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  1. knobby

    fish fryer

    We live on the shore of lake Erie....so there is never a shortage of walleye and yellow perch in the freezer Dad wants a new fryer for D day anyone got any recommendations for a good one? I wanna get a nice one. needs to be a counter top electric type
  2. knobby

    I think I can I think I can

  3. knobby

    Dont you hate it

    man if I lived there the land would be cleared for 200 yards in every direction around me
  4. knobby

    Dont you hate it

  5. knobby


    I dont feel too sorry for him....he gambled and lost wth kinda little 1/2 breed lion was that anyway? It looked weird to me he's lucky it wasnt a full blown 500 pounder or i think that gun woulda been way too late
  6. knobby

    Like B said...it wont be long

    BUCKS I am about as far north as you can go without getting your feet wet lol Its only about 500' to Lake Erie I want to try and do this myself but I sure appreciate the offer. I will keep you/that in mind. How do you like that Plotmaster? That thing is out of my price range for now. Rock....I think that Monroe Tufline makes those discs for Biologic? Same company that makes the Groundhog. Does that one dig in without hopping?
  7. LOL I bet you havent and you never will. But theyre still impressive to look at....and the size is absolutely amazing on some of the YEARLINGs http://www.whitetailquest.com/bucksbyage.html
  8. knobby

    Bowtech Gaurdian.

    Redneck is correct....boozer dont forget that since you are hitting your mark at 25 yards you have compensated out the drop. You are firing upward...or above the target if that sounds better.... and the arrow is dropping into the bullseye.
  9. What are everyones plans for this spring? Me...I am brand new to this foodplot game and dunno what I am doing lol. I plan on clearing out a couple of 1/8 - 1/4 acre places in the woods that are already naturally thin spots. I had the soil tested....doesnt need much fertilizer but the pH was only 5.3 The worst thing is the only access is a small ATV path and I will have to spread lime by hand. I am going to start with about 60 bags of pelletized lime and see where that gets me. Soil test recommended 6500# per acre. I am hoping to also find a way to mix the lime into the soil abit. I have a 4 wheeler. Does anyone have any experience with ATV plot implements? Mine is only a Rancher 4x4 350 so it wont pull anything too large. What about that tiny little Groundhog disc made by Tufline...anyone ever used one of those? It looks like a toy lol but it does have some +'s I have a backpack sprayer and plan on hitting the area with Glyphosate multiple times but would also like to disc/till a couple times this summer to hopefully have a successful plot this fall. I have a sack of Buckwheat, sack of peas and sack of Oats I plan on sacrificing during the summer. I may plant it and disc/till it under 2-3 times if I can. Then this fall plant something more perrenial.
  10. knobby

    Remote Starter

    I have an Autopage.... I think its model 860 I had it installed. Its an Alarm/remote start with a 2-way remote They claim it works from 2000'.... I have tested it in a wide open space and although I did not actually measure the distance, it worked from a LONG way away. So I would say their claim of 2000' is pretty accurate in wide open space. The 2-way remote is cool. It has a little LCD screen on it which shows you the vehicle is running or if there is a door/window open. It tells you the temp inside the vehicle. Which is cool because I can start my truck from my pulpit at work and not go outside until I know my truck is a balmy 70 degrees inside lol Or a nice cool 65 in the summer. You can program it to start your vehicle at 5:50 am so its warm when you leave for work at 6. In really cold climate it can be set to periodically start your vehicle for a few minutes to keep it from freezing up. With the addition of xtra relays (which I think cost $100 a piece) it will also control things like heated seats...heated mirrors....power sunroofs etc etc I paid $450 installed for the system and I did not opt for any of the xtra relay controls I have had it about 7-8 months and so far am very happy with it.
  11. knobby

    video help

    well I originally tried to figure out how to use the sony picture package that cam with the camera...with no luck then I think I used NeroVision Express to capture it to my hard drive...which saved about 35 seconds of video as a 150mb....I believe it saved it as an AVI file I was able to open that with Winblowz Movie Maker and save it as only 6-7mb I did all that hooked up through the firewire port I have this fancy ATI All in Wonder X1900 video card with 50 inputs and outputs...youd think Id learn how to use it lol
  12. knobby

    video help

    thx I played around with movie maker and was able to lighten it up some....and zoom it a small amount. But it still wasnt enuff to make the deer in the background clear enough to see. It may be a lost cause....I dunno since I am new to the video stuff. I can see it best on the LCD screen of the camcorder.
  13. knobby

    video help

    Any video gurus in the house that would like to take a stab at tweaking a video of mine to help see a deer better? It is IR night time footage....with a deer (buck?) in the background that I would like a better look at. I am a newb when it comes to this video stuff. I managed to capture the video to my PC as a 150mb AVI Then I also managed to open it in Windows Movie Maker and save it as a 7mb wmv file. If it could be lightened and maybe zoomed alittle it might help....but me dunno how :-( I was lucky to get this far haha
  14. knobby


    What software are you guys using to edit/save your video? I have a Sony HC21 and I am not very fond at all of the software that Sony included with it. Just thought I'd get some software reviews from gamecam crew....since thats how I will be using it....as an IR game cam. TIA
  15. knobby

    squirrel attack

    LOL that squirrel better hope theres no paybacks....