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  1. browtine

    where's Dgrad ?

    Hello all ! I was just wondering if anyone knows what has become of Drad. I have been missing his great pictures and presence in the forums. We live about 150 miles apart but have never met. I hope he is ok. Thanks ,Browtine
  2. browtine

    S600 Trouble - No Power?

    Pred I have a s600 that has the same problem. The mechanical part of the power button broke. It works okay with the hack hooked up to the power board. I wired in another switch to the board and use it to turn on the camera to check pictures Heres a picture of it .Its easy to do , just insert the wires from your switch into the same slots on the board that the hack wires go into.
  3. I have been using trail cams for years but I have never done a home brew. I am ready to start building my own cams and I would like to start with an s600. i have an older Leafriver camera that quick taking picture but the flash and pir still works . Would it be possible to take out the original camera and hack in a s600. Any thoughts or Idea would be appreciated. Thanks, browtine
  4. browtine

    More fur down

    Good Job! I love to see dead coyotes! I have killed 11 so far this winter. The deer are very happy with me I have had good luck with staying still and continuing to call after I shoot one coyote out of a group. Many times they will stop or even come back. Some times not . Worth a try. Browtine
  5. Hello everyone! I returned home from my annual whitetail hunt in ID. last week. I had a great hunt! I harvested a really good 8 point buck! At least for this area he is about as big as they come. The country is very steep with rimrocks and open rideges. The canyons are thick with timber and brush. It is not your typical whitetail habitat, if there is such a thing. There are also elk , mule deer and sheep in the area.. And ( unfortunately) wolves, I saw three during my trip I shot the buck up on one of the open rideges about 7:30 in the morning. According to my range finder it was 434 yards ! Its the longest shot I have ever made.I was using my Ruger M77 in 338. After the shot the buck rolled about 100 yards all the way to the bottom. I thought his horns would be broke up ,but they were all intact It took me two days to pack him out(I was alone). It was a very memorable hunt.
  6. browtine

    cougar kill

    I packed her out by myself.I just wrapped her around my neck accross my shoulders and headed up the hill. I would have sworn that she would weigh 125 but my hay scales says she's only 95 lbs. I am going to have the hide professionaly tanned. Then decide on whether to make a rug out of it or do a lifesize mount. I do my own taxidermy work so I will have lots of time to decide while its away at the tanners.
  7. browtine

    And, you thought your grunt call worked!

    A few years ago while sitting in a tree stand hunting elk I spotted a bear about 100 yards away. I started blowing on my cow call . The bear slowly started making his way done the hill. I kept calling and he ended up right under my tree stand looking up at me .I had a bear tag and the season was open so I Killed the bear.
  8. [Hello everyone, I am a mechanic for a logging co. Yesterday, while out in the woods working I found where a cougar had killed and covered up a deer. I had a rifle with me that I use for shooting coyotes. I set up on the deer and after waiting for about 2hrs. I spotted the cat walking up a skid trail about 40 yards to my right. I got my gun up a waited for the cat to get to the deer. I shot the cat right thru the heart and it ran about 100 yards and piled up. Yep, cougar season is open and I have a tag. The cat was a female without kittens. She weighed 95lbs. 6' 6" nose to tip of tail.
  9. There is a mineral lick there put out by a rancher for his cattle.
  10. Busman, Here's a picture of the same bull early in the summer ,notice how the right antler grows out from the side of his head. Yet he looks almost normal with his horns fully grown. Also thru in some other pics that I got this summer.
  11. Hello everyone The area where I had my cameras set up burned about a month ago. It was a lightning caused fire that burned about 14000 acers I had been getting some great elk and deer pictures and even some bear pics. The forest service closed off the area after the fire started started so I thought that I was going to loose my cameras in the fire . As it tured out I was called in to help fight the fire by building fire lines with a d6 cat. I was sent up the very ridge where my cameras where located and I was able to pull them when I went by. One of the cameras even took my picture on the cat as I went by.Here are some of the pics that were on the cameras. Notice the smoke and sparks that are in the picture of the doe.
  12. [Yesterday was the opening day of bow season. I hunted all day and didn't see a thing.I sat in my tree stand untill dark at the same place my camera is set up.( natha) I checked my camera after dark and these pictures were on it. These animals came in two days before the season opened! Hopfully the will come back when I'm in the tree stand.attachmentid=19202]
  13. browtine

    Tips for rookie Elk Hunter.

    If you have a portable tree stand you might think about taking it with you. Me and my hunting partners have killed many elk out of tree stands. We set them up on elk wallows or water holes if water is scarce.Elk will habitually cross fences in a particular place when traveling between feeding and bedding areas,these are great spots for a stand . Also look for salt licks that cattlemen put out for cattle. Low saddles on ridges between drainages are also good spots. When you find a herd of elk using an area try not to push them to hard or they will leave and they can be very hard to find again. They will travels miles when badly spooked and may not return for many days. Take one of the montana fold up decoys and set up close to your stand ,this will hold the elks attention when they are coming by your stand. They are also great for calling elk into bow range. I hope these tips help. Good luck and have a good and safe trip. Browtine
  14. Hello everyone, I had a little time tonight so I thought would post some more recent bull pictures.As you can see the elk like to mess with the camera. I had to raise it up so they would'nt cock it over . They have even turned it off before . The switch is on the bottom. Hope you like them.
  15. Hello,I thought I might offer my opinion on the scent blocker systems. I have been an avid elk hunter for 35 years and I have tried evey thing from fresh elk pee and skunk oil to the scent blocker suits. Nothing works 100% of the time. If an elk is down wind of you,he is going to smell you. Even if you could eliminate your body odor you still have the scent of your breath going out into the air.. I have watched many elk as they walked into my scent trail and its almost like they walked into a wall.This has happened even when I had on a scent blocker suit and a carbon face mask! I'm not saying that some of the products won't help some but you still have to hunt as though you smell like limberger sandwich! Because to an elk we smell worse than that. Just my opinion. Thanks, Browtine