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  1. Huntducks

    Ca Antelope Hunt

    Jon That's what I did ran the sucker into a fence, I will stop by the shop. BB Waterfowl hunting is great but there is just something about BG hunting that makes it special. You go out duck and goose hunting see thousands of birds in a day not all in range but you see them, you spend a week deer hunting and see 1 nice buck that you take you know there are more around but you only saw one it's just totaly different.... the effort the anguish the preperation, waterfowl you get a pocket full of shells with a number of misses, BG you may only get one shot. Waterfowl hunting is a regular season game. BG hunting is the super bowl that is the only way to explane it
  2. I finely drew a tag my second one here first was 1970 not bad 36 years in between i'm 60 so this will be my last tag in Ca. the state went to points system 6 years ago best thing they ever did other wise I might still be putting in with no luck. The season is 9 days here, there are 6 zones with a total of appox 200 buck only tags, with 2 zones having a first period and second period hunt I drew 2nd in Lassen Zone there was no shortage of goats BUT and that's a big but 60% of the prime goats I saw where on private property or un-posted land, here in Ca. if it's not fenced, posted or culvated it's open to hunt I wish some other western states where same. Season opened on 9/1 poor planning on DFG part DOVE HUNTERS, I got there 3 days before hand to scout DFG and BLM Bio. gave me all the common haunts and starting points. During the first 2 days I had another hunter with his son wandering around my plan A choice area so I backed off and went to plan B no luck evening hunt came with lots of dove hunters around water holes no goats more of same on Sunday except at first light I had a nice well better then nice 17"+ goat on a small strip of BLM land with 15 does rut was getting ready to go and goats where rounding up the harem I moved into postion to shoot i'm 30 seconds away from pulling the trigger when this guy spots another buck 1/2 mi away off he goes and the chase is on and into private property some doe's fallowed others scatered needless to say that hunt was over, that evening I was back to a water source that had dove hunters the day before and few doves, a single buck came in 400 yard shot he was small 10-11" at best another buck a little bigger, on one of my scouting trips I had seen a shooter here so I passed, next morning found me back where I saw the dugga boy this time Mr. Dugga was no where to be seen, but I did find another buck and a doe he was trying to hold on to her. At this point I decided to put a stalk and take a shot at 333 yards she spotted me and took off, love was on his mind and he headed her off and could care less about me, fatel mistake, I closed again to 293 yards she saw me he was watching her and facing me one round from my 270 just right of center chest put him down in a pile, he was not Mr. Dugga Boy but a VG goat 15.1/8 around the curl on one side 14.3/4 on other nice spread with his prongs hooking
  3. Huntducks


    You guys must be kidding if you think thoes are body parts, there shooting rock chucks and i'll bet that is here in the US not the ME. And yes that video has been out for some time.
  4. Huntducks

    The "Surrogator"

    Jon you guy's up there full time now??? Wanted to stop by the shop and see you. I use to raise pheasant years ago and it's something how they can get there butts off the ground at a few weeks, GOOD LUCK with them. Greg
  5. Huntducks

    Aleutain Hunt

    Hunted NW Calif. coast this past weekend long 10 hr drive one way, there was a SH!! load of birds in our area Sat. about 25,000 and that doubled on Sunday.
  6. Huntducks

    Aleutian Hunt Coming Up!

    Jon when you leaving? I just got home tonight 2 days = 8 birds the guy I was with had trouble with his shooting on Sat but he got 4 today, we need to talk there are some real tricks to this, where is the hunt your on? hope it's south of Eureka in Loleta, your picture looks like the ranch we where on. I'll try to stop by the shop TM. Greg
  7. Huntducks

    Who's goin Spring Snow Goosin???

    Jon When you going? i'm leaving on the 3/9 if I have to chase them past NWMO. i'll just stick to shoot pigs in OK.
  8. I don't have the story I just received the picture
  9. Huntducks

    Who's going where this weekend...

    Off to Utah on friday chasing Elk. They really taste better then any of them winged ones
  10. Huntducks


    CWA San Dimas dinner is approaching if you have not received a flyer go to CWA web site. http://www.calwaterfowl.org Click on up coming events dinner is May 6th I will post more when I get over the flu I brought back with me from OK. MO.
  11. Huntducks


    Rambow this was my brothers best friend + we always hunted on his place in ID. also I just had moved to a new house and did not have a place for the mounts and had them stored in the attic. Here is another.
  12. Huntducks


    I'm still out a life size mount of a 37" MD (which i did not shoot) a 32" and a 34" MD a 16.5" antelope and a 383" elk all shoulder mounts, they where all auctioned off buy the bank, this set never got hung in the resturant while they were trying to get it mounted I got lucky there. I did have a good trip back to OK. shooting a pig at my brothers place and a few Snow geese in MO.
  13. Huntducks


    Here is the only picture I had of the antlers after I shot it.
  14. A long story goes with this but here is a short version I loaned this and 5 other sets of antlers and mounts to a friend of the family who oppened a resturant in Idaho the place went under bank forclosed and I lost what I thought was all of them well my brother who lives in OK.somehow got these back from the wife who moved from ID. to AR. and told my brother she has had them for the last 10 or so years.
  15. Huntducks

    home made stabilized goose call

    Hey Steve That is one fine looking call. How has your season been? I'll shoot you an email. Greg