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  1. I'll take it all for $160 if it hasn't sold already. Mike
  2. I'll take the other F600 yeti board.
  3. I have 3 P32's that have not been modified that I would like to trade for P41 or A503 cameras. Prefer unhacked cameras and I am willing to add $ for the right trade. I could also use a couple YETI A503 or S600 fast hack boards. Thanks...Mike
  4. I have a bunch of 2000mAH eneloops for sale. $2 each shipped. They are about 3 years old and work great, according to the packaging they can be charged up to 2100 times. The only reason I am selling them is to move to a higher mAH and change all my cameras to D externals. My main hunting area is 120 miles away and I only get to check the cameras about every 8 weeks so I need a little more power.
  5. Dakota

    Wife Wants A New Camera

    I just bought a nikon L26 for work and like it so far. It was only $110. Two of the reasons I bought it are that it uses AA batts and SD cards. It's a 16MP cam.
  6. Dakota

    Farmdude Anybody Heard From Him

    Sad news, I did a quick search and found that Paul has passed away on Jan 10th. He will definately be missed. http://www.andersonandsonsfh.com/obituaries.htm
  7. Dakota

    Ir P52 Issues

    It appears the trigger wires are laying on the SM micro? Those wires have 300+V on them and could cause it. Sometimes just rotating the SM 90 or 180 degrees can help and move the microcontroller farther away from the flash bulb/cap. Mike
  8. Dakota

    Ir P52 Issues

    I bet the slavemaster is reseting each time the flash goes off. Try this, sit the camera in a dark room and let it set about 5 minutes and trigger it, I assume it will flash correctly then. Leave the room for about 5 minutes and then go back and I bet it fires right away. I suspect either the voltage to the board is dipping on the flash causing a reset or there is too much interference from the flash bulb/cap when it fires causing the slavemaster to reset. Post some pics of the slave and how it's layed out. Mike
  9. It's that time of year to clean house and move some items I don't plan on using. Prices listed include shipping. 6- 13 vivitar sync cables (+4 odd/cut ones) $20 --Will split if there is interest-- 8- Misc Array parts. 5 BG1 led array boards(no leds), 40 10mm triple chip leds, 9 Luxeon leds w/ lens and heatsinks, 3 6V 750ma drivers, transmitter/receiver. The luxeon's were from Bulltalk and the others from Coldfusion. There is enough here to make about 5-6 arrays. $60 SOLD----1- A503 kit - IR, small capacitor and external Hacked A503 with 5-wire servo, otter 3250 case, project box, Yeti control board, Slave Master, Vivitar 2800, 9v 2aa and two 4aa batt holders, wa fresnal, sintra shelf for cam, 3-wire servo for array. You will need standoffs and glass. $160 SOLD----2- A503 cam only, hacked for IR, small capacitor and externals with 5-wire servo. $50 SOLD----3- Vivitar 2k and black 1040, bladder seal $30 SOLD----4- Vivitar 2k and black 1040 with rope seal, no bladder $30 SOLD----5- 3 Vivitar 2k flashes $50 SOLD----7- new Bigfoot Trailmaster P32/P41 control board w/mounting bracket and WA lens, with standoffs. $35 SOLD----9- Bigfoot IR 8 led array boards w/ driver. $40 each I'm sure there's more if I keep digging but that should do for now.
  10. I have seven p32 cameras that I was building for a local land owner who now isn't sure he wants them. I would love to keep them myself but have about 20 others and could use the cash for a benchrest gun I'm building. $140 each and I'll do $130 each if you buy more than one. Specs: P32 with lens disabled Otter 3000 case, pipe through on front 2C externals Bigfoot trailmaster board Liquid nails camo
  11. Bigfoot board is sold. Array led's reduced.
  12. Most came from vivitar 2000 units, some probably from 2800's. Mike
  13. Cameras have been sold. Thanks everyone.
  14. Thanks guys. One more sold, 4 cameras left.
  15. Prices lowered on remaining items
  16. Edited post for sold items. BlueRidge, sorry but someone else sent a PM asking for it about 4hrs before your post. Thanks, MIke
  17. Dakota

    Hate Ebay

    I've been using Gixen for a few years and it works pretty good also.
  18. Dakota

    Project Box

    I use a small Serpac box from Digikey. SR112B. It's a very tight squeeze but the slave fits in there, I build all my A503 cams in the 3250. This ones a P32 with an old pix slave but I use the same layout still.
  19. Dakota

    ? To Those Who Have Used An Se120

    The radio shack 1803 project box is a perfect fit for a slave in this box.
  20. Dakota

    Saw An Eagle

    I must be lucky, I probably see about a dozen or more per year. Mostly up in Canada while fishing but also they follow the snow goose migration through here. They also winter below the dams along the Missouri river. Here's a pic from up in canada last summer. Mike
  21. Dakota

    Timelapse Cameras

    I'm curious about what cameras have been used with Fred's timelapse board and how you liked the results. I seen mentioned on an earlier post that their might be some edge flicker from some extending lense cameras not always powering on to the same exact zoom power? I have a few of the boards but haven't decided on a camera yet. I would prefer 8+ MP. Have any of the higher MP cameras with a fixed lens been found/used? Mike
  22. I'm looking for several otter 3K cases. Thought I would try to trade some of my spare cases/parts first before going out and buying some. I have the following items available: (3) 1040 black (1) 1040 clear (2) 1020 black (4) small walmart cases (3) large walmart cases (1) otter 2000 black (1) otter 2000 clear (3) SE120 (2) SE300 (10 2D battery holders I also have dozens of 4AA and 2AA holders Thanks, Mike
  23. Dakota

    P32ir With Slave In Otter 3000

    I would suggest the 3250. I have build many P32 and A503 with a slave in that case. While you might be able to squeeze it in a 3000 it won't leave any room for slave power or externals for the camera. Mike