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  1. buckboy

    Big Sale!

    What do you have for a sony P32. Will you ship to east coast canada by united states postal service? Thanks Scott
  2. Looking for a flash capacitor block for a sony P32. I dont need the capacitor but it is soldered to the small board. Does anybody have one they want to part with. I will pay for shipping. Thanks Scott
  3. What does the error on my lcd for the Sony P41 E61:00 mean? Nothing appears on the lcd and it will only take black pics. thanks Scott
  4. Up here in Canada, we have some great hunting. This was my fall season. It's going to be hard to beat this one. These were all self guided hunts. First off is my awesome New Brunswick bull moose that my dad and I were lucky enough to both shoot. Dad waited 13 years for a tag. 64 inches wide Then I went to Quebec for a bull moose crossbow hunt and managed to call this one out to 7 yards and gave it to him with my Ten Point Xbow. Then here in New Brunswick where finding decent bucks is very hard. I managed to call this nice 8 point out on the last Wednesday of the season. Then off to Saskatchewan and shot a decent buck. Got fooled by the huge body size and long points. Saw bigger before and bigger after but that's hunting. What a ride!
  5. buckboy


    Interested in your eye bolts. Are they long enough to fit through a Pelican 1040? Scott
  6. buckboy

    3 Sony P41's

    Interested in you cameras. Have they ever been modified for use for a trailcam? Any broken battery door clips or anything else. Do they work? Thanks Scott
  7. buckboy

    Whitetail Supply Issue

    Go on Facebook - He's on there as Whitetail Supply. Maybe you can reach him.
  8. In need of some camo dipped eye bolts. At one time somebody was offering them. Anybody have any? Thanks Scott
  9. My cousin got these photos with a Minotla X20 camera I built a few years back. Bad night photos but you can see how big this brute is. Definitely world class! Season is over and area scouted for next season. This buck was photographed last December also and he sure put on some serious tine length. What a corker! Any guesses on what he would score???
  10. Just wondering if there is modification that can be done to keep the Sony S600 lens extended all the time and shutter open ? Those lenses are noisy. I'm happy with the speed of the camera but the shutter and motor noise would be nice to gert rid of. Thanks Scott
  11. Anybody have a link for drilling the shutter and flash holes for the Sony P41. I can't find my links and for some reason can't find anything under the pinned topics here. It's been a while since I built a P41 unit. Thanks scott
  12. buckboy

    9 Pointer Down!

    That's an awesome buck Jason! Nice fat big deer. Crongrats! You deserve it with all your hard work. Worst year for getting photos of bucks for me. Have 8 cameras out and got a six point, a spike and one big 10 back in September/October up by the windmills but he left since there are no other deer. Not one doe photo all summer and fall at the windmills. Only hunted there one day. The bucks only law in effect the last 3 years in my spot where I shot my big one last year has really screwed things up. NO bucks to speak of. They are all getting killed. I have 5 cameras out and they have been out since June. One spike and one six point. It's RUINED! Stupid laws!
  13. buckboy

    Whitetail Supply Issue

    I guess he must be on here reading the topics. I got an email today that he has refunded my Paypal account. Never had an issue before but when someone orders certain items and they are not in stock the seller should let them know they don't have them instead of giving a substitute item. What a pain in the a$$ this has been for just 8 regular fresnel lenses. The rest of the order was fine and I do like the variety of items he has for sale. I have bought there before several times over the last few years with no issues. NOt sure what happened this time.
  14. Anybody know if this guys is gone hunting or what? I placed an order in late summer and receive most of it except the correct fresnel lenses. Instead of emailing me that he had no stock left he decides to send me a totally different lens that I have no use for. I am in Canada so shipping is not exactly overnight. After exchanging emails he says he's going to send some to me when he gets more in. Well a few more weeks go by and nothing. I send him an email several weeks after the original order arrived telling him that I bought them from anothe supplier since I couldn't wait any longer. So I told him to give me a refund for the 8 lenses I paid for and did not receive. He sends me an email telling me that he did send out the lenses on 2 different occasions. I never received anything else and asked him to send me some Zorb it packets instead of a refund. Never heard anything back and still waiting for a reply to my last email that indicated that I wanted an answer or I was going to contact Paypal and Visa. Has anybody else had this kind of service????? Not good customer service in my opinion. He doesn't answer emails or his phone. Good customer service would have been to give me a refund for the portion of the order he could not fill instead of sending me something else. Never had a problem before when I bought from him. NOt sure what the deal is???
  15. buckboy

    Big 8 Down!

    Oh baby what a huge buck. Congrats Steve and to your buddy. Good tracking. Makes you wonder how many of these big old monsters never get found unless some snow. Where did he hit him?