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  1. Quickblood

    WTB - 2 Jazz Cameras

    Message sent.
  2. Quickblood

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Just seeing this very sad news. Chris was a caring and generous man, who selflessly gave of himself to all. He will be greatly missed. I've had many contacts with Chris over the years and have always cherished them, a truly great man and friend.
  3. thanks for sharing guys; too bad they aren't readily available anymore.
  4. Quickblood


    pm sent
  5. I've used these in the past and would like to find a few for some new builds. If anyone has some they can spare, please let me know. Thanks, Keith
  6. Quickblood

    Wtb Bigfoot Boards P41

    I need to order a few anyhow, just checking to see if anyone had some they weren't using. Thanks, Keith
  7. Looking for a couple Bigfoot boards for P41 cams, preferably trail master. Going to order a couple but thought I'd check here first if anyone has some they don't need. Thanks, Keith
  8. Cases arrived last night, thank you!