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  1. Sometimes I fee that way also buckhuntertrailcam I watch a lot of YouTube videos lol
  2. gdgros

    Wireless Cam?

    Fpv receiver and transmitter could possible work my boss has made a system that he uses for target practice
  3. Buckhuntertrailca hve any good ideas to add the fpv receivers and transmitter are only 40 bucks on Amazon I would love to try one of these and see what I can do with it
  4. Wis2ohio any luck on the WiFi Trail Camera , my boss has a fpv transmitter and receiver that he is when he shoots at targets he has a camera attached to a battery and transmitter that send a signal to the receiver that is attached to a monitor this could be used for long range food plot Camera that is close to a home almost like the setup that cuddeback has for there Trail Camera I think his receiver is 5.8 ghz
  5. gdgros

    Raspberry Pi Trailcam With Mms

    Matt I have also been playing with a raspberry pi 3 just as a wifi streaming camera, I have been able to make this work but the problem I am seeing is the built in wifi is to weak what I am doing is setup up the raspberry pi 3 as a access point and install a camera function and connecting to it by my phone If I can increase the wifi range I could connect it to my home wifi and then watch a field food plot etc
  6. gdgros

    Home Brew Camera

    Pdskal What boards do you mainly use now a days
  7. gdgros

    Home Brew Camera

    Hello all Its been a while since I have posted been busy with other things, but I have been playing around with the arduino uno board , and using a camera from radio shack and a sd card board from radio shack that attaches to the arduino uno with the help of web site I found I was able to get it to work but still need to dig in to the coding some and figure out why I receive picture and sometime I don't. has anyone played with this type of device as cheap as they are they could be a good possibility in them since they now have a new micro board that has wifi built in and run about 6 dollars
  8. I have a old spy point gun camera has anyone very try to connect one of these to a sensor or video board
  9. gdgros

    Store Bout Motion Sensors

    I hope your knee gets better, I want to try this motion sensor board, we have alot of land to cover down south and hope the possibility of some 150 + class bucks this year
  10. gdgros

    Pocket Video Recorder

    That's a different model but same design I think I am going to try and make a rifle cam out of one of them I found a electrical closer cover the perfect size of the video device and a some rubber lined clams for the barrel I will post pics when I have it completed
  11. gdgros

    Pocket Video Recorder

    Good luck , I know at the Walmart by us they also had another pocket video camera for $25 bucks it looked to have potential
  12. gdgros

    Store Bout Motion Sensors

    Yes I know I could go and buy one of these boards but I like to tinker and can stil get the same results with store bought boards and yes they may get false reading , but hey even with ready made store cameras from the manufacturers you can get false reading from them also.
  13. gdgros

    Store Bout Motion Sensors

    I was just curious I picked up a motion sensor tonight that senses out about 100 ft for under $20 bucks I would think this would work for daylight sensing
  14. gdgros

    Pocket Video Recorder

    Yes I bought 2 of the video cameras they don't take that bad of a video here is the link to the website http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_U...uctID.180722000 If they end up not work for a homebrew camera they could mount on a gun for filming a hunt they are about the size of a credit card