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  1. Coondog

    What Happened To Everyone?

    Life definitely gets in the way. I haven't checked in here in a long time. All of the old timers started disappearing and I just lost interest. Not having a deer lease for a few years didn't help either. The boys have kept me extremely busy with rodeo so I just haven't had the time to dedicate to cam building or the website like I used to.
  2. Coondog

    Ssii Controller Board

    Thanks Gary.. I was going to shoot you an email but figured you were busy. Hope all is well.
  3. Anyone know if there is a battery that I can pick up locally that will work in place of the lithium battery Gary sells for the controller board?? I took a quick look yesterday but couldn't find a battery with the exact same specs??
  4. Coondog

    First Build In A Long Time

    Thanks for the replies. Got the camera modded. My son had a blase helping out. Now just need to get everything mounted. What is the best way to mount the shutter and flash glass in the case?? I am using the SSII board, so that should be fairly easy to mount.
  5. Coondog

    First Build In A Long Time

    Perfect.. What kind of goop would you suggest? Something that I can pick up at HD on the way home from work??
  6. Coondog

    First Build In A Long Time

    Great video... Thanks for the link! I was really looking for more instructions of how to mount everything in the box. What size holes, etc.. I think I have it laid out like I want it. How do you cut through the flash gasket material without messing it up??
  7. Coondog

    First Build In A Long Time

    Ok. Got everything in and my son and are laying everything out. Looking at trying to get it wrapped up this week. Found a camo pelican case that I had put up from years ago.. Been looking at a few setups to get ideas. Can anyone point me in the direction of a step-by-step tutorial of putting this together?? I have been searching the site but haven't been able to find a tutorial. Lot's of cool pics and setups though. Thanks!!
  8. Coondog

    First Build In A Long Time

    Couple of additional questions: I assume that I will need a servo for the camera power and the externals?? How many wires do I need for the externals? What size external batteries should I look at?? Any ideas on what thickness of foam for the back and the gasket?? Thanks!
  9. Coondog

    First Build In A Long Time

    Plan right now is to put it either on or close to the feeder to see what is coming in. Will probably wind up building more than one. Would like to arrange this one so that I can use it at the feeder or on trails if that's possible..
  10. Been a part of this site for a long time. One of the old original members.. I have built a lot of cams, but it has been a few years. I still lurk around but just not as active anymore. Speed2Spare has sold me a P32 that I am going to build with my son. We have a new place to hunt this year and I think he would have a blast building it. Going to use the SSII board, unless one of the others are better. I have some old pelican boxes still sitting around to house it in. Can you guys help me figure out what else I need to order for the build?? For those that have used the P32 setup, should I set it up for external batteries or not?? Thanks for any information... Larry
  11. Coondog

    New Hobby

    I haven't looked into to that much, but I assume that you would need to get a sand blasting machine, or at least have someone local who could do it. That would be the hardest part. I think you could use an oven for curing, but would be limited to components that would fit inside. Other than that, the cerakote itself is pretty expensive.. Might give it a try sometime...
  12. Coondog

    New Hobby

    Have you tried to do cerakote yourself?? Been looking at that and thinking about trying it...
  13. Coondog

    New Hobby

    $300 BO may be my new favorite round. Would also like a 7.62x39 upper. How much you think you have in it? Been thinking about this for a while??
  14. Coondog

    Good To See Folks Are Still Around

    Good to see you HH.. Tinhorn.. you are a legend.. always have been in your own mind.. ;) I don't post much anymore but I stop in and browse fairly regularly..
  15. Coondog

    I Need Some Information On Alligator Hunting

    You can apply for a draw hunt here in TX as well. I think it is $3/adult for the draw. Then you pay a $100 permit fee if you get drawn. Not sure if you would need to get a guide or not, never done it. I think you can get guides in LA, but I bet it is a pretty expensive trip..