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  1. wildebeast

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year everyone, glad to read some of the posts I have missed for the last several years...Still above ground and setting out cameras. Hope it lasts and seems to keep me feeling young and have fun looking back at all my old cameras and info, my how time slips by. Take care and will try to stop by more often. Cliff " aka wildebest"
  2. wildebeast

    Bat's Health

    Prayers and wishing you better health soon Bat. I see Tinhorn is still around, you guys bring back many good memories, take care. wildebeast " cliff "
  3. wildebeast

    What Happened To Everyone?

    I still build a few and keep some in he woods all the time. Does get a little harder as the years go by but just too much fun to quit... Do miss all the chatter on the forums but life gets busy.
  4. wildebeast

    Saying Goodbye To Mother

    Prayers sent from my family to yours during this difficult time.....Bless you for spending the time to be by her side.
  5. wildebeast

    Canon Sd500

    The SD550 has a flash range of 5 meters or 15 feet which I think is good. I think the 500 should be about the same.
  6. wildebeast

    Flat Fresnel Lens

    Looks like they are trying to speed up the camera (looks like a 600) and not sure about the board, but that does seem like an over reach for the size hole. My 600's I still use a 3/4 inch hole and it is as quick as my 41. I do focus my lens with a flash light in a dark room so I can get the exact measurement for the distance.
  7. wildebeast

    Very Very Old Control Board Info Needed

    I remember that Arch put plans for a simple sensor on his site and Hags way back.....I think his site is still online. I'll check my records. wildebeest I just checked for his website where he placed his diagrams and it was no longer on the web. I'm not sure I have a copy. It was a very simple design and would work great with the ability to program the chips now. Bat might know.
  8. wildebeast

    Logs Too Small

    Set this camera up for predators jumping the log, a deer would have been fine also and the trail was used quite often. But the log was too small for this bull elk to jump so it just stepped over it. I think the timing was right for something jumping the log, a yote would have jumped up on the log and then down giving the camera good quick shot of it on the log. The camera is a Canon Rebel XS with an 18x35mm lens and just using the camera flash.
  9. wildebeast

    Two Off My Cam...

    You have a winner there, nice buck...
  10. wildebeast

    Are Commercial Cameras Catching Up?

    Firemanjim, I admire what you do and have done for the HB community. Some of the homebrew community is very fickle and demanding and I would never sell a camera I built, but just give it away instead. I build 380's and loan them out to kids that are interested to learn about wildlife, but it is easier and less stress on me to loan or give them away and if they ever quit working I will buy them back for parts. I have seen many of my close friends lives ruined from helping others for free to fix cameras and sell parts. One was a very close friend and I watched and saw how his life was turned into a nightmare from the overload of work, he got behind and he began to have health problems and ended up in the hospital. Another member from this site offered to pay what he owed, as I did also but he turned down the offer and left with a bad name. From what started out as a very good person , and still is, almost ruined his life. I know of others that have quit dealing with boards and participation in this community for the very same reason, just not fun dealing with unreasonable people.....this is a hobby and most do it for fun and the enjoyment of helping others. I am not good at designing in electronics so I admire and use the ideas of others and hope they continue to that important work. As I get older it is more difficult to keep doing what I love and that's the study of animal behavior using cameras. I have many local friends that want to get cameras but I just send them to the local stores and suggest a commercial camera, they are very happy. Sorry for bringing this up, but I'm reminded all the time of my old friends on this site and it brings back memories... Just remember that it's ok to wait for parts, buy more than you need so you have them when needed and take care of the venders. wildebeast
  11. wildebeast

    Are Commercial Cameras Catching Up?

    Killdee, Yes, I still use the 425, in fact I have one in my Canon Rebel that's in the woods now. Also works great in the Nikon D100...I set them up just like the 35mm cameras of old, the slr's are left on all the time with supper low battery use while in the sleep mode but can take a photos extremely fast at 3 to 4 a second. I still have some of Brian's boards for the 425's and will work on re-programing the chip to cover different digital cams. I have a Nikon L22 that I want to get going that takes great shots and the flash is super. They have a lousy battery door latch that breaks so I can pick them up on e-by rather cheap. If you ever noticed the red light on the 425 in test mode, it would stay on for several seconds, this is a plus on the Slr's as they will continue to take pictures as long as the shutter is pulled to ground. This means lots of pictures per second. I have a slide show on you tube showing a bear after apples I hid in a hollow stump, the Nikon D100 took 81 pictures in 18 seconds showing the bear trying to get the apples. The camera was set with the flash off for rapid pictures.
  12. wildebeast

    Are Commercial Cameras Catching Up?

    I disagree that homebrews are dying. I just think most of the old timers place far less photos on the forums and let the others answer most of the questions. But they continue to build using newer cameras. Lots use Panasonic and other brand cameras, I know a lot are beginning to use DSLR's and think that's good. I use a Nikon D100 and have a Canon Rebel in the woods along with 8 or more P 41's and a couple of 600's. There are more forums now, but only one when we started, then Hag's was started out of necessity, LOL..... Also, Gary works great with anyone that hacks a camera to find a working program for the timing. Lots of information is still given for those that want to explore into the new high end cameras using multiple slave flashes and such. I think we are entering a new phase of camera trapping for wildlife studies and competitive photographs..... dgrad, I remember that photo well. A lot of water has passed under the bridge sense those days, I always enjoyed your photos. wildebeast
  13. wildebeast

    Wts Boards

    You can see from my photo that both black ground wires from the cell batteries are together on number 1 terminal. The 3v positive red wires go to terminal 3 and 4, one from each 3v battery. Be sure to have the ground wire up like shown because the cell battery only comes out from that side of the holder. This takes up a lot less room in the case than any other way I tried, that's why I went with the cell batteries. cliff
  14. wildebeast

    Wts Boards

    Here's how I changed several of mine over when they had problems. Picked up single coin cell holders from radio shack, cut a piece of plexi-glass to fit the back of the holders between the positive and neg , soldered on the wires and then glued it to the side of the case. fit great and have worked very good for almost a year now without any problem. I just twisted the 2 ground wires together and used one terminal on the board.