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    I like to hunt, turkeys, deer, pheasant and dove. Collect pictures from my trail cam.
  1. Well I started out the year with my bow, but I just couldn't get on anything with out the coyotes running them off or the weather would go from snowing to 80 degrees. I decided to take my shotgun out to take one turkey and leave my last tag to get one with my bow. So I sat at their roost that night and I knew the farmer was working fence all day so I wasn't expecting much. I didn't see or hear anything till about 6:45. There was two toms and about 5 hens and they of course started heading the wrong way and avoided my position. All of a sudden one of the toms spotted my jake decoy and began to strut my way with the other time right behind him. They crossed the creek and slowly came out from behind a evergreen that's when I put the bead on the biggest bird. First shot I dropped one tom. Now remember i wanted to save my last tag for bow season, but the other tom just sat there. The last tom stood behind the evergreen so I purred with my mouth and he turned back around to ruff up my jake. As soon as he stepped out I smoked him too. The first one had a 9.75 in. beard with 3/4in spurs. The second one had 8.5in bead with 3/4in spurs. It was a great way to end my weekend and made school the next day that much better.
  2. These are some of the pics I took when I was out turkey hunting. Enjoy!
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