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  1. hosteennez

    Day Color Night Ir Exchanger

    $$ sent for three
  2. hosteennez

    Ebay Ir Exchanger

    I'm interested.
  3. hosteennez

    Uh Oh!

    Will this party be in living color?
  4. hosteennez

    Formatting With Dxg

    I recently asked DXG folks about this and I received info saying with 567V card cannot be formatted by the cam, must be formatted via computer or other device (I format mine with a digital SLR or with laptop).
  5. hosteennez

    Bg2 Resurrection

    I'm wanting to bring a TRV75/BG2 Lanc board build back into service. It was built to run a BG1 108 IR array (which has died). I'm hoping to install BF array and am not sure if the board will support this, and unsure how to wire it if it does. I'm thinking that the BF array should be wired into the R1 and C3 connections. ? Sister board still needed? Hope somebody out there remembers this board and can help me.
  6. hosteennez

    Static Woes

    If I'm doing this correctly, I'm getting 7.46 V output from my batteries, 5.9 V at kit 98, and 6.5 V at array. Where are the mic (+) and (-) denoted--I can't find any indicators. I'm leaning towards cameraseeall's suggestion of adding in 9V battery for mike, but now I'm curious as to the step down in voltage between my batteries and the mike/array. Also, thanks for the quick response to my plight. You fellas are up early! I've only now been able to follow up on this over a day later.
  7. hosteennez

    Static Woes

    I have build of DXG, kit 98, bigfoot array (10/09) which had been powered with four C batts (i.e. kit 98 and array). Because I was having noise problems when batteries weren't full, I added a fifth C battery. Now I have pretty harsh constant background static that I can't figure out. The set-up works, the mic records well, but the background static is bad. I also disconnected the ground wire from the kit 98 when I added the extra C battery. Help, please.
  8. hosteennez

    Need Troubleshooting Help

    tbass, Thanks for the quick response. I'm dumb. Which wires?
  9. Folks, I have a build (dxg, BF board, IR array, kit 98 mike) that was functioning well. Now when I power up, the BF motion sensor and array test properly but the cam doesn't turn on (via the board). The cam powers up and works when independent. I've reviewed all wiring but am missing something. Can I use voltmeter to isolate the problem? Thanks for any help.
  10. hosteennez

    Adding Power To Units--how?

    Thanks bowgod and Ron for the help.
  11. Attached is diaghram of my DXG battery set-up. I'm wanting to add another battery and don't know how to wire it. Any help appreciated. PS I'm not real smart
  12. hosteennez

    Twin Aa Battery Holder Sequencing

    Thanks Ron & Bat. That got me straightened out. Any good primer out there about basic electricity for somewhat educated dumbshits? BTW, finished my first DXG--in a 1040 case--this evening. Seems to be functioning correctly. Field test this week. Coudln't have done it without help from you guys and the many posts on the forum. Thanks to all.
  13. For space reasons I'm using two twin aa battery holders rather than one 4-battery holder in a DXG project. How do I wire them--one to the other? Guess this question reveals how little I know about electricity. Thanks for any responses.
  14. hosteennez

    Wtb Bg1 Board

    treetop, How about a PM and we can work out details. Thanks.
  15. hosteennez

    Ir Light Source--trv65 And Bg2

    Thanks for above responses. I'll be using wildronix ir in next build.