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  1. ICU

    P41 Build

    Built this a while ago. Updated to SSII semi recently. Some thing went wacky and now it wont work. I also have an extra P41 that needs fixing. Don't have time to play with it. Make an offer for everything in pic. I guess I need 50 posts to be able to use store, so moderator move this there or remove I guess. I've been a member since 2006.
  2. ICU

    future BBQ

    Her piggy-piggy
  3. ICU

    Is this a shooter????????

    I agree with BAT. Anyway, what cam took this pic? I tend to like the way he's looking at the cam. As if it made a bit of noise(lens cover opening). The noisy cam topic interests me. I think a cam with a bit of noise may startle a deer enough to get a good pic. I doubt if there is any long lasting memory of the animal. They just get used to it. I left the lens cover operable on my P41 for this reason. ICU
  4. ICU

    Few Pics

    Suey! Nice shots.
  5. I may have to pass on this bear. I think there is a bigger one around. Sorry for the file size. I'm new to this.
  6. Getting ready! Sept 6 is right around the corner.
  7. ICU

    Bear pics

    Can't wait myself. Season opens in WI, Sept 6. I'll use a rifle. My first hunt. It took me 7 years of applying.
  8. ICU

    Bear pics

    Great pics! Looks like a balanced diet. That one bear looks fair sized.
  9. My first post... Had to share this slide show of a wolf checking out my bear bait. He slides a log off, sticks head into bait, marks his spot, then sniffs it. I'm sure he smelled the used veggie grease on the bread. All pics were about a minute apart. ICU out... Hungry_Wolf_8_7_2006.mov