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  1. Promos are hit and miss. My 3 each lasted 4-5 years being out Aug thru May. I've heard newer ones are better.

    I've heard good Browning comments, and I have one Cuddyback blackout that's okay.

    I got a couple cheap Wildgame cams in the past that spook game with a click. A friend said the Stealth cam also made deer change their path to pass the camera.

  2. Since I just logged on again today I thought I'd share how I did last year during my first year living/hunting in Arkansas, the land of little bodied deer.. and humidity. I was fortunate enough to get on a decent 3rd generation family lease in a part of the state known for larger bucks. They said that this buck one was the largest they had harvested on the lease in several years. Just about everyone on the lease had seen pics of him, and they called him the moose.. Its a 10 point (9 and a half really) that scored 135... And I swear to god coming from Kansas and being used to larger bodied deer, I thought it scored 160 when I shot him. The old saying is the big bodied deer in Canada make a big rack look small... well in Arkansas, the little bodied deer make a little rack look big. He weighed 190lbs on the hoof and was aged at 7 1/2 years old. I've had Kansas does that weigh more than that after being field dressed. :blink: But I'm not complaining, I was very happy with this deer! A doe I shot earlier in the season was aged at 3.5 years and weighed 120 pounds on the hoof.


    Here's the before




  3. I've spent the morning catching up a little since I havent been on here for a while... but youre right bat, I didnt realize how much I missed seeing the pictures, the problems, and the updates.


    I guess I'll have to see if I can get my cameras treetop built me running again so I can start posting homebrew pics again.



  4. I know you're talking about detergent for your current camo clothes, but since I've switched to some form of fleece or another, I dont have that problem as much.


    I used to use Sport Wash, but I cant say it works 100%. I have been using DDW and Primos Silver lately, whichever is quickliest available when I need it.

  5. My carry is a Glock 42, on my nightstand is a Glock 19, the gun I pack while hunting is a Ruger GP100 .357. Never thought I'd have to carry to protect against wild game, but you should see the size of the boars I have on camera here in Arkansas! We also have black bears roaming around. Makes walking around in the dark more interesting than it was in Kansas.

  6. Well, I never could understand how to build my own camera so I was just a lurker looking at the pictures and reading the stories. I still do all three of those things, just not as often; and I just dont post much anymore.

    Good to see you all, still recognize the names...

  7. Unless you just want something turkey specific, there's nothing wrong with an 870, Benelli super 90, something like that.. it really doesn't matter unless you just cant get them to come in closer than 40 yards. I stalked a flock and shot my fall turkey last year with an 870 using a low brass 7 1/2 quail load wtih modified chocke at 30 yards because it was all I had at the time. Knocked it dead as a door nail. I shot a lot of turkeys over the years with quail or pheasant loads back before the industry started pushing more expensive loads with more pellets, more kick, and more dough.

  8. Hey all, I'll be heading down to Central Arkansas for work later this spring. Would love to know if any of you are located around Conway or Russellville. I might need some help looking for, and/or trying out hunting and fishing spots. :D (befus??)

    I know most people are pretty tight lipped about their home stomping grounds, so feel free to PM me. I'm mostly a bowhunter, and a former game warden, so be assured - I do the right thing. :)

  9. Not sure if you pulled the trigger or not, but my best friend is an armorer here in the midwest for his state conservation agency. They tested several AR's before deciding on the S&W M&P15. Rock River Arms came in second. Money was not necessarily an issue although it was part of the contributing factors they had to look at. He actually got what he wanted though.


    Ironically enough Rock River and M&P 15 are the two brands that I recommend as well. How you set them up is up to what you like,

  10. However you want to look at it, it was a good morning even though windy as all get out. Got in early and set up the blind in a strut zone. All the birds came down off the roost but in three directions. one group got chased west by a coyote right off the bat, one group went down the opposite direction and surprised me from the back side of my blind abotu 2 hours later. 3 toms and 2 hens made their daily circle out through the cow pasture behind me, crossed our hedgerow, then circled out in our wheat field about 200 yards out. I was playing Texas hold 'em on my phone and looking up every now and then, and calling aevery 15 minutes or so. So I look up and all I see is a red head poking up behind a terrace against the green wheat. 2 cuts from the diaphram and here they came running straigh to the decoy.. hens in tow. The dominant strutter had a long thin beard typical of my area, but the second bird in had a paintbrush (for my part of the world), We have Hybrids here, not really Rios, but not really Easterns either. Long slim beards and low body weight are pretty typical. So I shoot the paintbrush at 13 yards... (ironically my decoy was set up at the same distance that my target in my basement is set up...) That bird did a backflip and flopped twice and was done. hmm, so much for the others wanting to flog it while it flopped. But I guess it laying there in the wheat was enough that they couldnt resist... So the other two toms come back to show their dominance, and again I picked the bird with a thicker looking beard. 15 yard shot this time, and he ran15 yards and crumpled. The other birds had to be ran off, but since my season was over on my second hunt I didnt mind educating them some...


    First bird had a 10.5" beard 3/4" spurs and weighed 20 lbs. A heavy bird for my area.

    The second bird had 3/4" spurs too, and weighed 22 pounds... but he had three beards! 9 5/8", 6 3/8" and 4" - 20" total.



  11. Pretty cool pic. Sure are lots of birds there. Where's your hunting blind?


    The blind ended up being on the same hill. These birds had been doing a circle pattern every morning for a week and by Saturday morning, turkey and noodles for dinner was inevitable... see my other success post.


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