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  1. Buckhunter1

    p41 back cover

    I have a couple extra one you can have, just PM me your address and I'll send em on to you.
  2. Buckhunter1

    White Flash Vs Ir

    I like my cams a little higher than most, 8-10 ft quite often and they don't seem to bother the deer as much as a flash in the face. Or so I think
  3. Cool video, thanks for sharing
  4. Buckhunter1

    Sony Camera Fix Any Hope

    Depending how far the gunk got inside you might luck out and be ok. If not shoot me a pm and I'll take a look at it for you. I have a few p41's an parts in boxes, your only cost would be the shipping. Good luck man!
  5. Buckhunter1

    Messed Up My Fs7.....any Hope?

    Glad you saved it, that fuse is a tiny little thing for sure.
  6. Buckhunter1

    Oldie But Goodie Question

    Yes you should be able to run both off one power source. Just make sure you don't put 6v to the flash. Something like this. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...68&hl=fm600
  7. Buckhunter1

    Oldie But Goodie Question

    Yes you should be able to run both off one power source. Just make sure you don't put 6v to the flash.
  8. Buckhunter1


    Great pictures.
  9. Buckhunter1


    When I was a wee little guy we spent many evening watching beavers darn the creek on our farm, back before internet and all the smart stuff. Cheap entertainment for us kids.
  10. Buckhunter1


    The vacuum theory comes into play with beavers, for every one you remove, two more show up to replace the missing beaver. I have the same problem with woodchucks...
  11. Buckhunter1


    They can be a real pest for sure. The sound of running water triggers the darn building frenzy where as the sound gun fire has the opposite effect, so I've heard Good luck man!
  12. Buckhunter1

    Memorial Day

    Amen. Many paid the ultimate price
  13. Buckhunter1

    Mackerel For Predator Bait

    I've use a variation of your method. I take a can of sardines tie it to a tree branch with the pull tap ring with a string/fishing line, let hang a couple feet down, when your all setup an ready to leave, pop the tin with a .22 bullet! Be warned, stand back a ways, oil an stuff flies everywhere, makes a nice spray. Let hang an drip.... Around here, raccoons with be first on scene, hang the tin high enough they can't reach it or they steal it.
  14. Buckhunter1

    Grey Fox

    Very nice pictures. The gray fox numbers are down here and reds & coyotes are up for now.
  15. Buckhunter1

    Trailcam Classics

    a real oldie, at least 10 yrs, with one my first cams, Oly D380 in a steel ammo can.