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  1. Welby

    Are You A Dem., Rep., Or Southerner

    Love it!
  2. I didn't see this posted anywhere, but turkeyhunting has lost another legend. This time, it's Mr. Dick Kirby of Quaker Boy. http://www.quakerboy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1339 Rest in peace, Mr. Kirby! Thank you for your contributions to this great sport.
  3. Welby

    Shooting sticks

    It's great to be back. Hope I can make it a habit again. The last three years (and especially the last 6 months) have been very, very difficult.
  4. Welby

    Shooting sticks

    I made a great set of shooting sticks out of some replacement tent poles I found at Walmart several years ago. They break down in sections but are held together with shock cord. About $6, I think, very lightweight and will adjust from about 12 inches to almost 6 ft. Another option I've seen that also works very well is to purchase an inexpensive squeegie window washer with the adjustable handle. They are pretty cheap. Also available at Walmart. Aside from that, I've made a bunch out of wooden dowel rods that were just tied together with leather strapping. They fold up neatly and work very well.
  5. Welby

    Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

    Hey Tinhorn, give it a try again. I think we've gotten the bugs worked out!
  6. Oh yeah, I love doing those things too...or at least I used to...before kids, career changes and things like that. I noticed you're from Quitman. I have a lot of family from there, and, as a matter of fact, I just passed through there a few days ago myself.
  7. Welby

    Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

    I know I don't qualify as a regular anymore, but I'm still here. I might be able to be around more now. I've had quite a tough time the last couple of years....
  8. Hey GTK! Naw, but not too terribly far from Ripley! How you doin'?
  9. Welby overdosed on donuts...but even the hogs wouldn't feed on him!!!! Hey everyone! I miss the good old days. Unfortunately, the "new" job took up way too much of my life. Plus, having a super slow dial up connection at home doesn't help either. Now, the "new" job is gone. (By the way, I need another one.) DSL should be coming tomorrow. Hopefully, I can begin checking in more than once or twice a year. I would love to hear more about the others. TINHORN!! HEY BUDDY! LONG TIME NO SEE!!! Almost eight years ago on the TNDeer Forum, Tinhorn and I used to trade messages, drawings and pictures for HOURS. Hey, did that BBQ sauce ever make it that I sent over seven years ago?? MrRee........AAAAAAAAAAaaaaahahhhahahaha...you used to give me such a hard time. Flintlocker...always enjoyed his quick and deadly wit. Very sharp guy. Hags...how are you doing these days? HillHopper looks to be keeping everyone straight.
  10. Welby

    Painting a Shotgun?

    AEH, I had one of those in .22 Mag too. Great guns! However, I ended up trading the .22 Mag and I can't foresee me ever getting rid of the .17. It's a blast. That is some good looking camo, by the way!
  11. Welby

    Homemade Lead Sled

    Rambow, looks great! A friend of mine purchased one of those also and he's real pleased with it. Can you provide some closeup photos of the elevation adjustment nut & front support and also the stock brace?
  12. Welby

    Painting a Shotgun?

    Hey HH, I'm still kickin'! Heck, I can't even get enough free time to go hunting...can you believe that????
  13. Welby

    Painting a Shotgun?

    AEH, is that a Marlin 917V in .17HMR? The camo looks good. I have one of those 917Vs and I absolutely am crazy about the gun. .17HMR is awesome.
  14. Welby

    What is this?

    I'm thinking maybe an ewok.
  15. Welby

    Happy Birthday flintlocker

    Hey flint, how 'bout another extremely late/early Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one!