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  1. SaltonSeadog

    Flashlight Upgrade

    Someone from Boeing should have read this post in 2010.
  2. SaltonSeadog

    Mossberg 935 mag

    I have an 9200 and it is pure junk. Every time you shoot ot a pin falls out of it. (one pin or another) or the cocking handle. Ugly too. My 500 is good after about 35 years, and 835 pump is ok, but I am never going to buy a Mossberg Autoloader again. .
  3. SaltonSeadog

    Lookie what Bubba Got...

    Are you guys in Central Cal ,SoCal, Hemet? Where?
  4. SaltonSeadog

    Wild turkeys flourishing in eastern Kansas

    Saw a nice big group in Southern Indiana last week, and they are thick in Missouri too.
  5. SaltonSeadog

    Black Labs are the best!

    Of all the things in my life that I could regret, I regret that I didn't have Labs all my life. The last two years with my hunting partner have been wonderful.
  6. SaltonSeadog

    What's Wrong?

    here Not much good, but different.
  7. SaltonSeadog

    Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

    Use the belt to keep the water from pouring in. And stay in the boat!
  8. SaltonSeadog

    Identify this Hawk!

    I prefer pink.
  9. SaltonSeadog

    Rice Breast Disease!

    Never found them in Mallards, only spoonies, so the decision was way easy!!!
  10. SaltonSeadog

    Fall is in the air.....

    Yesterday was first day of Fall for me. Ist day no AC at all.
  11. SaltonSeadog

    Cooking while hunting?

    When my son was small I used to cook in the parking lot. Got away from it due to the mess and time out of the blind. This year I am going to be doing a lot more cooking. My fiance' will go along with most anything as long as I keep her fed! Those little stoves with the propane bottles work pretty well and are lightweight. We have been using one at home for grilling! Cost 10.99 at BigLots! Cooking lunch in the blind could be fun. I can tell too many tales of seeing birds fly over my blind while I am at the parking lot.
  12. SaltonSeadog

    Mtn biking herpetology

    Frog gigs work well. I like having the business end if the snake under controll and about 7 feet away!
  13. SaltonSeadog

    Mtn biking herpetology

    Last week I read that in Norcal they have the Northern Pacific rattler. In Soal, we have the western diamond, Wesern Timber, Southern Pacific, red diamond back, mojavie green, and the sidewinder. That snake in the road has color I have yet to see. Ours in Socal tend to be more drab in color. Sand color almost. That one would be good to eat, being nice and fat. We can kill as many as we like. No license required.
  14. SaltonSeadog

    Please Get the Word Out

    I am sitting here watching my bos try to get his computer running again after my little email bomb. I really feel stupid for opening that attatchment. I never do that, and the first time I do, all heck breaks loose. Our company computer maven is convinced the machine is ruined. I think George will get it back up.
  15. SaltonSeadog

    Remembering when! Just Reminissing

    Catching lightning bugs and keeping them in a jar. The sound of cicadas see sawing through the ozark hills.