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  1. campkopasquat

    Moose Butt

    This year - September 2004
  2. campkopasquat

    Moose Butt

    Here is a pic of the elusive young moose on my property. This is the second year that I have gotten a photo of him. It will be fun to watch the progression of the size of his rack over the next few years as he matures. This was last year - Sept 2003
  3. Cook, what a beaut! Great Job!!!!
  4. campkopasquat

    Got this one yesterday

    Excellent Buck, Congrats!!!
  5. campkopasquat

    Got my first deer, ever

    Hey Guys, Thanks for all your congrats. I saw the Cutter today and he said it weighed out at 164. One other thing I forgot to mention. Since I'm really into this QDM stuff, I've decided to raise the bar and next year only take a buck if he's at least a 9 pointer or if it's a doe. I'm going to try the minerals that Whitetail Institute sells. There are 3 types and you use it at different times of the year. They say to mix it with at 10-17% with corn or soybeans. I assume I should use whole and not cracked corn. Yes or no? Thanks again, Camp
  6. Didn't start hunting until last year. Just never had the time or location. Built a stand on my land in Maune last year and went out several times with not luck. Planted some clover this year. This is how it went.... Went hunting Saturday, my first day this year. In tree stand for 45 minutes at 6:30 am when at the end of the clover road I planted this spring, I saw a buck at about 300 yards. He took his time coming down the road, eating and stopping along the way. He was always facing towards me. Then at about 150 yards, he turned left and ate some clover. His right side was towards me. BANG!!! He turned 180 degrees and jumped over a culvert and into a clearing with a lot of brush piles. My friend and I heard a loud crash and then nothing. We waited for 10 minutes before we went and looked for him. It took 45 minutes to find him. We were stumped for quite a while. Finally we found him belly down, wedged between a boulder and the ground under some hemlock branches. 7 pointer about 160 lbs dressed weight. Cutter will give me actual weight. If you look at the left side of his mouth, you’ll see the stem of the clover hanging out he was eating when I shot him. One clean shot, .308, behind the shoulder. No exit wound. Right in the lungs, drowned on his own blood. Biologic clover really paid off. It was almost a foot tall in August. Since then they been mowing it lower each week. Almost flat to the ground now with some dirt patches showing. Think I’ll start giving them some mineral supplements next year to aid in antler growth. Camp Maine - The way life should be BTW - I've been off the board for awhile. Lived in Connecticut all my life. As some know I have some land in Maine. I was presented with an opprtunity to move to Maine in September and work in my field as an IT Manager. Had to sell my condo, find an apartment, move my wife and I up here, all in a short time. My wife works for HD and was able to transfer. Living in Orrington now I'm only an hour from my land as opposed to 6 hours. Work keeps me very busy, but I'll try to drop by from time to time.
  7. campkopasquat

    When to mow food plots

    I never mowed it down, cause starting about a month ago, the deer have been doing a good job on it
  8. campkopasquat

    Clover Food Plots

    Great Job!!!
  9. campkopasquat

    Food Plots - what to do??????

    I would use round up in the spring after it has a chance to grow a bit. Let it die off, about a month, then till it under.
  10. campkopasquat

    IR Filter Suggestions?

    Don, What kind of light are you putting the filter over? Camp
  11. campkopasquat

    Dock storage/boat ramp

    not too many, because I see maybe 3 boats at most on the lake at one time. For a 3,400 acre lake, it's pretty deserted.
  12. campkopasquat

    Dock storage/boat ramp

    This year I designed a dual purpose solution. I created a storage rack for the dock with a ramp to slide the dock onto it with the aid of a winch. The ramp can also be used for a boat ramp to store the boat during the summer and keep it out of the water and let any rain drain out as well.
  13. campkopasquat

    Dock storage/boat ramp

    I've had a problem since I put in my floating dock in Maine. The shore line is full of boulders with no way to easily remove the dock. The floating section is 6x12 feet, so every year I tow the dock to the public boat ramp and then load it on my landscape trailer and take it back to my camp for the winter. Then in the spring I do the reverse. This photo shows the dock in the water.
  14. campkopasquat

    When to mow food plots

    I planted some new food plots in May. They are coming in very nicely now with clover, chichory, turnip and rape. Most of the clover is at least 8 inches high. Should I mow it now or should I not mow it this first year and mow it next year say around the 4th of July. BTW, my plots are in Maine.
  15. campkopasquat

    This land is your land.....

    Pretty funny which ever side of the fence you sit on http://i.justsaywow.com/jibjab/mirror.htm