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  1. tinner

    Another failed test gets

    shane who? that name is a little familiar. sounds like the oter major pro sports should take a page out of the nascar playbook. opps then they wouldnt be able to field any teams. hey theres a chance for me to play professional ball somewhere if all the good guys are on drugs.
  2. tinner

    Darrell "D.W." Waltrip's Dream Comes True:

    thats really cool. good to see old dw out there. will hammond be his crew chief?
  3. tinner

    Gordon fined $10K

    in my best airy voice "guys stop pushing me around from behind" "i am serious, i am totally like this tough" " ohhh, that matt kennseth has real nice pecs" the objective side of my brain says that is a good and fair fine. but the subjective side says stap him on the back of a carribou for the next hunt in canada. and send that little weasel johnson with him.
  4. tinner

    Speed reading!

    saw that one over on TOS and didnt belive it until i did it several times. it does make sense though. after much diagnosis and time and frustration we are finally zeroing in on some difficulties my son is having with reading specificly and other learning problems, i can see where i recognize the words just from the letters that are in it, not necessarily the order they are in. dyslexia puts them in backwards orders all the time and screws them up all the time.
  5. tinner

    finally turned the puter on

    how y'all doing? been busy doing other things and missed you guys. just thought i would check in and say hi how are you. since i havent been on the puter for a while i had a full in box of e-mail. i had 1 from T.O.F. but i cant seem to pull up the site. am i or my puter on crack or is there something going on over there. i know headnurse frequents over there. maybe she can shed some light on the subject. it has my a little cornfused, not that it is a hard thing to do, because i can log on here and other sites. anywho. hope all has been well and cant wait for september. :hags:
  6. tinner

    I got a Patent! #6,971,322

    watch out edison jagger is on a roll now. congrats
  7. tinner

    new handgun

    i havent really decided yet. i do know that i want to start reading and learning to reload for it. the next thing i need is some experience.
  8. tinner

    new handgun

    thanks greg. i am real excited about it. guys at work are ready to kill me already, cant stop talking about it.
  9. tinner

    new handgun

    here's a pic of my new gun. this is a pic from the ruger web site, i dont have the gun yet.
  10. tinner

    new handgun

    just got home from turners, a while ago. paid $655 ou the door plus $25 for the handgun cert. got a new ruger SRH .44 mag with 9 1/2" barrel. unfortunate part is it will not br in the store for up to 2 months. when it gets to store then i get a 10 day wait. ca. stinks. all i know is i will pas the formalities and get my gun eventually. hope it gets here soon, have a javelina hunt in az. in feb.
  11. tinner

    Alcohol Warnings

    it is also the leading cause of fat ugly women getting pregnant
  12. tinner

    The Pentagon announced today

    hey i live in cali. but my roots are in virginia. can i go. i want want the @%^(%@#& that killed dale earnhardt. and all this time i thought it was sterling marlin that did it.
  13. tinner

    del mar gun show

    wish i had have read this yesterday. i drove 85 miles to be completely disappointed. there was only 1 .44 mag in the whole show. lots of old mausers and mosin nagants and, probably unusable, ancient shotguns. loads of jewlery and knives as well. if i was going to see stuff it might have been ok. but i had a very specific gun in mind and saw 1 and this guy didnt have a store, he dealt with a place called yocum (sp) guns in poway and i would have had to drive back there to pick it up. lesson learned i suppose.
  14. tinner

    I need one of these.

    DAUMMM. i dont get snow at home but i still want one
  15. tinner

    Five Suicidal Deer Jump From Garage

    they get given to passers-by