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    I'm a southern country boy - a cold glass of fresh lemonaid and good shade tree - what can I say. Hunting, fishing - i.e. grabbling, crappie fishing, some bass fishing, gardening - got to eat, nothing like home grown tomatoes and vegtables. I like puttering around on my Jinma 225 tractor.
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  1. thicketbug

    P32 Yeti Trail Cam

    Hello - Would you consider $100 plus USPS standard shipping
  2. thicketbug

    Anybody Else Standing For Duck Commander?

    YELP all the way to on everything Mr. Phil stated ... Born Again Southern Baptist Christian and Happy Happy Happy
  3. is this unit still avaiable? I'm interested...
  4. thicketbug

    Question For Treetop

    yes it did rain a lot just prior to the start of the episode also pretty large change in temperature 68deg dropped to mid 30's. When I opend the case it was dry and I had 3 dessacant packs in. Two of the regular alkaline batteries voltage checkded @ 1.26 volts. Thanks for the reply info.
  5. thicketbug

    Question For Treetop

    Question mainly for treetop but perhaps anyone using BF Baords can answer this. When the 3 AAA batteries start to fail will the BF Board continually fire off activating the camera to take pictues thus filling a 256mb card with pics. I had had a camrea out for @ week checked it the other day and for @ the 1st 36 hours it took pics as expected, then suddendly it started continually firing pics until card was full and batteries drained in camera. I checked the time on the @ 130 pics continous sequence pics and each was pretty much on the 3 min interval which I had the board set for. I know the BG1 boards would do this when the 9v battery got weak but it fired pic after pic seconds apart.
  6. thicketbug

    Sale At Bfoutdoors

    Good Luck, Good Hunting and enjoy your personal time off. Thanks much for notification and discount. I just placed another order to Bfoutdoors yesterday.... Again YOU deserve a nice vacation...
  7. thicketbug

    Wide Angle Fresnel

    Recently I purchased some boards from BF Outdoors. I thought I would try my hand building a couple of cams with the wide angle lens. I got a couple .9 wide angle fresnels and approprate standoffs to use with BF Boards. Now my question is do I use the standard 1" drilled hole for this WA fresnel or do I do something different like the multiple holes used with SSS boards. ... the large .9 WA fresnel seems like overkill compared to the .65 lodiff I'm use to. I went to BF Outdoors info but haven't gotten any reply to my question. I have completed a couple of "regular builds" and The BF boards are super. Dave sure makes this easier than when I built my 1st cam using an orginal pix board many years ago.....
  8. thicketbug

    What Is Your Daily Job

    Not been on forum for a while & was catching up on whats happening For me I'm a Communications Specialist / Flight Dispatcher with a medical helicopter service, also Paramedic, & Comm. Spec for a Regional Communications Center
  9. thicketbug

    P32 Ir Scrape...

    So tell me since I've not been around lately and I will be replacing the 2 cams I had stolen this past March, do you just scrap the glass or do you soak or apply anything to the glass prior to scraping. thanks
  10. thicketbug

    Standoffs, Where You Get Them?

    yep works fine - thats what I did with the instialition of pix-controller boards when I used them. Works just fine, I think I used 6/32 screws or was it 8/32 and nut to tighten board. Actualy on a couple I just used 2 nuts on the end of each screw. Adjusted the lower nut for proper distance and nut on top of board tightened down hold board secure. that worked fine too. - woo... when I described that it sounded ugly.... I forgot to memtion I tigthened a screw tight against inside of the caseon each screw - so that was 3 nuts to each screw.
  11. thicketbug

    My Turn

    My regards - I've been lucky for over 5 years until I was hit for 2 at one time.
  12. thicketbug


    Well it finally happened…after having my homebrew builds in & out of my hunting woods some Low Life Scum Sucking Thief stole two (2) of my trail cams. I figure it was during the last two weeks of March. I had changed the cards & batteries on the 6th. Actually ran into my buddy and his mother that day while moving from cam to cam. The 2 cams that were stolen were both BG1 complete boards with sony p52 cams in UK boxes. I usually keep my cams out for @ 7 months of the year and have done so for over 5 years and have never had any trouble. The pic of the stolen cam was actually my second homebrew trail cam that I built a few years ago. The other cam stolen didn’t have any foam inside the case. So now besides building four cams for my friend I guess I’ll also build some replacements for mine. Instead of using my past chain with lock design, I guess I now go with the python cable design for cams on food plots or other open areas. I hate I lost the UK cases and my BG1 complete boards – man those boards have been so dependable, as for the p52’s though they were starting to act up and I had planned on adding extended battery hack this summer. I am lucky they didn’t steal a 3rd cam just off the road leading in. The LLSST went by it going in and coming out. I saw 4 wheeler tracks where they circled in front of where each camera was. It looks like there are 2 sets of tracks. I had (notice HAD) it on a pipe feeder and its been there for 3 years, have not had it home until I brought it home last Tuesday the day that I was actually planning on bringing the stolen cams home. It wasn’t pointed toward the road so I guess that the LLSST didn’t see it. The BG1 Complete board has www.hagshouse.com imprinted on them. So if you notice anyone inquiring about problems with a camera, please be weary. But I don’t think the LLSST is smart enough to figure out what that is and definitely not smart enough to know how to work the camera when the LLSST starts moving the switches on the board. I think I did have a piece of lamented paper with the time settings in one of the cams though. Thanks for letting me share my frustration. Oh yea the location is North MIssissippi, Oxford area.
  13. thicketbug

    Prayers Please

    Hello all, I"ve been a member here for a few years - I work in EMS profession, I am an old paramedic that has for almost 20 years been working as Communications Specialist (FAA term flight follower/dispatcher) with Memphis Medical Center Air Ambulance Service, Inc. (common name HOSPITAL WING) As I'm sure you have seen in the news our service had a catastrophic crash @ 6:00 am cst on Thursday March 25. This is the first in our 26 year history. Pilot Doug Phillips age 58, Rn Cindy Parker age 48 (died on her birthday), RN Misty Brogdon age 36 all died in the crash. No patient was on board. The aircraft was about a minute from landing back at their Brownsville, TN base after completing a mission. Our Com Center just had communication with the pilot advising a 3 min ete to base. We use outer-link GPS tracking and was able to pinpoint the location of the helicopter for search and rescue. Currently administration has suspended service until futher notice pending NTSB, FAA, and CISM debreifing. I ask for you to please remember the families of the crew members and our Wing family with prayer to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank You, Darold
  14. had this p32 camera in the woods for more than 2 years, only go by change batteries and memory stick. This past Aug, Sept, Oct I had it set for daytime & short movie clip. Everytime this buck stopped by this fly wore him out. I put some of the clips together with a couple of still pics and made this slide show video with some music. I hope this works, if it does I have some others I'll post later......
  15. thicketbug

    Pix Le Board

    I had one that drained 9v battery quickly, changed it to 4aa power supply, now it last @ 6 months. I suggest change to 4aa power suuply....