to believe that the 2650mAh of the AA's compared to 960mAh of the lithium would MORE than make up for the self-discharge of the AA's. Also, my limited testing has me thinking I'll get by with no refresh at all. George
  12. Has anyone had success running the W35 on external power? I'd like to use AA's. I spent a good amount of time to make a dandy little adapter to replace the original battery only to be disappointed. When I powered on the camera the LCD said "use only compatible battery" . I'm assuming its because my adapter doesn't have that 3rd contact. I'm guessing I'd have better luck if I'd tap into the contacts for the "DC IN" plug. Does anyone know where they are? Thanks, George
  13. gecl

    P32 IR mod

    I have 2 IR 32s. One needed thick & the other thin.
  14. gecl

    portable pic viewer

    I had ordered one but decided to send it back. For my intended purpose it just didn't fit the bill. Slow going from one pic to the next and could not copy batches of pics to another card (only individual pics one at a time).