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  1. I did read what dip 11 & 12 are. the memory is coming back... I thought the batteries out would do the same... it seems to be triggering now but flash even in bright room so now I need to set the S600 for best settings. My cam is set up on a trail so I want quick shots.. they may feed on a nearby mountain mahogany. I now have dip 1 & 2 off for the shortest delay. 5 second 3 is up and 4 down for the S600 in fast mode. 5 is up for non9 stealth mode ? 6,7,8 &9 down 10 up rapid fire 11 down because I have a switch and 12 must be up for on.
  2. Well I now recall how confusing those XLP instructions were. and are. I may have just had some dip switches settings in video mode but the camera in picture mode. plus maybe some borderline batteries. Now I think I need to revisit the best S600 camera settings .. This S600 has the IR lens hack.
  3. yes those XLP instructions look familiar. I am not sure how to proceed in troubleshooting that board.. ITs been so long since I messed with these cams. I even forget what my on off switch does as there seems to be power on the board if the batteries are in. I have two batteries and they seem to go to different pins 3&4
  4. the green LED comes on the board for a second if the batteries have been removed. Maybe it blinks again.. but IT doesn't seem to trigger my camera. the S600 hack looks good inside but I dont even know what hack I did.. it has 2 wires to the shutter button and 1 to the power button cant recall where the 4th wire went. I should have taken a pic when I was inside. Camera seems to work fine. My switch is more of a reset or something as there is power on the PIR board whenever the batteries are installed . I think it used to sue the 3.0 v batteries but now trying to use the 3.6v ones.
  5. i forgot about image resizing and how unfun it is.. I had to load PIXresiser is there a better free one to use?
  6. hi all! its been so long since I checked i but not sure what n. I am an old timer here. so old I cant recall when I build my 4 P41 slave systems and my S600. I did let some rich guy use my cams and 2 of the P41's are having issues and the S600 is working but the board nay have issue. Im not even sure if I have the board instructions. it says Wildlife Se-er Corp on it and has a RTF any idea on where to find the settings and specs? I set out the 2 working /P41's xmas eve behind the back gate but one slave not triggering. I will look into this. I did use my cams 2 years ago w
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