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  1. The grandson and I were back in the stand Saturday morning and had this young 8 point come to within about 15 ft of the stand. I have to say the boy was all about himself wanting to know, WHY we can't shoot that one Pawpa... After telling him that he wasn't big enough, only to hear, he looks big enough to me, the buck finially decided that something wasn't quite right and slipped back out the way he came in. Still he put on close to an hour show for us. That evening, we headed back and when we topped the levee, I saw several does which were accompanied byt another decent 8. Well by the time we got situated, and got the camcorder rolling we only got a little of him then this one came out, He is a really nice 10 with crab claw tips on his mains. Once again with the questions about big enough and old enough. This time though, it was obvious that he wasn't as satisfied with the same answer. Luckliy, we had an old boar hog come out around 300 or so yards on the other end of the pasture, and with a quick set up and "hold your ears", I got to make things better. At least we did get to shoot the hog, so things were right in his world again. LOL
  2. Thanks for the replys, he is definatly hooked. We spent Saturday in the woods again, and this time had a young 8 point come up to within about 10" of the stand before deciding that something was up. He never really made us just got that "something ain't right with that tree" impression and backed out the way he came. The grandson was all eye's and was pressing me hard to let him shoot it. Had we been on our place I would have but on my firends place we let them go till they are at least 4 - 5. We also had some awesome deer out where we sat on the evening hunt, and he got to see his first 10 point in the wild. Same story great bucks but just a year or so too young. We did end up with me dropping a decent boar hog for the owners at around 300yds so he was happy the weekend wasn't a total gimme. Rabbit, The .308 loads we are using, are straight from the Hodgdon website under youth loads. They also have some for other calibers as well. I have chronoed them against the Remington reduced loads and they are right there with them. I am using 125gr Nosler BT's. I figured they would give us a little more expansion with the short barrel we have. When we started this I only allowed him to shoot a couple of shots then went on to something else. This didn't get him to flinching or scare him from the recoil. It still rocks him pretty good, but it doesn't seem to bother him anymore. He shot less than a 2" group yesterday at 100 yds for the first time, from the bench. My bud said he had a overgrown spike buck he wanted taken out and figured the boy would be the best one to get him. Just get them some good ear muffs, and make it fun, they might surprise you as to what they can do. We'll see sometime next week.
  3. Wel this year has been upside down for us, several issues along the way from health to deaths in the family. Through it all we have carried on with the help of family and friends. One person in particular who kept things in focus was our 4 fixing to be 5 year old grandson. Through it all, he has been both a comfort and a pleasure to be around when we could get the time to head up to see him. His hunting trip started right after the first of the year, the weekend after our house had been broken into. He called me and told me that me and him needed to head over to a friend of mine's place and shoot us a big boar hog. Well I really wasn't into it at the time but the following weekend we headed up and went over just to get out and enjoy the pretty weekend. At this same time period, I was not getting around to well with two herniated disk in my lower back. So to think I was going to do a whole lot was really asking a lot. We fiddled around with my firends new rifle watching him shoot and calling shots, then he had to head south so we went for a short ride on the 4 wheeler. Didn't figure on seeing anything but figured it would pasify the grandson. Well first rattle out of the box we jumped about 40 head of sows, and before I could manage the short .308 up from the rest, they were gone. Low and behold though, up rose 4 boars to our immediat left. One of which I dropped on the spot. Well the trip was a sucess and the boy was happy. Skip forward till a month ago, All along the boy has been on me about wanting to shoot himself a boar hog. So being the grandpa that I am, I started figureing what I could work up for him to possibly accomplish this. I had already purchased him a Sako .243 a couple years ago, and had it sitting in the safe for when the time was right. Well I scoped it up with a Weaver LER scope and on a trip down here, found that he was simply way to small framed to work with that. But this gave me a plan. I told him that if he wanted to shoot his own hog, he would have to do exercises every day till hunting season so he could hold up his own rifle. (Never figured that would stick). Well he held up his end and I got weekly reports on his progress. Push ups and sit ups, were the routine. Well I have a Ruger compact in .308 that only weighs 6.5# the way I have it fitted. So I dropped some reduced loads in it and re-zeroed it for him. One weekend about a month ago we got together and he fired off his first round from a big gun. To say it was an eye opener, would be an understatement. But he is determined. He also shot an old M1 Carbine that day and did very well with it. In fact I was going to let him shoot with it. However, two weeks ago we were shooting again. HE shot the M1 about 6-8 times then looks up and say's, " Pawpa, I think I am ready for that big gun now". So I pulled it out and he proceeded to put 8 shots down on the target with two of them inside the 2" bull at 50 yds. So this past weekend was the opening of deer season and I figured that since I already had put up a stand and feeder to accomodat him in case he came through on his end, I went ahead and took him out. We sat and listened to a barrage of shotguns for almost two stright hours that morning. THe ducks were not doing so well in that area. We saw only one skiddish young doe, but it was enough to satisfy the kid. WE headedin for breakfast and a little trigger time before the evening hunt. When we returned we fond a nice 8 point buck laying under our feeder looking like he was waiting for lunch. He rose up and simply walked away, as if to say, well I guess it's your turn now. LOL The grandson was thrilled, he got to see a nice buck up close. The stand was set up only 50 yds from the feeder and I figured that with the corn on the ground we had a great chance at a hog, possibly several. As dar fell it wasn't long till things got rocking in the brush. We had hog of all sizs all around, but noe came in. Then just as the light was slipping away, we had a decent 100 - 150# boar come in for a bite. He had swung by early and made the grandson, so was pretty skiddish. The corn however was to big of a temtation to stay out of. With the camera rolling I got him in my lap, got his/my rifle up, and he got set. I slipped the safety off for him as he told me he was ready. When the hog turned broadside, he fired one shot and all was done. HE was a happy little feller. Here is a pic of his boar, and the link below has the clip of the shot. First Hog Clip All I can say is that the phone rings here about twice a day so far this week wanting to know when we can go back. I feel sorry for those hogs, he really has it in for them now. LOL
  4. 41 Mag

    Looking for recommendations for 7mm-08 rifle

    The Savages are the best shooting rifle out of the box from what I have been reading about for the past year. Also if your ever looking to change calibers someday, you can get another barrel for any caliber in which the case will fit the action and bolt head and it's a simple change out you can do yourself. Here is a link to a Savage rifles site which has a ton of info on them, http://www.savageshooters.net/index.html They also have a lot of good aftermarket triggers and such for them as well. For the money, and accuracy, they are hard to beat.
  5. 41 Mag

    I'm Back off the mountian

    Not a lot I could add that hasn't already been said. You folks definately have it going on. Thats what always impressed me so much about your trips. Take care and enjoy the rest of the season.
  6. Hey, Been a long time but I am still lurking. Been busy working on the new rifle and trying to pay off bills. Anyway, I caught a thread from a couple of folks looking for some feral hogs up around the Ft. Hood area. Thought I would ask around here. Not sure what all they are looking for but if you might can help them I am sure they would be most appreciative. They are both stationed there for the time being. If you can help just shoot me a note and I will pass along their addresses Thanks,
  7. 41 Mag

    In Sympathy

    THanks guy's, after a 3 year hiatius on the cam building, I just got it all out and organized this afternoon. Keeping these images in my head will be more than enough inspiration. :yes: :yes: Good thing is all I got to do is wire the cams. we all know thats the easy part right
  8. 41 Mag

    World-class elk in Texas?

    gslam95, Thank you for the compliment. Your absolutly right, I also feel we have been really blessed in our outdoor experiences. As your aware, the ranches in the southern, and western portions, of this state encoumpass sometimes several hundered thousand acres. When there is this much to fence off, or for that matter, to live on, folks that have the $$$, can pretty much use it as they wish to a certian extent. And to answer your question, no there is nothing to keep them "in" but six to nine strands of barbed wire. But then again, when they have several hundered thousand acres to live on, "in", is a realitve term. However, you won't find most ranches under 3-5000 acres practicing this. These ranches generally have worked with the existing herd, and have taken many years to develope just what they wanted. High fenced or not, it can be done, but still Joe Shmo doubtfully will be hunting these properties.
  9. 41 Mag

    Im having a hard time with this

    Hey Nightshift , you can't always go by those posters in the post office. Most of my hunting now is in the Anderson, Houston or Limestone counties. I did however hunt Mason and Llano counties for several years, back in the mid to late 90's. I also have run quite a few rods over the rest of the state in pursit of critters. Not much about me has changed however. There is always the possibility we have crossed paths. I have always been known, to have never meet a stranger.
  10. 41 Mag

    World-class elk in Texas?

    gslam95, Your absolutely right, but I look at it from the deer hunting standpoint. I have seen on a first hand basis what the genetics have done to the "free ranging" deer here in Texas. It's a huge business, both for the breeders as well as the investors. There are many ranches here with thousands of privitely owned acres that have "free ranging" deer on them, but I can almost guarantee that most have introduced genetics in their herds. This is not to say that Joe Shmo might not get something recorded from such and such national forest as it happens. It just doesn't happen with any frequency that the big ranches which promote guided hunts do. Me personally, will never see a deer on my wall which doesn't come from plain jane backwoods property. Even if it isn't a B&C record, it will be a trophy to me none the less. Even more so than if it had come from a managed ranch. Ones like these are and will always be to me, worth way more. IMO
  11. 41 Mag

    Im having a hard time with this

    I understand your feelings. I sometimes look at several hundered of the items I am wanting to purchase, before I generally find the one I end up with. IT takes a while to do but it can be done for the price you want to pay. Shoot on the cam's, I sometimes only look for the buy now's. IF you watch the going prices and add in the ridiculious shipping, your generally about at what you would have to pay anyway. Plus you don't have to deal with the snipers or the fellow running you up several times as well. Also sometimes, on the buy now auctions you will end up getting more for your money in extras as well, and most folks don't use it cause they think they will get a better deal by bidding. Just a thought. Here is a completed one as an example, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P32 3.2 Megapixel near new, +128meg I just picked up like new P32 with charger, new nhmi batteries, a 64 and 128mg memory stick for $112 delivered. Might be higher than some, but for what I got I thought it was decent. IF your curious just do a search on the completed auctions on the item your interested in purchasing. It will show you what I am referring to. This is not to say you can't get a better deal by bidding, but it is another option and you don't have to work or worry as much about it. Just be sure you read all of the fine print in the seller descriptions and terms. What really gets me is the shipping they charge, heck I bought a 12"0 reel which weighs somewhere around 12 or so pounds with the line on it, and the shipping was only like 15 bucks. Tell me whay a camera which will only go a pound, including box and packing, should be that high. Should only be around 5-8 at the most, with insurance. Good luck on your bidding, and hang in there. Your time will come.
  12. 41 Mag

    World-class elk in Texas?

    Shoot, if I got that thing, I would be more worried about how I was going to finiance the addition to the house to hang it, than wether it made some record book. The B&C folks have a scewed look on things, as was mentioned in the article, as well as folks who just don't seem to like something slapping a whooping on what they might have in their state. The B&C folks to me are sort of like the high dollar golf courses, in that they only allow in who they feel deserves it. IMHO. They have no problem listing whitetails that were bred and/or taken from highly specialized sources. Course in the areas I hunt, I don't think I will ever have to worry about having to deal with them on these matters anyway. Sorry, just some things get to me more than others. Stuff that average folks have little chance of ever getting into, is one of them. Bottom line is $$$ does the talking. If they only took free range native blood line animals that would be different, but the genetics that have gone into so many of the top deer are not what it all started out as. Sort of like steroids in sports.
  13. 41 Mag

    256 and 128 cards for sale

    Didn't see anything in e-mails or PM's, from ya. IF I got on the list, just let me know. Sorry sometimes the anit-spam culls stuff out before I see it. I did however check my deleted and bulk folders as well but nothing showed there either.
  14. 41 Mag

    Fighting Hawks

    :kewlpics: MAN, I love birds of prey, all of them. THey are really majestic, even when just sitting around. My favorites are Osprey's, man can they do their thing. What you got to witness and record was awesome. The closest thing I have seen to that was watching a pair of Red tails wear out a Mexican Eagle in a high altitude dogfight. Talk about a whooping. If you have watched crows on and owl, or hawk, just imagin that, combined with the speed and ferocity of the hawks in a power dive. That poor eagle didn't stand a chance. Once it got out of their territory they simply peeled off and came back to their roost. WIshed I would have had a big zoom lens and fast action camera. Thanks for sharing. :cool:
  15. 41 Mag

    Food Plots in the south

    Well you got a great looking place there AEH, hope you and your family enjoy it for many years. The iron and clay peas should do well in the soil you described, we have planted them for a couple of years, and the deer have always mowed them down. Last year they didn't even give them a chance, they got up about 18" and in one night they took out three half acre plots. LOL The biggest drawback on our property is that we only have a 4 wheeler to do anything with. After the peas are done the remaining stalks or vines were a pain in the backside to clear out. But the results speak for themselves. I would however suggest, that if you can, law wise, plant some sort of milo, maze or corn , in rows along with the I&C peas. THis will give the vines something to grow up on as well as spread out around on the ground. It will also provide additional browse and food for the turkeys as well. This way you might not have to shred any of it come fall just let do it's thing. IF the game in your area is anything like around here, you won't have much to clean up afterwords. IF you are able to do this, I would put the stalked stuff in like 3-4 rows, seperated by a couple of yards and repeated. This will give you better availibility of food as well as visibility and sudo cover for the game. I have also heard it recommended thatt planting some sort of high border type shrub or such along the outside border will help to keep prying eyes from wanting to slip a shot in where they are not welcome. Some suggest a cane break or corn, or several rows of giant sunflowers. The sunflowers will also help out with the native birds and smaller critters. Bear in mind though, no matter what you plant, you will discover that the deer and turkeys, will not be the only visitors. We have tried most of if not all of the top recommended brands of commercial products out there. Out of them I think the No-Plow did the best, but it was still pale in comparison to the peas. Those I & C peas or sort of like rye grass, most of the time you only need to get them in the ground and wet, and they go from there. Some fertilizer is good, but we have had several plots which once planted, just did their own thing, and produced just as good of results. Good luck in your endeaver, and as you will learn, it becomes a labor of love. Nothing like seeing a bunch of game out in your food plots. Even if your not hunting it, it still brings joy to the soul.