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  1. I will take them. PM me your paypal address. Thanks Brian
  2. BMC

    Pix Controller Board

    Take the battery out for a few days and let it sit. Put in a new 9v and try it again. The same thing just happened to me last week on 3 cams. All 3 are back in the woods now.
  3. BMC

    S600 Battery Compartment Tabs

    I use a screw from an old ccd with the larger head. Drill a hole in the corner and the screw will tap itself in. Works great.
  4. BMC

    Clear Out Sale!

    I'll take P32/P41 IR replacement glass (5 ea) ($5 ea) 5 each 1” IR material circles ($5 ea) 10 pieces of clear glass all just under 1 ¼” ($1 ea)
  5. BMC

    Pix Le And Le 2

    If these are still for sale I will take them. Thanks Brian
  6. Just thought I would let you guys know we use Fluid Film at work to clean corroded control boards. It works great. I just saved a IR P41 and a BF board that had a leaking case. Now to fix that case. You can find it on ebay.
  7. BMC

    Picture Viewers

    Try the FlashTrax XT. They work great but you would need a cf card adapter.
  8. Anyone have a battery cover for a H55 for sale
  9. BMC

    Sale Over

    I will take 2 Natgear/gray HPWA thanks Brian
  10. BMC

    Sale Over

    Payment sent thanks
  11. BMC

    Sale Over

    I will take 4 - Ultimate/Black HPWA
  12. BMC

    Pix Board

    I just had one do the same thing and it was a bad 9v connection on the board. I removed the plug and soldered the wires to the board and it works great
  13. BMC

    Lens/flash Glass Supplier

    Welding helmet clear lens cover works very good and eazy to cut
  14. BMC

    S600 Ir

    Is there anyone that does the IR mod for others and how much they charge.