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  1. aparham

    All my homebew for sale

    How much for the big toe?
  2. Anybody got any old Pixcontrollers laying around?
  3. aparham

    Old Pixcontrollers

    Thanks! I have used the Snapshot Sniper in a couple of builds and like it...
  4. You can email me...nuke649(at)yahoodotcom
  5. I think I will take these. Do you have a PayPal account?
  6. As I recall, the old Lakota cam was "always on". The camera stayed on as long as the lens cover was open. It required a separate power supply to connect to the "DC in" jack on the camera for extended operation. The later "on/off" hack turned the camera on and off like other camera hacks but the lens cover had to be glued in a "sweet spot" position so the camera was not on all the time. That's what I need to know. As for the other question, I was wondering if you knew which wire to the jack was what...power, common, shutter?
  7. Do you know which Pixcontroller board these were paired up with? Some of the older Pixcontrollers were "always on"...those, I think were made by Lakota a long time ago.
  8. Hey Droopy! I've been out of the game for a LONG time... Tell me more about these cameras... IR or regular? Always on or on/off? "Pin out" on the jack? I might need these...
  9. I haven't been on here in a LONG time... What's the latest board of choice? Have new developments made it cost effective to get back into homebrews?
  10. aparham

    Little Rusty...

    Thanks 212! I missed you!
  11. Put me behind Pocomoke...
  12. aparham

    P4.1 delete

    CTRL + A then DELETE
  13. aparham

    Yeti board, p32, 1020 case.....

    Never tried, but I believe it will...
  14. aparham

    New to Homebrew, Need Help!!!

    My personal preference for a first build is the Sony DSC P-52. The "hack" on it is exactly the same as the P-32 and P-41 but it's a little bigger and, therefore, easier to work on. P-41's are a little pricey to destroy trying to do your first hack! For a starter build, I don't think you'll see an appreciable difference in speed, resolution, or flash range (if you use a flash enhancer) between the P-32 and the P-52. There is a slight difference between the P-41 and P-52. Another good option for a first build if you like to solder is the Olympus D370/380. They are inexpensive and readily available. For control board, use whatever is available. ALL those that you'll find through this forum work well and are easily adaptable to whatever camera you use. Many are currently out of stock...use whatever is available. Just my humble opinion...hope it helps. WELCOME TO THE ADDICTION!!! ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!
  15. aparham

    DSC-P72 ???

    My guess is that it's the same hack... uses the same User's Manual. http://www.easy3dcamo.com/downloads/Sony%2...32%20Manual.pdf I would also guess that it will have a slower response time (due to the mechanical lens) and could also make more noise (for the same reason)
  16. aparham

    Vivitar 2600

    "Thanks, Chief!"
  17. aparham

    Vivitar 2600

    I've seen a lot of information about the Vivitar 2000 and 2800 flashes as slaves, but little to nothing about using the 2600. I picked one up cheap ($6 including shipping) on ebay and decided to give it a try. Here's what I did... Opened it up and cut the wires to the "B" board...it's a 2800B. Didn't figure I needed "bounce". Drilled two little holes in the "A" board...it's a 2800A...and installed a 470K ohm resistor across the switch. Plugged a peanut into the existing hole in the side. "Mod" complete. Now I installed four 2500 uAmp rechargeable batteries fresh out of the charger and began a "controlled" experiment. The experiment consisted of telling my wife and daughter to randomly press "test" on the flash whenever they thought about it and make a mark on a piece of paper laying next to it. Results: The flash lasted a little over EIGHT DAYS with 172 flashes. That's continuously ON (day and night). At about 8 days and 3 hours, the "ready" light was still on. It failed to recharge after the 172nd flash. Since I generally check my cameras about once a week, this little jewel will be going in a Walmart box with the D370 IR I bought from novascotiahunter! It'll end up being about $140 or so for a solid IR build... how awesome is THAT?? I might break down and build a little day/night board to put in the flash where the 2800B was...batteries should last a good long while if I do!
  18. Shoulda known better... What WAS I thinking...
  19. If anybody can spare a BG control board already setup for a D370/D380 on/off mode, I'd be interested in buying it. I have a BG2 setup for a DC2.1 that I can get reprogrammed, but I'd rather just get another one if I can find it. Thanks!
  20. aparham

    Olympus 380 boards?

    BG, SSS, and Yeti ALL support D380. Look at the "Trail Camera Links" and click on each control board for more information.
  21. aparham

    P32 vs P41: Are they the same size?

    Thanks! It's a Pix LE board. P41's are just too hard to find ($$$$$). I was hoping I could find another camera that would work. Thought maybe the P32 was the same.
  22. Just wondering... I have a case and board for a P41, but no camera. If I find a P32 reasonably priced, will it fit?
  23. Got one, never mind... Thanks Kevin!