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  1. 00buckshot

    This Is Funny

    Where's the stripper pole?
  2. 00buckshot

    Who broke TOF?--It's fixed now.

    I think that the firefox users were OK...but the site was shut down for the safety of the other users. ITS UP NOW THOUGH!!! Thanks again, Hags! Mr Ree...if you get a chance...check it out!
  3. 00buckshot

    Mtn biking herpetology

    A rattler has the potential to strike at about 2/3'rds the length of it's body if I'm not mistaken. That means that a 3 foot rattler can only strike an additional 2 feet. Plenty of length to get 'em with a shovel. My two cents!
  4. 00buckshot

    Who broke TOF?--It's fixed now.

    Thanks for the update SE... Thanks for the hang out in the meantime Hags!
  5. 00buckshot

    I have a request for everyone that will

    Cook...sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers are sent to his family and may you feel the Lords comfort too.
  6. 00buckshot

    Mtn biking herpetology

    That's a fat one. Nice pic...they make good eating too!
  7. 00buckshot


    I'm in! (For all that gold...no question about it!)
  8. 00buckshot

    My first attempt

    :cool: CB to give anything a good first try and succedd as you did is an accomplishment in itself. Congrats!!!
  9. 00buckshot

    Called up my first cat

    Very cool looking cat Gus!
  10. 00buckshot

    Missouri Spring Snow Goose

    Sunset on the dekes!
  11. 00buckshot

    Missouri Spring Snow Goose

    Mine and Steves first days take
  12. 00buckshot

    Missouri Spring Snow Goose

    A snowy barn!
  13. This was my first spring snow goose hunt in Missouri in February. What a blast!!! It normally isn't that cold down there and snow is very rare. Just thought I'd share some pics with y'all.
  14. 00buckshot

    Redneck Women

    Thanks for posting HN...That was friggin' hillarious!
  15. 00buckshot

    Who's gearing up for Spring Snows?

    Missery....er.....Missouri Here I come. I leave next Thursday for 3 days of hunting Spring Snows.