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  1. 9toes

    S600 Battery door

    Anyone have a s600 battery door for sale? If so please text me at 903-559-4099.
  2. 9toes

    S600 Battery door

    Found one thanks.
  3. 9toes

    P41 Picture

    Got sony p41 unit out today headed to the woods, and checked everything out before leaving. One of the p41 units will take a picture but the picture is real white. You can make it out but not easy. You can put it on video and the picture is fine. I removed the hack cable, but does the same. I did a reset on the camera and it worked for a few pictures then started back with the white out. any ideas?
  4. 9toes

    P41 Picture

    Found problem, the jack was causing the lenses board to not seat correctly.
  5. 9toes

    Sss And P41

    Its been so long since i have been on the board i dont know anyone!! Is Bat still around, 212?
  6. 9toes

    Sss And P41

    Ok it has been years since i have used my old cameras, and i decided to use the again this year. My problem is with one of my cameras which has a SSS board (old one with display screen) and a p41 will not take a picture. When checking it it does turn the camera on, but times out and shuts off with out taking a picture. I used to remember all the tricks , but am getting older and dont remember nothing unless i write it down. help please.
  7. 9toes

    Sss And P41

    Not really Speed i worked on it for a hour, taking camera apart and re-doing cables ect. before asking Ghoot!! lol
  8. 9toes

    Sss And P41

    Thanks Ghoot, it was on 1, changed to 1.2 and works. Thanks again!!
  9. 9toes

    Moisture Topic 2

    Yep i usually just bend an old license plate in half and slide it behind the cam when i put it on a tree. Cheap and has never let me down.
  10. 9toes

    Need Parts

    It has been a while since i have been on here and need some help. Who sells parts now for building cams? The main thing i'm looking for is a rope gasket for my case. It leaked and got the camera wet. Hope i got the camera repaired, cleaned good with Denatured Alcohol and got it to come back on. Now wait and see if it eats batteries. Checked Gary's page and he does not sell any.
  11. Anyone got a p41 for sale. BL got his camera wet and want power on. Thought i would try and find him another camera and fix it for him. What have they been selling for?
  12. 9toes

    P41 Want Power Up

    yea, Randall i started a long time ago. Quit and started building deer stands. Hope you kill a good one, send me a picture if you do. ritterb@sbcglobal.net
  13. 9toes

    P41 Want Power Up

    Guys it has been a while since i built a cam or worked on one, so help me out. I built this cam for a friend several years ago, it has a BG1 control board. The camera quit powering up, i removed the hack and now the green light will light up and go back off without powering on. Any help would be great.
  14. 9toes

    P41 Want Power Up

    DaXX you where right, i put a couple of duracell out of one of my cams and bingo powered up thanks a lot.
  15. 9toes

    Dan's Photos

    For those that knew Dan (ohiobowhunter) this is what his hobby is now, and i might add he is doing a good job as always. http://canaholic.smugmug.com/Other/The-Gre...2_bDVCn-A-LB%22
  16. For those that knew Dan (OBH) here is what his new hobby is, and i might add he is doing good at this hobby as he was with homebrews. http://canaholic.smugmug.com/Other/The-Gre...2_bDVCn-A-LB%22
  17. 9toes

    Weight In For September

    189 hope i can hold it.
  18. 9toes

    Final Weigh In

    I guess i'm doing good, because i am not putting any back on. Still at 190 and holding. That was 40 lbs. for me, still would like to loose another 10lbs.
  19. 9toes

    A Camping Trip A Few Weeks Ago.

    It don't get any better, priceless.
  20. 9toes

    Error E 91:01

    PM sent
  21. 9toes

    Error E 91:01

    I have a p41 showing a Flash error 91:01. Is there an easy fix to this?
  22. 9toes

    Error E 91:01

    Anyone got a spare flash? This is my BIL cam so really need to get it going, only one he has.
  23. 9toes

    Error E 91:01

    I tried the reset, nothing. Does anyone have a flash for a p41, 73 or 93?
  24. 9toes

    Weigh In Week 27

    Stuck at 191. Oh well at least i did not gain.