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  1. RKD Jim

    Windows 8 And Sony Memory Stick Pro

    I have done this but "removable disc" does not appear. It's like the computer doesn't recognize the card. I've tried several different cards and different styles of cards and get the same result.
  2. RKD Jim

    Windows 8 And Sony Memory Stick Pro

    I have tried everything and still no results. I went to page 51 and followed those directions and always end up in the same position....driver may not be installed on this computer. Then I searched for sony drivers and when it asked what operating system, I put in windows 8, it said the drivers are already on that operating system. Damned if I can find it!!! I've also tried a SD card and that one too does not respond when inserted into the computer
  3. Due to my computer crash, I have been saddled with Windows 8 on my new computer. I thought it would be simple to just plug in the card to the front of the computer and download my trailcam pics. Not so!!! When I loaded the card into the computer the little green light comes on next to the card but nothing happens. It seems like the computer doesn't recognize the card I am not too computer savvy and can not for the life of me figure out what the #%$& is the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated The camera is a DSC S40
  4. RKD Jim

    S40 Hack

    Can anyone tell me where to find the directions for the S40 hack?? I tried to look at Genhobs post but it wouldn't load.
  5. RKD Jim

    Oh Man, Mega Snow Storm Coming

    Here are some of the reasons......... Stick with what works, if you're running the ball for 7 yards a carry, don't stop. If the defense is putting 8 in the box, put more than 2 recievers on the field. If you have an awful secondary player (see Aaron Henry), don't start him for four years. Give somebody else a shot, it's not going to get much worse. Manage your timeouts, don't blow two in the first two minutes of the second half of the rose bowl. Don't call one with about 30 seconds left when Ohio State has no time outs left, and has the ball. I just don't want to be outcoached every game any more.
  6. RKD Jim

    Oh Man, Mega Snow Storm Coming

    I would rather have the weather.........Glad to see him go
  7. RKD Jim

    I Guess I Am A Statistic Now.

    sorry to hear of your fall. You can consider yourself very fortunate. My neighbor fell from his tree stand 4 weeks ago and broke his back in two places. After 8 1/2 hours of surgery he has retained all his motor functions and feelings. My sons came home to gun hunt on my property and I told them there will be no hunting from elevated stands without a safety harness. They didn't need much persuading.
  8. RKD Jim

    When I Was Little I Was So Poor......

    When I was little we were so poor that when the garbage man came on saturday Ma would say "just leave us 2 cans this week"!!!
  9. RKD Jim

    Photobucket Problem

    It's the new beta version that you are having problems with. Look for the button or link that switches back to the old version.
  10. RKD Jim

    Mtn Lion Caught On Cam

    What state-province?
  11. RKD Jim

    Image Resizing Program

    How does one determine whether I should download the 32 or 64 bit??
  12. RKD Jim

    Image Resizing Program

    I am looking for a free image resizer to download. I used to have one on my computer and had to wipe my computer clean and didn't save the name of the program I had. I originally got the name of the program from this site. With the computer problems I had I would like to install the same program. I don't want anymore surprises!! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  13. RKD Jim

    Recharging Batteries

    I have a friend who is re-charging regular AA batteries instead of using rechargables. He said he has been doing this for a while with no ill effects to the batteries or charger. What are the dangers, if any, in this practice?? I always heard that that practice is a definate no-no.
  14. RKD Jim

    Any Finance Guys Out There?

    If you are serious I'd look at an index instead of a single stock. My $.02
  15. You know what they had to say back in the day................"A MAN'S GOT TO DO WHAT A MAN'S GOT TO DO!!"