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  1. 9toes

    Pix Going Out Of Business

    Welcome to Hags! Most all boards will work just fine, it is the customer service from the guys like Ghoot and Dave that are second to none. I'm sure the yeti service is great to but have not used any of his yet. Oh and i almost forgot about WTS he has great service also.
  2. 9toes

    P41 Problem

    Did you put the batteries back in correct, don't ask why?
  3. 9toes

    Bigfoot Board Problem

    batteries dead?
  4. Yes flash is all that is left.
  5. I have a p32 that got wet, parting out. Screen works, flash, shutter button, battery door, etc. Let me know what you need. CCD and Ribbon to back half piece Sold Still have: Front half plastic Battery door Rear half plastic LCD Flash Shutter button assembly Sold
  6. 9toes

    Wtb P32 Flash Assembly...

    I got one pm me.
  7. Dangit guys i thought i was getting ripped at $2.00 an acre here in Arkansas.
  8. 9toes

    Need A Part!

    Jeff had to send wife to Wally World to get shipping package, will ship Tuesday morning. I still have a flash that is good off this p32, if anyone needs one.
  9. 9toes

    Need A Part!

    I have one but about to go out of town for weekend. Let me know if you still need it when i get back.
  10. 9toes

    Clear Out Sale

    Is the case seal the round o-ring material?
  11. Congrats to both of you. The oldest not hunting this year?
  12. 9toes

    having trouble with search?

    I guess something is wrong again. Not sure i like this last upgrade much. Can't see who is online And a lot of the time i have to log in. I don't change anything and the next time i may not have to.
  13. I thought that was what i said?
  14. Maybe we need to buy one, hack it for ir, and see if we can improve battery life some way.
  15. 9toes

    Sony P32 Battery Door

    Find a door yet? I have one if not.
  16. i will buy it if you want to sell it, but not much wrong with it i bet. This means something is wrong with the shutter cover. It is stuck or motor bad. You can open shutter all the way and disconnect motor and it should work.
  17. 9toes

    Any box stand plans?

    here's mine
  18. 9toes

    BG2 problem

    Still sounds like weak battery to me. Check volts at board and try another new battery.
  19. 9toes

    MS20 Sensors

    Larry not sure but i think it was Bat that had some. Built the stand yet?
  20. 9toes

    Deer for breakfast

    Ever had deer for breakfast? http://www.metacafe.com/watch/316898/deer_...kfast_in_texas/
  21. 9toes

    LE ll Board

    It could take months, be prepared.
  22. 9toes

    Newbie and Prices

    Most of the time you can get a p32 for $80.00 shipped. Good camera also.
  23. 9toes

    A very Wet P41(UPDATED)

    If it has worked this long, you don't have a problem.