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  1. thehunter

    Simple Sniper Board

  2. thehunter

    Simple Sniper Board

    Flat lense .65
  3. thehunter

    Simple Sniper Board

    What is the distance from the frensel lens to the PIR sensor on this board? I am changing out some boards that do not work anymore to the a SS board that I have in my camera building box.
  4. thehunter

    Pix Controller Board

    Bat it is a pix universal board. I've cleaned the board with D natured alcohol but it still wont fire I adjusted the PIR and had no luck. I will try new batteries but I have a new 9volt running the system The system that I used for this build was RS boxes that held the board and battery and A RS box for the slave. I will just need to take out the RS Pix box and re- drill it over the frensel lens opening for a SS board and then remount it if back to the case on my orginal mounting screws.
  5. thehunter

    Pix Controller Board

    I will give it a try. I've worked on the pir sensitivity adjustment dial and that did not do to much good.
  6. thehunter

    Memory Stick Size

    I run all of my cameras on a 1 GB card. Some are regular MS card some are ProDuo. All of my cameras are Sony's---P32,s P41's P52' and finally the S600's. I had a couple of Nikons on SD cards but I sould them to pay for my habbit. With the 1 gig cards I can swap them out with any of my set ups
  7. thehunter

    Pix Controller Board

    Recently my old pix board is giving me some probems. The pir will not pick up any movement until I am about 1 ft in front of the camera. Everything else seems to be working. Any Suggestions. I most likely will change the board out to a SS board that I have in stock if I can not fix it.
  8. thehunter

    Light And Magnifier

    If you stay in the cam building business long enough you will eventually buy one of those magnifying round lens light units or a head band units to work on just about everything. I opted out for the round light unit.
  9. thehunter

    S600 Only 8.54 Shipping

    I bought a couple from RS when they had them on sale for the same $120 price.
  10. thehunter

    S600 Hack Failure

    My first s600 was a total failure. I destroyed the camera. i got better when I purchased one of those magnifying florescent lights that is now mounted to my work desk.
  11. One of my S600 was destroyed when the external battery leaked acid all over the unit. The SS1 board was saved but the camera was destroyed. Does anyone have one for sale?
  12. thehunter

    Old 380 Setup About Whipped Me

    I have a 380 IR out in the woods right now. It is still working fine. I has the side plug in jack installed. I used a drimmel tool with the rounded ball grinder on it to grind out the support strut so I could install the jack and nut.
  13. thehunter

    Destroyed Cam

    This cam had 2 extra C batteries above the camera. I thought it was a battery acid leak, but he said that the batteries looked fine. So I was looking for other suggestions on what went wrong.
  14. thehunter

    Anyone Make Sense Of This?

    The leaves at the top of the tree are more tender to their taste.
  15. thehunter

    Destroyed Cam

    That was my first thought. I needed a second opinion.