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    More Bears And A Cougar

    Incredible shots and a great story as well!
  2. I have built several but just not in that mode right now. Looking at buying a camera, have looked at the commercial cameras, wondering what is available in used home brew, just weighing the options. If anyone has one, prefer P32 or 41 set up in a 1040, let me know. I'll consider most any but I'm familiar with the Sonys. Thanks
  3. Camera is sold - pending funds. Thanks.
  4. Not hacked. $55 TYD email me if interested, browtyne@q.com
  5. Camera is in fair to average condition, works well. Contact me @ appraiser@q.com
  6. I bought it quite a while back from a HH member, not sure of the details on it. I believe its a lens replacement. Has Servo hack. I'll post pics later I guess. Open to an offer. appraiser@q.com
  7. Green Otter 3000, older model I think, will post pics later. $25 TYD. Email me at appraiser@q.com
  8. I have a P32 IR already hacked, never got around to finishing the build. Not sure what its worth but time to let it go. Can someone give me an idea of what it's worth? Thanks,
  9. P32 is in good shape. 1020 case is new.

    Home Surveillance Cameras

    Ah, interesting, thanks.

    Home Surveillance Cameras

    Thanks fb, Seems like 99% of them are out of China so I won't let that scare me off. I like the DVR option. Thanks for the good info.
  12. I realize this is barely related to the site at all but looking for advice I can trust. Wanting to mount one or two IR video surveillance cameras on the house. I have seen one that has an sd card mounted in back, is motion activated and has a range of about 50 ft. It also has a remote control that you can use to turn the cam on and off and operate the current picture on your TV. That works for what I want. I recently had a car prowl on our two rigs sitting in front of the garage when I was at home one night. Caught the A*&^!@&S in the end but I want to be better prepared if there happens to be a next time. Catching them on cam would be helpful. Knowing activity is being recorded while I'm away is valuable to me. My question, does anyone have experience in setting up a low budget house system that would do the job. I was impressed with the camera I saw in the store, cost was $200 for the camera only but it basically is an outdoor 12volt IR cam that records to a SD card. Problem i ran into is that I cannot find one online. Advice, tips, thoughts appreciated.