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  1. sjlep40

    Dxg External Mic

    I have yet to order one of these little amplified mics. Can anyone tell me how well they work and how to wire from the 3 posts. Thanks, Steve sjlep40
  2. sjlep40

    Trv65 Array

    dukguy, I have sony trv85 video units with 850nm arrays without any covers and IR jazz dv150's with the same glow. I have noticed the deer "hear" the camcorder starting and are sometimes alerted to the unit because of the sound more so than the glow. The silent operation of the jazz dv150 and the red glow do not spook many at all. A good camo job and site location will also help. IMHO I would not worry so much about the IR wavelength as I would with silencing the internal portion of the pelican case for the camcorder and the camo job and site placement of the case. sjlep40
  3. sjlep40

    Need Some Help On The Jazz

    kz3, Treetop (Dave) may chime in, but it sounds like a timing issue I had with one of my units. Make sure the startup screen is set to black in the setup menu. Once I made sure there wasn't a startup picture on power up, the board and jazz worked perfectly. Good Luck! Steve sjlep40
  4. sjlep40

    Can I Use This Card In A Jazz 178?

    2 gig card is as big as you can go. sjlep40
  5. sjlep40

    Servo Parts List For Video Unit

    Thanks George. Yep I can handle that... Steve
  6. Guys, I need a complete list and location of the parts I need for a LANC video unit to move the nightshot switch. I know I need a Futaba 3003 Servo motor, but where do I get the other parts. I know years ago I saw a tutorial for drilling into the nightshot switch and connecting the knuckle and linkage etc. I can't find it. I have 3 LANC TRV 85 units and JAZZ but have not set up any of the Sonys to run with a servo. My Sony TRV 85's have the vertical nightshot switch not the horizontal ones, so I have have to mount the motor above. I need to know exactly how and what parts and linkages I attach to the nightshot switch and servo. I do not believe the little ball will work on that type of switch.... Remember guys I saw the tutoral once and have seen some of your pictures a while back. So I need help again on something I haven't done. The BF LANC board can do it, I suppose I have to also. I was recently convinced I needed to have a LANC unit with servo and that I would no longer like to look at green tinted day footage ..... Thanks Dave....LOL Steve sjlep40
  7. Hello Steve, I have one that I use all the time. My son is a youth wrestling nut. I have it with me mat side as I coach. Before this past season, I would try to get one of his Grandfathers to video tape from the stands, but they dont go to all of his tournaments. So I started to multitask and hold the small Jazz while I was mat side. After his match we review his mat footage and scout his next opponent as well. I also carry it in my pocket during fishing. I hacked a second one for a day only jazz which I will also use for a bowcam. I made a couple of prototypes with RS project boxes but I am going to put it in a pelican 1010 case attached to my dovetail sight rail with two push button switches for power and record. With the RS project Box attached to the sigtht rail, I can see the arrow hit the target. I took another servo and wired the power, common and video, shutter to two momentary push switches like others have done and but I could change the lens in that one because it looks a bit far away. Steve sjlep40
  8. sjlep40

    Ir Light Source--trv65 And Bg2

    hosteennez, The wiltronix arrays are excellent. These new arrays with heat sinks can be run without any delays. I believe I read here that they are tested on a 4 hour continious burn . Much better than what we use to use. I have one of the orginal wildtronixs 16 led arrays for a jazz and have used my trv85 outside to check the footage. It is excellent. My next trv sony video unit will have either the 6 or 12 Led array. (If I get the 12 led model, I will get the dimmer board as well). Then I will have more recording options to dim it down for closer scrape applications or full power for larger foot plots Plus the 6 volt battery gives you more room in the case. You can't go wrong. Here is the link to the site. Wildtronixs Website sjlep40
  9. sjlep40

    Trv65 Night-shot

    gypsy, My trv85's only can "see" about 5-10 feet with just the nightshot. You need an IR array or external light for sure. sjlep40
  10. sjlep40

    External Battery Contacts For The Jazz

    To make it a little more clear. On that same picture from the above post, I soldered to the the long contacts near the top edge of the board on each side of the "board part #" E1241735
  11. sjlep40

    External Battery Contacts For The Jazz

    I used the picture on page 2 of this post. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...l=jazz&st=0 I soldered mine to the "long contacts" directly under the terminal battery clips. sjlep40
  12. sjlep40

    Opinions For A Newbie

    irkr, The first Jazz setup I made was in the Wal-Mart large case with replacement lens, kit98 preamp and microphone and a 16 LED IR array from Wildtroxics mounted in a Radio shack project box 1803 (think that the part number?? Six wire servo for hack with 2 C cell external power and 3 wire servo for microphone (only use two wires). Search (bowgod2) for the general case layout of the Walmart large case. That is what I did. I then hacked a second Jazz for day only to put in a pelican 1030 case but spliced into the microphone leads and added a tiny external connector from an old camcorder microphone to the outside of the unit so I can disconnect the external mic and still use the original mic outside trail cam. This day only setup with removeable external mic does not have the preamp. It sounds fine at 10-15 yards. I haven't put the two units next to each other to compare the audio between them. Some guys had difficulty locating the walmart large case at some of their local Wal-Marts. I had to try four different stores until I found the cases. The clear case makes for easy drilling and thay are very inexpensive. $7-8. All sell the Walmart small case but that will not work for the Jazz. The Pelican 1030 and the jazz with the BF board are made for each other for a day only unit. The next one will have the new wildtronixs 6 LED IR array with heatsink in a small RS project box added to the front or top of the Pelican 1030. Compared to the other Sony TRV 85 videos units with arrays I have, the Walmart Large setup is small and the 1030 is really small. Some have even cut the Jazz battery compartment off to fit the jazz and BF board in a Pelican 1010 case for a tiny tiny unit. Everything you need for either the IR or day only setups can be found in previous posts. Good Luck Steve sjlep40
  13. sjlep40

    Flip Video

    Maybe this device is the answer for use with the Flip. http://svp.co.uk/product/belkin_f5u203uk_u...90?ref=news2406 sjlep40
  14. sjlep40

    My First Hack....and It Was A Jazz

    Crumbe, This post by treetop (#1) really helped me when I did my first jazz. I keep a printout of the color coded directions and pic on work bench. Good luck http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...amp;hl=jazz+day sjlep40
  15. sjlep40

    Where Do I Buy The Kit 98 ?

    racerzl1, The link that most guys are getting the pre-amp kit is from Electronics123.com. This is the direct link http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/it.A/id.472/.f sjlep4o Steve