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  1. Last price change $160 for everything shipped
  2. Will take offers on stuff being sold individually
  3. i have not been building in awhile but kept holding on to this stuff telling myself someday i would get back into it, well i dont see it happening lol. here is what i have, would like to sell it as a package deal but if i have to start piecing it out will have to add more on for shipping costs. here is a list of what i am selling 1- DXG125 kit with black infrared, has a shutter inside to do ir and day with a H bridge and AIO board. (125 is hacked) 1-unhacked DXG125 (no battery) 1- s40 Fast hack with AIO board 3-AIO boards 1-503 kit with AIO board and slave flash 1-remote slave flash everything has been just sitting in my building room, i powered on all cameras and slave flash and they all powered up. if someone buys everything as a package i will go through and see what other building stuff i might find and add it in free but not sure how much stuff i have to add. asking $200 shipped
  4. Anyone have any interest in a never used pickit2?
  5. tweeds

    Ir Dxg 567 And 503a

    New price $150 for both tyd
  6. IR dxg 567 build and a Samsung 503 both for $160 Tyd lower 48
  7. tweeds

    Hacked Ir W200

    Send me your address
  8. tweeds

    Hacked Ir W200

    Thx I'll get it sent out monday
  9. tweeds

    Hacked Ir W200

    Email sent with pics
  10. IR hacked with externals and cap mod w200 $60 tyd lower 48