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  1. nate121080

    P41 Lcd

    Thank you kind sir
  2. nate121080

    P41 Lcd

    Buddy gave me a p41 with a bad lcd. I mean no backlight or cant see anything with flashlight. I have tried good back halfs and ribbon cables and still no go. Where is the lcd fuse located? Thanks!
  3. nate121080

    Sss Board Problem.

    Resolder the battery pack to the board. I had one doing that and that fixed it.
  4. thanks will be in the mail in about 30 minutes!!
  5. I can take paypal. My paypal address is nate121080@yahoo.com I will be on here in the morning at about 9:30 then I have to go to the dentist. Then I will check back about 4. If payment has been received I will ship it tomorrow by priority mail. Be sure to have the correct address or just email or address to nate121080@yahoo.com THANKS!
  6. comes out of the bottom though the tripod hole.
  7. Will sell the camera alone for $175. Like stated above brand new and hacked with 2.5 mm jack. Woke up this morning, my back teeth were throbbing and had a fever went to the dentist. He said my 2 back wisdom teeth were coming in and there isnt enough room for them so he has to cut them out! Great, 2 days before bow season starts!
  8. I have a brand new S600 that has been hacked for sale. I have the receipt and original box and everything that came with it. Its never been in the woods. It has the 4 conducter snap in jack but I only done the 3 wire mod. I put it in the case and tested it and that was it. GUARANTEED to work perfectly or your money back. I will take $210 shipped to your door. That is what I paid for the camera itself from ritz not including the brand new 1 GIG card. I hunt on national forest land and just to fraid to put it out. Hate to have it stolen.
  9. nate121080

    Dead P41

    fuse could be blown. I have one doing the same thing.
  10. nate121080

    Ghoots Wide Angle Fresnal Lens

    wildebeast that is exactly how I do mine and get excellent results.
  11. nate121080

    dsc - 600 qustion

    I think that has something to do with the battery door not making good contact.
  12. nate121080

    1st Trail cam build completed

    very nice setup. Thats one of the great things about this site. "Customer Service" is the best. Cant be beat by any commercial company and never will be.
  13. nate121080

    Need Help with P32

    you can either buy a broken p32 off ebay or buy the part here Switch Block Control
  14. nate121080

    p41 Any takers

    yeah but you dont have to make payments for the 3 months