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  1. Matt I have also been playing with a raspberry pi 3 just as a wifi streaming camera, I have been able to make this work but the problem I am seeing is the built in wifi is to weak what I am doing is setup up the raspberry pi 3 as a access point and install a camera function and connecting to it by my phone If I can increase the wifi range I could connect it to my home wifi and then watch a field food plot etc
  2. Pdskal What boards do you mainly use now a days
  3. Hello all Its been a while since I have posted been busy with other things, but I have been playing around with the arduino uno board , and using a camera from radio shack and a sd card board from radio shack that attaches to the arduino uno with the help of web site I found I was able to get it to work but still need to dig in to the coding some and figure out why I receive picture and sometime I don't. has anyone played with this type of device as cheap as they are they could be a good possibility in them since they now have a new micro board that has wifi built in and run about 6 dollars
  4. I have a old spy point gun camera has anyone very try to connect one of these to a sensor or video board
  5. I hope your knee gets better, I want to try this motion sensor board, we have alot of land to cover down south and hope the possibility of some 150 + class bucks this year
  6. That's a different model but same design I think I am going to try and make a rifle cam out of one of them I found a electrical closer cover the perfect size of the video device and a some rubber lined clams for the barrel I will post pics when I have it completed
  7. Good luck , I know at the Walmart by us they also had another pocket video camera for $25 bucks it looked to have potential
  8. Yes I know I could go and buy one of these boards but I like to tinker and can stil get the same results with store bought boards and yes they may get false reading , but hey even with ready made store cameras from the manufacturers you can get false reading from them also.
  9. I was just curious I picked up a motion sensor tonight that senses out about 100 ft for under $20 bucks I would think this would work for daylight sensing
  10. Yes I bought 2 of the video cameras they don't take that bad of a video here is the link to the website http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_U...uctID.180722000 If they end up not work for a homebrew camera they could mount on a gun for filming a hunt they are about the size of a credit card
  11. Has anyone hack a red Kodak Mini video recorder , Walmart had these on sale for $20 dollars they come with a micro sd card and have a internal battery
  12. Just curious has anyone used the store bought motion sensor boards from RadioShack, Walmart and other hardware stores in home brew trail cameras yes I know they may be a little slower boards but shouldn't they still work . And has anyone tried the solar panel driveway sensor lights they have in the hardware stores for motion sensors
  13. I agree with you on that I have been in the technolo field for almost 30 years and have been seeing it grown in leaps and bounds and you one thing it isn't stoping it is getting worse
  14. I respect what you are all saying, we could go on and on with this discussion , we could say cell phones should be illegal you can txt another hunter and say deer are headed your way no difference there, 2 way radios should be illegal Same scenario anyway you look at it.
  15. I understand your response firman Jim, but what I a building is no different than the current cell cameras on the market and no different than the spy point camera and the new wifi inovations device they have out on the market. With these device they would accomplish the same thing if setup properly. Now some would say a hunting over a bait pile is illegal , where I hut it is illegal is it right to hunt over them that's is in the eye of the beholder. With technology improving and that is what I do for a living the cameras will keep improving in time and the only ones who can determine if it falls under the fair chase rules are the states conservation depts.