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  1. Hill Hopper

    The Old Bat Tower Came Tumbling Down

    Hope your luck turns bat.
  2. Hill Hopper

    Happy Birthday Ghoot !

    Happy birthday Gary!
  3. Hill Hopper

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome aboard!
  4. Hill Hopper

    Bat's Health

    Bat, just saw this. Hope your doing better.
  5. Hill Hopper

    Okra Baked In The Oven

    Tried this tonight with wild hog ham and corn on the cob. Man it was good!
  6. Hill Hopper

    Cougars Spotted In Wi

    I would think they would be fairly common with y'all's deer population.
  7. Hill Hopper

    Fawns Back Of My Garden

    If they eat any okra they need to be veal this fall.
  8. Hill Hopper

    Talked To One Of Our Members On Phone

    Badgerbuckhunter I was the member that called up bat and chewed the fat for a while. I'm on my 3rd week of recovering from a knee replacement and was cruising the site last week. Saw bats name and realized I probibly hadn't talked to him in around 7 to 8 years. Sure did enjoy it too!
  9. Hill Hopper

    Okra Baked In The Oven

    Thanks bat. Hope the deer will leave my okra alone soon!
  10. Hill Hopper

    Checking In

    Nice to stop by and see just how special a place this still is!
  11. Hill Hopper

    Nice To Surf The Site

    I'm aiming for December 2020. I'll be 66 & 8 months and have just over 12 years with the a Corps. Hope I can put up with stupid stuff that long.
  12. Hill Hopper

    Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    It is not one of my builds or a 903.
  13. Hill Hopper

    Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    The PIR on this is an X10. It has the chip on board. The add on is the time delays and on-off. Sorry, misread your post. Was thinking about the pics posted.
  14. Hill Hopper

    Nice To Surf The Site

    Looks like folks still enjoy the satisfaction of building their own. I really enjoyed research, testing cameras, designing boards ect. Miss it a lot but really don't have much time to do it any more. Hopefully I can retire in a few years and I'd like to develop some DSLR setups with slaves and catch pics of big cats and raptors. Keep on going folks, y'all are doing great. Good to see the site is still perkin too.
  15. Hill Hopper

    Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    Looks in pretty good shape. If for some reason it doesn't work try touching up the solder points with an iron before considering it dead.