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  1. ks_kiwi

    Pelican Micro Case Issues? Your Opinions Wanted

    That's a very nice offer...
  2. ks_kiwi

    Quick! Mailing Address For Yeti/mark

    Thanks guys - much appreciated
  3. Anyone have the mailing address for Mark/Yeti - can't find it anywhere on the web site. Thanks.
  4. ks_kiwi

    P52 Odd Focus Issue

    Before anyone asks - I did do a search on this and went 7 pages deep... It seems fairly simple and may well be, as I don't have the camera in front of me, only the memory card with the pics. This is a straight 3 wire P52, no IR. The lens cover glass is anti-reflective and all the day shots are nice and crispy. About 95% of the night/flash shots are seriously out of focus. Could it just be that I haven't got focus set to infinity? The night shots that are in focus are at completely random distances Thoughts/ideas?
  5. ks_kiwi

    S600 - A Little Help?

    Thank you VERY much - you are the man. I did that and it cleared the error and resolved the problem. I was ready to rip the SSS card out and use it with a P52. Thanks again.
  6. Hey everyone - I have an S600 that was hacked for me in '07 by Trail Ghost. My understanding is they don't do that anymore and I didn't get any response to my emails there... The cam works fine taking pics except for anything needing flash - there is an error E91:01 (from memory - I looked at it last night and didn't write it down) flashing on screen and the flash icon also flashes. I have two S600 parts cams but I've no idea what works and what doesn't on those and I'm man enough to admit that I'd be well over my head in trying to repair this one... Does anyone else sell their services with assistance for these? Help.
  7. ks_kiwi

    9v Battery Holder With Switch

    Thanks Mark - I knew one of you guys would pipe in with the scoop
  8. ks_kiwi

    9v Battery Holder With Switch

    I couldn't find them in their online store and it's been so long that I've forgotten how to go into a store and do things the old-fashioned way
  9. I checked yeti and whitetail supply and several online electronics shops... can't find any. I need about 5 - any ideas?
  10. ks_kiwi

    Maha Charger

    I had taken two more out of the package and just set them to "charge". One reported 1780Ma when complete the other reported 2195Ma (this is the highest reading I have seen on the Tenergys). Based on what was written previously, are these numbers telling me what was psuhed to the batteries, not what their current capacity is?
  11. ks_kiwi

    Maha Charger

    OK Don - I still have 4 new-in-the-package AA Tenergy batteries. PM me your address and I'll send 'em
  12. ks_kiwi

    Maha Charger

    Don, everyone. The results from the completed 'break in' process on the brand new Tenergy batteries were essentially the same as for the refresh/analyze. The slots were each showing around 1780 Ma - again, this is on batteries that are rated as 2600 Ma. I had two older AAA batteries that I ran through the refresh/analyze. Results below: Tenergy 1000Ma > 640Ma (result) Powerizer 850Ma > 560Ma (result) Unless someone can suggest what I'm doing wrong... I'm concluding that the Tenergy batteries aren't very impressive. I have two brand new, never used AA Tenergy in the charger now and they are just set to charge. Will post results. I'll also buy some new kodak rechargeables and test those.
  13. ks_kiwi

    Maha Charger

    Update I got 4 brand new out of the package Tenergy 2600s - I set two to "refresh/analyze" and two to "break in". The refresh/analyze two just finished with a score of 1720 each, the two on the break in cycle are still running.... Not very impressed. I put 2 AAAs in on the refresh/analyze - 1 is a powerizer 850Ma the other is a Tenergy 1000Ma - will post results.
  14. ks_kiwi

    S600 Help

    No it doesn't have the fast hack, just the lens cover disabled.
  15. ks_kiwi

    Maha Charger

    I just got my charger from Gary the other day. Some older Tenergy 2600 batteries wont do better than about 1800 even after the breakin/initialize cycle. I had an older kodak 2300 rechargeable that went to about 2150 after the recondition cycle. There are some brand new, never used, Tenergy 2600's in it right now going through the break in cycle. I'll post results on those once they're done. Can anyone advise me on the best charge and discharge rates to use for the break in cycle? I just went with the defaults of 1000 for charge and 500 for discharge.