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    God put horses and mules on this earth to pack my behind into better hunting country. If that isn't in the good book, it should be.
  1. oldenuff2no

    Please Get the Word Out

    The outdoor forum has been down for over a week and is still down. There are some pretty good folks over there.
  2. oldenuff2no

    PVC Target Stand

    I'm sitting up some projects to do while I'm down this spring and some of the things I want to build are target stands for the bag targets. I saw instructions for some portable stands made out of PVC pipe on the web someplace and now I can't find the information. Help!!!!!!! I want to build a half dozen for home and a half dozen for BigDogs property. I found some cheap bag targets, now I just need the stands. Thanks for the help. Paul
  3. oldenuff2no

    Relloading - want to start Need info

    They gave you good advice. Check out the RCBS site, they have a lot of good information. Get two or three reloading manuals and cross check loads. They all have a "how to" section in them too. The Rock Chucker kit is the best bang for your buck by far. I'm a smith and have reloaded for over 30 years. I still have the same Rock Chucker that I started with. Check out this site they have good prices and a huge selection of reloading components. http://www.midwayusa.com/ I've bought a lot of stuff from them and have always had good luck. If you want to take a look at a multi stage progressive press, check this site out. http://dillonprecision.com/default.cfm?cookieClean=1 I have a Dillon 550 but I don't use it as much as I use my single stage. There used to be a really good step by step instruction info on the RCBS site but I don’t see it right now. Poke around over there and it will probably turn up. http://www.rcbs.com/default.asp?menu=1&s1=10 My best advice is to go slow, do one thing at a time and think about this process as a “precision” effort for exact replicas round after round.
  4. oldenuff2no

    Ripped off

    One of my extended family members in the Sacramento area had his house broken into while he was out of state for Christmas. A lot of things were stolen the most important things were his Harley, bows and crossbow. Someone will be trying to get rid of them soon. The Harley is a 1995 Softail Custom, black and yellow, Ca plate 14C4972. The bows are both 05's, one VTEC 27.5" draw 60-70#, and the other is a Browning Micro Adrenaline 30-40#. The owner of the browning is here visiting for the Christmas week, he is 12 and is an avid young hunter and archer. He got a call tonight telling him that his archery equipment is gone. His bow will be replaced ASAP, but it still won't be the same. To say that this will put a dent in his Christmas spirit is a massive understatement. I'll post the serial numbers of the bows in the next day or two. If any of you see anything like this going by or sitting in a pawn shop someplace, please give me a yell so the cops can be tuned into the loop. Thanks. Paul
  5. oldenuff2no

    Shocking News

    I should get 400,000+ miles out of my powerstroke. The only problem with gas rigs is when you point you nose uphill with a stock trailer on the back they just don't want to go. I have a F250 Quad Cab power stroke 4X4 6 speed with well over a hundred thousand miles and it's never missed a beat. Even with 5 or 6 horses in the stock trailer it pulls the mountains highways easily. When you start running over 6000' mountain passes pulling a heavy trailer you figure out what kind of truck you have.
  6. oldenuff2no

    Sock question??????

    You shouldn't have any trouble with the boots you said you have.
  7. oldenuff2no

    Shot Bear Attacks

    I don't hunt bear anymore because I hate handling them when they are on the ground. I've learned this lesson several times, and I hope it sticks this time. When approaching a downed bear, how could you not give it respect? I never move right in on any animal I've just shot. Even a buck getting up can hurt you, but a bear can kill you quick! I've killed bear with one shot from an 06, and I've seen it take several rounds from belted magnums to keep them anchored. The story said he shot it with a 444, OK, what kind of bullets did he hit it with? Were they a heavily constructed controlled expansion type bullet like a nosler, or were they a thin skinned bullet intended for deer size game? Tip time. When you are hunting bear, go loaded for bear. That doesn't mean you have to carry a cannon, but you should use a bullet that is heavy for caliber and constructed to maintain its weight through a controlled expansion and give you good penetration. Make sure your rifle is sighted in for the heavier round, and practice enough to know that you can put it where you want it. If you shoot a rifle with large variable scope mounted on it, turn it down to the low end and leave it there. If there is any doubt if he is going to stay down or not, SHOOT HIM AGAIN! When you get so you can see the downed bear, sit down and eat lunch, leave it alone and watch it for an hour. A bear's heart only beats 4-5 times a minute, so he is totally physically incapacitated for up to a minute after his heart stops. Always respect a bear, they can and will hurt you. I’ve killed more bear when I didn’t want to than when I have actually been out hunting for them. I run pack strings and I will not tolerate a bear in my camp and around my livestock. I almost always keep dogs with me and that takes care of the problem 99% of the time. When a bear ignores your dogs and still comes into camp, he isn’t a wild bear, he is a garbage bear who has learned to scavenge people’s camps for food. Garbage bears are more dangerous that wild bear. They have lost their fear of people and are unpredictable. In most situations you just need to grab your gun and get out of camp and out of his way. If you’re packed a long way in and need those supplies to survive you either need to shoot him or take enough supplies with you when you leave to get yourself out. If you decide it is necessary to shoot him, do it quick before he ruins your camp. The last thing you want when you are a long way in is to get yourself or another member of your party hurt, so if you decide to take a bear out, shoot him and make sure he is dead, then move your camp away from his carcass. A bear will feed on another dead bear. If you leave the dead bear around your camp, you are using him for “bear bait” and just asking for more bear problems. If you have dogs, dogs that are used to being in the mountains or woods, in your camp you can usually get away with some things you don’t dare do if they are not there. If I have dogs around I don’t think twice about hanging deer in my camp, or about having my cooking/kitchen tent close to my bedroom tent. If I’m packed in and I don’t have my dogs around, I never hang a deer within a hundred yards of where I’m sleeping, (then I put a cow bell on it), I do not cook in the same camp I sleep in, I keep the cooking tent in another direction from my bed, (again alarmed with cow bells), and I hang all of my food supplies high off of the ground, down by the cook tent. I keep my livestock with me at night with more bells on the High Line that I keep them tied to. I’ve spent over 30 years packing in the high country where the bears call home. I’ve always tried to coexist with them and I do not enjoy killing them. The other side of that coin is that I am not willing to let them hurt or kill either me or my livestock. When they cross the line I end it quick and sure. Big cats are another subject, don't get me started...... Paul
  8. oldenuff2no

    This isn't funny, but

    Great post. My wife is a teacher and she brings home a lot about the kids. She doesn't leave her work at school, every year it's like her new students become another part of our family. I think you will remember the really important people in your life. Those celebrities that you spoke of are only super important in their own minds. They do not have any important impact on us normal people. I don't remember them because I didn't keep track of them when they were in the spotlight. My real life sits in the living room with me most nights, not in the TV that sits blank and dark in the corner.
  9. oldenuff2no

    Cowboy Shooting

    I've been watching some of the cowboy shooting competition, and it looks like a lot of fun to me. What really looks like fun is shooting off of a moving horse. With some work on my horses I could do that. I've even talked to a trainer who works on horses to do that specific thing. He showed me the tricks they use in training the horse. All my wife sees is more money down the drain, but I have all of the required weapons and I have the horses. I'll have to move slowly into this one.... Maybe I can use this as a reward for when I get healed up after this next surgery. Something to work toward.
  10. oldenuff2no

    handgun hunters?

    I carry one of the Special run Ruger Blackhawks with the Biesly grip in 45LC, SS. I like the heavy corbon +p ammo. I got a little too close to a bear in one of my horse strings a couple of years ago and ended the encounter with it. I don't know if that qualifies as hunting, I've hunted bear but it isn't anything that I want to do any more. Now I also carry a guide gun in 45-70 or a 12 gauge stoked with slugs in a scabbard when I pack along with the ruger LC. The ported guide gun is fast on target and carries a bunch of stopping energy. I have a 45LC in a Winchester 92. It likes the +P ammo too and is fun to shoot.
  11. oldenuff2no

    How many of your wifes think you would do this

    Hey, he could have bowed his head after he let the arrow fly.....
  12. oldenuff2no

    Your dream hunt?

    Alaska for Caribou. I want a fly in trip where I can stay for a week or 10 days hunting Caribou and fishing.
  13. oldenuff2no

    Dropped the soap.

    At least nothing "Important" got broken.
  14. oldenuff2no

    Veterans Day

    Doug, I can't figure out a nice name to call you right now, I'm just too jealous. I'm sure you added up all th points on both horns and cheated again..... Beautiful buck!!!!! Congrats
  15. oldenuff2no


    I'm headed that way.