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  1. Hi Guys, It's been a while but I'm going to jump in again. I have searched this topic and read the instructions etc. but can't tell for sure if SS II comes with pre installed program or not. Looks like a great unit. Just not ready to tinker with writing program right now. Got a couple of P41's and a 32 I would like to build. If there is a pre installed program does anybody know the details? Thanks in advance, CC
  2. Crazy Canuck

    Whitetail Supply

    Nice to see an old face Headnurse.
  3. Fuzzy pic but I hope he hangs around for two weeks. I have a bull tag which is hard to come by in my area. Crazy
  4. Crazy Canuck

    Before And After Pics

    Gddean, I will try to get something together for you. As for you Mr. OhioBowHunter, I give up. Crazy Canuck
  5. This year has been slow so far for spotting big bucks. The food plot has not been hit too hard and I believe this is because we had so much rain this year there is food everywhere. I've got lots of pics of small 4's and 6's but this is the first nice shooter. I thinkl the deer are still there they are just spread out. Crazy Canuck
  6. Crazy Canuck

    First Race Last Weekend In Michigan

    Sorry for the late response but I haven't been around too much lately. I didn't take any pictures. I had my camera with me and always said to myself I will take it next time I went for a walk and never did. CC
  7. Crazy Canuck


    My thoughts are with my fellow Canadian Ron Fellows driving for DEI. I know some guys don't like ringers but until there is a rule against them he has a shot at every road race he is in. After that I would go with Tony Stewart. Crazy Canuck
  8. Crazy Canuck

    First Race Last Weekend In Michigan

    Sorry I'm so late getting this out there but I've had a busy week catching up at home. Myself and twenty other guys from my area of Ontario headed down on Thursday in two RV's and a truck and trailler. We arrived at about 6:00 pm and spent the night setting up in the infeild trailler park. Lots of great people and lots of good times. Some of the homemade rigs were amazing.( you can see some at a site called rvenvy). We took in the truck race and visited the pits on Saturday. We had seats in the grandstand on turn 4 for the big race and we were not disappointed. There were were a lot of JR. fans they who were in heaven. Also, I can't beleive how many of them hated Kyle Busch. His boos were as loud as JR's cheers. Thanks to you guys I took #9,#99 and#16 in the pool and won $100! We are already talking about building our own bus. Crazy Canuck
  9. Crazy Canuck

    First Race Last Weekend In Michigan

    Thanks guys. Weather looks not bad. a full report when I get back next week. Crazy Canuck
  10. Crazy Canuck

    First Race Last Weekend In Michigan

    Thanks for the tips. Heading up on Thursday, about 6 and a half hours. Any other tips or suggestions on who to pick for my top three would be appreciated. Crazy Canuck
  11. Crazy Canuck

    First Race Last Weekend In Michigan

    Pretty excited to be going to my first Nascar race this weekend in Michigan. I'm a late addition to about 20 guys making the trip from Ontario. Don't really have any idea what to expect, we are staying in the infeild campground. I need help picking my top three as we are going to have a small pool going. Any help and tips about the whole experience will be appreciated. Crazy Canuck
  12. Crazy Canuck

    Jazz Day, Night Or 24 Hour Camswitch Settings

    I'm in the same boat as a few others. I know I want at least one ir but not sure if I want more. I already have two 150's waiting and this will make the decision for me. Great work. Crazy Canuck
  13. Crazy Canuck


    Where did you move to? CC
  14. Crazy Canuck

    Buying The Jazz Dv150 Direct

    Travis PM sent last night. Crazy
  15. Crazy Canuck

    Canadians And Duty

    I assume then that Bigfoot uses USPS. Crazy Canuck