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  1. deerhuntere1

    Who broke TOF?--It's fixed now.

    Yup I got nailed by the stupid trojen. Luckily I had everythein in order I just had to scan the old machine and clean the file. SIERRA Is there any way to find who screwed up the site?
  2. deerhuntere1

    Remington .22 Model 597

    anything new?
  3. deerhuntere1

    Remington .22 Model 597

    any response from remington yet?
  4. deerhuntere1

    Remington .22 Model 597

    birdog k here is a link to remintons help section remington help As I understand it remington has had allot of problems with the issue that you describe. From what i have read they have beefed up the floor plate in the mag and put a bigger diameter spring to try to resolve the problem. Some of the 597's need to have the extractor replaced to completely resolve the jamming issue. You will need to register to set up a account. I hope that helps a little.
  5. deerhuntere1

    Remington .22 Model 597

    uummm As a part time gunsmith i hate to tell this little secret but... I t could be a shell problem but with most semi auto 22's a gummed up action is usually the culprit. I mean that just a shot of gun scrubber wont do it you need to brake it down and clean it thouroughly. I couldent tell you the money that cleaning 22's have made me. If you have properly cleaned it then check the ramp to make shure that it doesent have a burr on it. Or it could be a week spring.anyhow give it a good cleaning first.
  6. deerhuntere1

    new handgun

    Wow cali bites here in Alabama there is a 3 day wait. They ordered my gun and a they called 3 days later and said that it was in and for me to come and pick it up. Glad to hear that you got a nice wheelgun What kind of ammo are you going to shoot?
  7. deerhuntere1

    what do you guys think of this one

    Great post some pics or your new gun when you get it.
  8. deerhuntere1

    Working Christmas

    Who else gets stuck working during christmas. I get stuck working midnights. Like making paper is so important that we cant shut down dso people can spend Christmas with their familys. Dang slavedrivers! The funny thing is the people that are making us work are the same people that are going to be at home with their own family's The golden rule: The man with the gold makes the rules. :flag:
  9. deerhuntere1

    what do you guys think of this one

    if you can hold steady at 250 yards with a large frame revolver you are a better man than me. Seriously I feel that " For me " a 150 yard shot is going to be the furtherest shot I will take with my 454. The round has plenty of nockdown at that range but my aiming is not very steady even with a good rest. Have you shot that cannon yet or are you still drueling over it? Holding a scoped handgun is allot more challenging than shooting a scoped rifle. For me like I said all that I feel comfortable shooting is 150 yards and thats going to be at a monster buck! But I normally just limit my shots to around 100 yards. Tinner have them scope that gun then hold it where you can see the sight picture. Mine likes to wobble cause my gun is so heavy but the weight really cuts down on the recoil . I only paid$579 for my Ruger Super redhawk in .454 Casull. But if you can afford it go for it but I would suggest firing a few rounds to make shure that your hands and wrist can handle the recoil. O and while you are at it dont forget to get yourself some of thoes electronic ear muffs they really cut down on the BOOM EDIT: Hey tinner I dont know if you reload but well lets just say shooting big bore revolvers is fun but it aint cheep! Some winchester 454 super x is around 28 bucks for a box of 20. I can reload for around 9.25 for 20 rounds. I am not shure about the price of ammo for that new calliber but I am shure that it is not going to be cheep. You might waunt to check into getting a reloading press. They can save tons of money.
  10. deerhuntere1

    handgun hunters?

    tinner From what I have heard that new 460 is quite a cannon. They say that it has worse recoil than the 454 anyhow shoot it and compair it to the 454 using some winchester supreme ammoe. Post your results please. :cool: commando--- I have no personal experience with the tarus modles so I am just relaying that I have heard that there have been several problems with the trigger mechanism jamming up and locking the gun up. To be honest I almost bought the tarus till I saw the ruger in the target grey. Glad that you got a good gun.
  11. deerhuntere1

    handgun hunters?

    Tinner My 454 casull generates allot more recoil than a 44 mag. On my Ruger super redhawk I have a bushnell Elite 3200 2x6-x32mm. I have shot probably 200 rounds of full throtle handloads through it and it has held up well. As far as guns go I have heard some compplaints in the Tarus wheelguns. S&W's are some great guns. I personally liked the stainless steel target grey that ruger offered. The 44 mag comes in the polished stainless but if you waunt a little more power you can go with the 480 ruger or if u waunt the ability to shoot cheep 45 lc's then get the 454 casull in the super redhawk. Both the 480 and the 454 are in the target grey. Like I said I liked the target grey but if you like the polished look S&W have several modles to choose from in 44 mag. Also check out Ruger and if your wallet allows Check out Freedom arms. Good luck.
  12. deerhuntere1

    Mississippi Opening Day

    Opening day on sat was pretty good to me. I took my younger cousin hunting " he was late getting there" anyhow got up in the stand about 6:45 and shot a 6 point that was chasing a doe at around 7:20. He dident have that big of a rack but I was waunting some meat in the freezer. I heard lots of shots that mourning and that evening.
  13. deerhuntere1

    How many of your wifes think you would do this

    Thats just what I was thinking. He could have said well looks like I am going to get that new gun after all.
  14. deerhuntere1

    handgun hunters?

    Ok guys how many handgun hunters do we have here at hag's? I shoot a Ruger SRH in 45 LC/ 454 Casull with a 9 1/2 in barrel toped off with a Bushnell elite 3200 scope.
  15. deerhuntere1

    Your dream hunt?

    A elk hunt any where! I would love to take a elk with my pistol or rifle!