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  1. Brian

    Hag's House Ownership

    My life doesn't allow me to get on the site much anymore but as always good luck and keep the tradition going.
  2. Brian

    Viewing Pictures In The Field

    I have been pretty good. spending a lot of time with my family. Especially, my seven year old. Correct. It creates its on wifi which is not on the internet but a local wifi generated by the airstash for you to connect to and view the pictures on the SD card. It works great. I used it while in Kansas. I would pull the card and put another one in and then go to my stand and pull up the pictures using my iPhone. I could pull them off or whatever i needed. All my buddies and I could view the pictures at the same time back at the hunting camp.
  3. Brian

    Viewing Pictures In The Field

    The airstash is not a link to the internet. It is a point to point connecting using WiFi.
  4. This topic may need to be moved to another thread but I thought I would start it here and let the moderators move as they see fit if at all. I know most use the P41 or similar camera which uses the memory stick pro as its picture storing memory but now with all the newer cameras out the SD memory is used a lot more. I have never wanted to pay for a viewer since they were expensive and did not seem to work very well from what I had read. I was frustrated that I could not use my iPhone which I carry everywhere to see the pictures somehow. I know you can buy the adapters for the IPAD and view the pictures but you have to download them to view them and it is a bit bulk to carry in the woods not to mention messing it up(expensive device). I found this little device which allows me to use my iPhone, Android, iPad or most other phones to view the pictures from an SD card. Now I can remove the SD card from my remote recorder or camera and view the videos/pictures in the field. It is call the AirStash. It gets you around the unique plug on the iPhone and allows you to use it as a picture or video viewer if the device you are using uses that style of format. example .avi, .mov, .jpg etc. BTW, the airstash shows to have a jpg converter built in but I have not used it. The airstash allows me to remotely view the files save them on my iPhone or delete them or just view them. The vidoes have to go on the device but pictures do not to view them. It is relatively fast and allows up to 8 connections at once. I can literally put this thing on the table and eight people can attach to it and view what is on the SD card. I have tested four at a time with no problems. You can only download to it one at a time without it erroring out. I tried it and it worked for a little while them locks up or disconnects. I back up all my iPhone photos and videos to SD cards now instead of syncing to iTunes all the time. There are tons of other cool features like being able to stream HD video to an Ipad or Iphone or three simultaneous SD(quality) videos at once. Read the reviews online on it and it might fit a nitch for some of you guys looking for a way to get the pictures off or onto SD cards with your iPhone. It appears to have been specifically designed for iPhones, iPads but will work with Androids. I had a buddy test his and it worked fine. Now I have an in the field reader for anything which uses SDHC cards. 32Gbyte max for the AirStash and FAT32 format. This mainly means no single file can be larger than 4Gbyte. It also serves as a USB reader when plugged into your computer but the wireless doesn't work when used as USB. it can be charged from your computer or a standard USB charger which I keep in my truck already. When plugged into the USB charger in the truck you can activate the wireless feature and use the airstash features for streaming or viewing. It says the battery will work 7 hours continuous use. The app for your iPhone is free and available from the appstore. AirStash + It is a bit pricey at $122 which included shipping and a 8Gbyte SD card but the viewers are even more expensive and I get so much more out of it by using it as in the field viewer, backup storage, transfer of pics to and from iPhone, and video viewer to iPad for kids on trips. Just thought I would let everyone know about this. May or may not fit your needs. Something to look at anyway.
  5. Brian

    Bg2 Board Component Id

    It is a 10 uF 16 volt capacitor. It is crutial to the operation of the board. Also, make sure the lands on the board are not broken. If not then soldering it back should be ok. If they are broken then you may need to jumper the cap leads to the resistors which connect to the cap. Most likely just soldering it back will work. This cap combined with other components sets the 10hz center point of the amplifier stage of the PIR.
  6. Brian

    Micro Dvr With Lanc

    Hey guys, Yeah my six year old boy and baseball keep me hopping but I wouldn't have it any other way. I ticker with this stuff from time to time. I laughed when my boy came in and sat in my lap one night and asked "what ya doing dad". He was like I remember you doing this a long time ago when I was little. It cracked me up to hear him say it like that. Yes. I am pretty sure they are the same commands. VTR RECORD COMMAND 183A AND STOP COMMAND 1830 I did do some special programming a long time ago where I read the commands back as I sent them and changed some things on the fly but I am pretty sure this is just the standard. If not I can give you the sequence or changes but 99% sure it is the same. I just literally plugged it in and it worked. Maybe one day they will drop in price because it is really neat. The features for such a small device is really nice. Good to hear from all of you.
  7. Howdy! I don't get on here much but I recently received a micro dvr which had an LANC control jack. I wanted to see if it would work with my original LANC control system. I took the sony LANC tape deck out and plugged in the LANC control DVR and it worked like a charm with no changes. I really like having the digital recordings versus looking at the older Video 8 tape formats. I believe it was reported it didn't work a long time ago so most stayed away from them and went to the Neuros setup. I realize you guys have the DXG setups now but for someone who still has an LANC controlled system this can make it digital. It is a bit pricey since it does so much more but it gets rid of tapes. I have my wireless transmitters covering my area which send the PIR triggered events to my transceiver system(20yards away and 20 feet up in a tree) which holds the Sony LANC video camera and wireless audio/video transmitters and then this system sends the signal to the tape deck back at the house which turns on the audio/video receiver. Now the receiver is tied to the dvr versus the sony tape deck controlled the same way as the tape deck with the LANC protocol. The specs for the audio/video say several miles but my control signals are limited to about 3000 ft(not fully tested). You could probably build an entire DXG setup for what the dvr costs alone. I just thought I would mention mine did work fine for you gurus out there building boards so forth. http://www.zowietek.com/products/4_6.htm
  8. Brian

    Bg2 Problem

    Your push button switch has failed. sounds like it is seeing the button like it is pressed. You can cut the switch off and it should work or replace it.
  9. Brian

    Bg2 Board Problem?

    Sounds like something is shorted. Check with me in the off season and I might have time to fix it. Work and home take presedence. Dad passed away in Jan. and made me rethink how I utilize my time. Sorry.
  10. Brian

    Yeti And A 380

    What I found with mine was each D380 acted a little different and would pull more power and cause the batteries to dip low causing the camera to power off. When I would check them they would take pictures for awhile and then seem to quit but there seemed to be battery power left. I changed these to on/off control and modified the refresh to keep the charge up and used smaller memory cards to minimize the time to took to power up and take a picture. A little slower but works well over scrapes, mineral licks, food plots but not so good over trails.
  11. Brian

    Yeti And A 380

    This is my guess. The D380 in fast mode only has three connections. Shutter Refresh common The yeti layout you posted looks like a opto layout and your labeling may make it confusing I would say(guessing). Power is your Refresh Tie your commons together. Shutter is shutter. Just my guess. You can find a picture Otto placed on a post if you search using my name and D380. Lots of info and some long threads with pictures. The yeti board has 4 connectors power power common shutter shutter common The D380 has 3 points to solder? power shutter refresh
  12. 212 is correct. The RF transmitter is 900 Mhz at 500ma. I used 418Mhz for all control signals to keep them separated and my original designs already used the 418Mhz. One thing I found out is the 900Mhz is attenuated by pine needles from our local pine trees. Really made me pull my hair out field testing for awhile until ran across a vendor using 900Mhz RF and ran into the same thing but he figured out through trial and error it was the pines trees causing the problem and then after further questions to designers the pine needles are the perfect length to cause problems. Works great through moderate oaks and fields but I have not had time to test it fully. My family takes most of my time. I would not have it any other way. My boy is my shadow and the best thing that has ever happened to me. You can find the transmitter/receiver I used at www.rangevideo.com
  13. Brian

    Progress With The First One

    Small seeds like that need a good firm seed bed. I would recommend rolling it to get the seed bed firm and either broadcasting the seed and rolling it again or broadcasting it right before a rain which has worked well for me too. You can fertilize at the same time you spread the seed.