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  1. lazyman1960


    Thats super kool. keep em coming
  2. lazyman1960

    Texas 11 Point

    very nice.
  3. lazyman1960

    212 Needs Our Healing Thoughts And Prayers

    thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. get well soon
  4. lazyman1960

    Pa Crab Claw Buck

    Nice Buck. know she is so proud, but tell me, on second pic is that you deer you killed and threw it in trash can
  5. lazyman1960

    Youth Bow?

    parker bows makes a youth model and is upgradable as he gets stronger
  6. lazyman1960

    Finished A Few Cams

    very nice builds, i cant wait till april i will try and get started on a few p32, hope they come out that good,,,,
  7. lazyman1960

    Jr On The Pole

    i second that bone head move , they should park him for at least 2 races, you just dont do that when u are 160 laps down, i know they made contact early on, but brad was on the bottom and carl wanted in, if you dont have room stay up, thats my 2 cents. good job jr. to come from 2 laps down to finish in the top 15.
  8. lazyman1960

    Colts Vs Saints

  9. lazyman1960

    Colts Vs Saints

    WHODAT. All the way SAINTS.. hope its close no matter who wins
  10. lazyman1960

    Pictures From Deer Carcass

    Awesome shots, love the eagles
  11. lazyman1960

    Would You Be This Brave?

    NO WAY!!!! when i was 15 i caught one in a trap. and he was in a hole and i didnt know it, he came running out when i grabed the chain. he threw up his tail, and over the top of his tail came his best shot right between my eyes. that is the worst smell in the world. i had to walk 2 miles to the house and took several baths in tomato juice and lemon juice. thats smell lingered for days. i go the oppisite way these days
  12. lazyman1960

    What Does This Look Like

    nappy headed yote....
  13. try acadmey sports, if you have one in town,,, they have peilican cases, look in the boating section
  14. lazyman1960


    looks like a good size case