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  1. bayouhunter

    Wireless Remote Triggers

    What is the new board called? Was looking for it on Jim's site
  2. bayouhunter

    Wireless Remote Triggers

    I will. I'm not sure on my direction just yet. I have a viv 2000 flash that I plan on using with a w290 if I go the white flash or I was thinking of a W200 with a Viv 2800/3700 for IR havent made my mind up on that yet. I just ordered the remote from the link Jim posted. need to order my crittergetter and day night boards. Then I need to do a lot of paper sketching and measurements to see what cases I will use. I want this build with big externals/slave power to leave unattended for a long time in a remote spot
  3. bayouhunter

    Wireless Remote Triggers

    Thanks Jim!
  4. bayouhunter

    Wireless Remote Triggers

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot and order it.
  5. bayouhunter

    Wireless Remote Triggers

    Is there a certain type of wireless trigger remote to use ? I see there are 2-channel and up. I found a Yonguno RF-600 on ebay that reaches up too 100 meters. Just wondering if the hack is basically the same on all of them.
  6. bayouhunter

    New Build

    Wow! Absolutly a great picture Bob. You are making me want to try one of these highend camera builds. I had a great troyphy buck two years in a row, one picture was at 15-20 feet from an S40 day light and was grainy. I couldnt crop him in to get a good photo to really show his WOW factor. The next photo of him was at night at about 10-15 feet with a W 290 viv 2800. The flash almost washed him out, but still zooming it in, he would get distorted. I would have loved to been able to get a quality photo him like you have of that cat. And as luck would have it he was killed late last year by another hunter, and all I have are some grainy photos if him! All of my camera sets are good for what I use them for ( scouting) but it would be nice, once I find a nice buck working an area, to get some good quality and presentable photos of him.
  7. bayouhunter

    New Build

    Awsome job on that case! Looks like real tre bark. Is that an otter box? I notice you leave/have an opening for the pre-flash on your builds. Is that necessary? Does that slow the camera?
  8. bayouhunter

    Sony H70

    Thanks. I was looking at doing a higher MP camera. Just curious, What are the Better cameras you use for yourself nowdays. Thanks Tim
  9. bayouhunter

    Sony H70

    Sony H70. Anyone have experience with this camera and know How fast It is from motion till it takes a pic?
  10. bayouhunter

    W290 Blue Screen

    How does the W230 match with the 290 for speed. I mostly use my cameras on trails.
  11. bayouhunter

    Slave Flash

    I have a couple of these viv 2000's that I have been hanging on to. I have used 2800's for my last couple of builds. I read somewhere on here that there was issues with these flashes but cant find the posts now. Are they good for a build or should I stick to the 2800?
  12. bayouhunter

    W290 Blue Screen

    Well it is the LCD that went out. I finally found my camera cables and hooked it up to the TV. Everything works now and it takes pics. Just cant see anything on the screen. Will still work for a build. Thanks for the help Bob
  13. bayouhunter

    A503 Screen

    Screen on my a503 went black or so it seemed. When I got it out and messed with it at a certain angle I could see objects. So after investigating I found that if I put my headlight on the corner of the screen in dim light I can Read and make all the settings. I can deal with it like this though it 's a pain. Has anyone had this issue. Is there a fix?
  14. bayouhunter

    Thinking Of My New Build

    I want to do a small w200 IR with wireless slave. I was thinking of using JTS boards. here is what I think I need. 1- Wireless remote flash trigger (ebay-hong kong) 2- Crittergetter micro controller board 3- slave pro1 board 4- viv 2800 Am I on the right path??
  15. bayouhunter

    W290 Bigfoot Board

    Its a Sony pro duo 2 gig card. I went today and checked the camera settings and had some changes to make to it according to Fierman Jims setting instructions. I'll have to see if that works. Couldnt tell if it was faster since the flash wasnt going off.