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  1. Help

    the camera flash. but it do have a remote slave with it.need the camera to flash for the slave to work.
  2. Help

    this thing have me stump.and there is no help from any one oh well.
  3. Help

    it will not flash.i have change cap,flash tube,flash circuit new battery,set to auto,cap is charge .and it was work fine but it just stop.what can it be?????.i have check & check and look.Help
  4. Help

    4 d for slave and 2 d for camera ep
  5. Help

    any help
  6. Help

    it a nikon L11 camera.a pics will be a big help of one please with a slave in it.Ihank
  7. Help

    what case size will hold.6 d-cell,or c cell,ss11 board,slave and flash,will it a 1060 or 1040 case??.Thank
  8. Help

    a big THANK YOU GUY
  9. Help

    ok i have a 1060 s40.rcdavis slave.a ss2.6 is question were do i mount the CDS & PT.for internal?any help please or dierction please THANK
  10. Questions

    can it be hack???.it a VistaQuest a Clearer Vision VQ124 Camera.How?.What Board?please.
  11. Hack

    VQ124 camera can it be hack???.if so how??.
  12. Help Please

    in camera i have rechargeables battery 1.2v=2.4.and 2c battery at 1.5v=3v.but my wire is get hot why????.red to + and black to - .what wrong ????.help please thank.
  13. Nikon L11

    i have a N-L11 camera that i want to put E/P to.i have 2aa holder.wire up r to r,b to b.all add up to camera i have 2 1.2v rechargeables.and 26g wire.but wire get hot what am i doing wrong plaese.the same thing on just 2aa or 2c 2d help please thank
  14. Help Please

    i have a snapshot sniper controller board with lcd.and a nikon l11 camera.i see where the red,white,black,wire go on the board.but where on the board the blue one please.thank
  15. Help Please

    ok thank pingh.cant i see thems